Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm feeling so single~ haha nda wah. I mean alone bh =p i'm bored eatah. There's nothing much today. Stayed in my room most of the time, sleeping haha. Watched dvds, another way to kill time other than rise of nations ;D. I watched drumline which i bought yesterday arah komunis cause my abg mau liat, lama sudah nda liat katanya =p Russel Peters, well aku ttdur plang tu. Idk why cause whenever i watched yg ani slalu ttdur, maybe cause it's not as good as the latest one :D owh ya~ si ayen jua punya ni ah haha. Sorry yen, beparam wah. Nanti tah me balikkan =p

i've been watching dr.who jua. Series 4 ;D cool eyh. Slama ani ampai2 plang cause nda masa kn liat. Now is the time, but bru smpai episode 4 i think ;) krg tah g sambung. Well si najmuddin plang punya haha. I didn't borrowed it from him directly XD so basically si zaim yg pinjam dri ea and batah dah d paramnya d rumah but si najmuddin ani nda tia jua ingau or menagih. Ok since it was menyamak arh si zaim, d pinjamkannya tia arh me haha ;) so~ anyone yg mau pinjam? =p well after i've watch it lah hehe. Apakan~ promoting haha XD

I received a letter tdi from bst, failed haha. Interview jua kn XD but i'm okay. Mcm nda papa pun. Just wait till the RBA letter come, then bru tah ku stress tu haha =D because the girl i kissed is impossible to find, ea di cina eatah XD Apakan~ rusak lagu eyh haha. Org d cina atu busy i guess, or habis credit wawawa =p. Mmm~ what else eyy? I hope there's something to do when i woke up, amin~ or atleast ada emas or duit tgugur dri langit. Maybe from an aeroplane, so logic jua sikit kn ;D inda? Did i mention an aeroplane carrying gold and moneyh =p haha antam tah eyh. Nda kn d buat. Ok i guess i better go ;) bye

♥S, RR - missin' you

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