Wednesday, February 18, 2009

walk slow?

sigh. Very frustrating, after more than a week of hardwork they're finally announcing that the band isn't going to march for the national day anymore. Some of the reasons that i heard was that

- 'BIDA' if meliat dri atas
- they couldn't hear what we were playing from the above

oww wth~ the song yg kna play around the stadium atu yg loud. Syeesh~

i realised my nose was bleeding when i had my shower in the morning. Wow cool~ i never had a nose-bleed before ;) but too bad it was kinda dry sudah tdi atu.

chess isn't my thang anymore i guess cause i kept on losing today haha but i'm not gonna stop. I'll try to improve it and idk~ i just hate it when someone spoils the game by telling what move to be made. Syeesh~ kalau mau kau main. Eyah mental haha. Aweh ngapa kn ;p. Known spoilers ; 1st Zahir, he just can't shut up when mliat org main. 2nd Hanafi, ntah idk what's his problem. Skali sja ea dtg, trus spoil wah. and lately 3rd Yap. These are the people i need to avoid if main =p. Syahmi Suferi jua kdang2 and adinya ah xp

had the crosscountry practice tdi. Well it wasn't in my plan. Mengajut wah, ikut sja tia. The route was ok. I mean nda kerasahan jauhnya. Jauh plang last year. I didn't jog all the way, the last bukit i stopped tia. Settle wawawa. My thighs are still tight since last night after jogging at stadium with abg. Plus it's hard to breathe when you're sick, tsumbat XD. I was the last to arrive cause bnyak walking. I tried stopping every car cause i need a ride to school, sadly nda yg mau stop. Ambung bruneians ani eyh =p or maybe because it was d highway eatah nda mau stop haha.

i was losing hope masa d skulah and decided not to run during the 28th but then tdi d toilet, something changed my mind, lari sja tia kali heheh~

♥S, RR

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