Sunday, February 1, 2009

Someone is looking

Schoolband was practiced at the audi on friday. I got the centermost high position for a cymbalist/cymbaler. Cool plang but not cool if salah main haha. The practice was ok. Me ayyub and aiman did some lg-ing, i'm still not that handal since i'm so so lazy. Bkan mcm drang, rajin xp.

in the afternoon, around 3. Ppb had a match d haruns. It was a last minute change since jkr was flooded. Spoil eyh. I'm still wondering cmana bleh bnyak hujan lately? Kemarau kah slama ani? Aqil said brunei kna taie-taie from other countries, ntah bnr kah nda ea ani. So ayen promised to pick me up, skalinya ngambil it was around 3.30 kali cause si aqil lagi~ so we arrived around 4. Skali liat tmpat main ani, wow~ very very very . . . ntah eyh. Teruk lah, i thought it would be tmpat futsal atu kn. Skalinya tmpat badminton atu, where they opened up the centre so we're using 2 badminton courts which is a square instead of a rectangle. Wth~ plus the price was the same as the actual futsal field, $36. Goblok~ and the opponent played for 1hr sja, so they were paying $18 sja but instead of 18, 16 sja. Antam tah kmu eyh. Then since si mizan booked for 2hrs, the other 1 hour ppb sja main. Which makes 36+20 = 56 kn d byar. Each everyone of us had to pay $5, rugi eyh except for mizan cause he had to pay more than 10 kali. Eatah kau nah. Biar tia eyh. " THE PASS IS PASS " wawawa xp

then we, me ayyub aiman ayen and jon went to pgs for the buffet. Nyumnyum. Then gdg cause ayen had to do something. Masa pusing2 around mall, we saw a group of chinese walking passed the car and the last person kurik idung, asyik lagi tu. Walaupun blakang skali. So kmi smua in the car mcm ' ewww ' bising lah haha. Went home around idk, 9? 10?

i was planning to do my hw at 12 but nda menjadi cause i fell asleep instead. Luckily i woke up at 4 and did it. Chem hw.

♥S, RR

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