Sunday, February 1, 2009

So layzeyh

So today i spent most of my time main battle realms until i forgot that ppb ada match. By that time it was 3.30 dah and abg malas kn ngantar. My handphone wasn't with me cause it was with your adi. Cacat dah the screen eatah. Also played cs but aku main buyuk cause the bot can only use knives eatah XD

i didn't cut my hair today cause nda jdi. Esuk sja kali. Hopefully saya tidak d tegur esok. Went to gdg with abg to pick up adimu and i happened to saw drang ayyub alif and when i checked my msgs, i was messaged pnya yg drang ke rf. Sorry guys cause nda dtg main both.

my shoulders hurt cause of yesterday's performance and tomorrow ada chem test. Haven't revise yet. Krgtah cause i'm so so lazy right now

♥S, RR

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