Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a story to tell

Sorry for the lack of updates~ being lazy that's all :)

ok let's catch up with things~

5/02 was birthday si syahmi suferi. Me ayyub and aiman had a sleepover there. Among that came were ayen mizan shrek and muaz. The cake was nyumnyum. Dq i think, maybe~ :D. The bbq, well duhh~ hujan ah spoil but still on ;D

we had PES tournament, i beated muaz and mizan and syafiq =p. Spanjang subuh kmi bjaga main QWOP, talur ah haha~ furthest was 15m i think. Yg ku dapat lah :D i slept at around 6 cause si syafiq nda mau abis becerita, layan sja tia =p. When i woke up, si aiman kna virus, nda dpat bdiri xp. Haha that's all that day i think. Owh ya~ we had our first marching band practice.

saturday, 7/02
worst day ever in my life. 5 years of friendship ended by betrayal just like that. Pfft~ how lame. Moving on~

sunday, another band practice. Well i made two new girl friends~ ( ada space tu ah between girl friends =p ) well anak the cigu plang, sporting lah drang ;D. Sorg iman and sorg g was ntah, si hijau? =D.

midday, O's had a going out. Well i was pretty much boros lah haha. Spending on something yg nda faedah =D. Wecan, pizzahut, DQ, swensen's, gelato, utama grand and near skh were all the food shops and restaurant that i had visited. It was also my first time makan d west, suprisingly the foods was that cheap and nyaman~ esp. Japanese teriyaki chicken rice ;D. I feel so bloated for the whole day. Makan sja wah haha. Also played lumba kerita at the arcade, most of the time i won ;) bila lagi? =p. That night i had to go to mentiri cause rumah was kosong =O

from mentiri =p

monday, our first band practice under the sun. So damn hot plus the cymbals were burning my hands. Panas bh tu ='(. I was pissed off also cause we worked hard for it and still one of the cigu mcm insulting. Serious bh ea ah~ 1st x ah.

tuesday, 2nd practice was a lil bit ok. Ayyub got the drum major role. Cool yub~ apakan monday jua dah ea dpat haha. Me and azlan kept on laughing whenever ayyub gave orders cause cali wah ea ah haha xp.

wednesday, our first time marching with the pre-u's. Well i think line kmi nda blurus, but people at the back said we were ok. Owh~ ok tah tu kali haha and the cymbal kept on tepalating, bent outwards especially the right one. Luckily i found out a technique to fix it while walking cause usually i had to step on it ;D

updates :

been addicted to chess since si jon hosting a ppb chess league. I beated ayyub twice, syafiq twice, syahmi twice, jon twice. Wow~ twice sja jua. Actually aku garak2 sja haha and maybe i should start khataming the chess book like they do cause they seems to know more about it than me~ and today i left my cymbals at school, malas kn bwa cause i had to carry it around masa pagi2, malas i~ :D. Yg bnrnya kna suruh polish but aku malas haha, as usual. Before school tadi, i saw 3 jons (monkeys) mlintas front house to store to hutan. I was gonna take their pictures but nda sampat. Drang nda nampak. If yes, they would do a pout to me camera =D

♥S, RR

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