Tuesday, February 24, 2009

run baby run~

Wow~ i just finished eating my first ever successful own-made nasi goreng. Sadang~ inda jua brapa nyaman lah XD but ok compared to last time where the nasi jadi grey, hangus wawawa

well today, i came a bit late for school cause lastnight akhir tdur. Ayen and ayyub came by to send my stuffs where we ended up picking aiman and makan at mama cafe bandar's till 10+ haha. Ok before that, pgi atu we went to stadium to attend the national day celebration. Cool~ i mean the marching bands ah, jealous wah me ;p. Kami, me aiman and ayyub, nda transport blik. So we walked our way from stadium till the pulaie's mosque. Then rest kajap. After that sambung blik, just about 50+m i was like main2 kn stop a car. By the power of ntah, a red car stops by haha ;D an old man drove it

old man : kan kmana?

me : maktab sains

old man : bh masuk tah, tpi byar $1

me : ah? Ya kah? bh manasaja tah, ntam tah eyh.

we hip'n'hop in, apakan~ XD

old man : yg bnrnya aku ada bjanji plang sma org dakat atu, tpi nda apa lah.

on our way, ea bwa becerita g...

old man : wah~ mengaleh jua ah ngantar org sna sini ani

me : *dalam hati* wow~ baik bnar jua ea ani, confirm rmai ni yg d antar ambilnya

Sampai at luar ms...

me : bh sini sja, terima kasih ah.

old man : bh $1 ah

i was like tekajut, sirius black panya ea ani. Pkir me main2 haha.

old man : kan lari kmu kah? Nda tah kmu kn mmbyr ni?

me : heheh nda eyh~ ni kn mmbyr tah ni

wow~ illegal taxi panya haha. Hmm~ biar tia eyh, cranya mencari rezeki kali ;)

so we chilled d canteen till 1. Thinking what to do. I even fell asleep d canteen haha. So we ended up balik sja since we were confused what to do plus tired heheh. Balik trus tdur wawawa. Eatah that night yg si ayen came atu.

ok where was i? Owh ya, i came a bit late to school. Eatah trus ke library to do my chem hw haha. After halfway done, i went to audi showroom =p auditorium bh ;p. I realised rmai yg pkai the bottle yg we got from hafiz's party, kewl~ i thought drang lupa =p

owh~ masa sunday we had party at hafiz's. Aku sasat plang awal2 haha. So dtg sna, aiman was already waiting and kmi trus mengamai the jukebox. Well aku plang ganya tu, sakai wawawa. The party was ok. We had futsal after makan. Owh ya~ me and nafi made a chess set using cardboards, chewing gum and sampah =D.

desperate much eyy? =p

Then played the bouncer, cool wah cause it was a titanic bouncer. 1st time wah tu =p and i was afraid plang but main sja tia. Really tall wah. Even sakit if salah position -_-'. Played from 3 kali or 4 till 7 hahaha. Then we played rockband and guitar here WT. Hafiz have a collection of WWE action figures, cool jua tu haha. So we stayed till 10 kah? Sent nafi home and back at ayen's. Me ayyub and aiman had a sleepover there and it was our first time bngun awal dsana for the national day haha. Biasanya lambat wah XD played cube also, 42s was my fastest. I even forgot the cases -_-'

melarat eyh haha~ so had chem class test tdi. Fail tu eyh =D. Then ptg had practical. Ok i guess. 'JOGGED' with sayang =p weseh~ apakan haha. We did ok, i mean she did ok haha. We didn't stop for kdai tdi unlike saturday haha :p. I haven't practice for the crosscountry yet. Sudah plang but skali ganya. Practice bjalan bru twice heheh ;p nda wah~

hmm~ ok that's all. Sorry for the short post =p

♥S, RR

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