Monday, February 16, 2009

My Symptoms

All i can say is 15/02, which was yesterday, was the saddest day in my life. Sigh. I can't talk about it here, neither do outside there -_-'. I just wanna say thank you to abg for being there for me, you're the best. =')

I'm still sick since friday and now it's worster. My breath is hot which hurts my nose whenever i breathe out, also hurts when i breathe in cause the air feels so cold. I have to breathe through my mouth for a quite sometime. I can't sleep, my eyes felt hot whenever i shut them. Sigh. My back hurts, i'm feeling so weak. I don't know whether i should come later for the marching. Maybe i should cause i need to be sweaty so the heat would vapourize. That was what being taught in bio. The aircond is off and i'm still under double blankets -_-' Ok i need to get some sleep and hopefully i would be better when i wake up, amin~

♥S, RR

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