Saturday, March 21, 2009


sowee for the lack of updates :) been busy~ nda plang, malas saja. so now i'm pretty much kboringan since there's no plan cuti ani -_-'. Syidah is probably snoring right now d beijing. fuhh~ i miss you!!! 1 week lagi tu, adeyh~ buntu eh hahaha XD.

mmm~ ok i'm a bit stress jua sikit. i would prefer saying sad pasal i failed hahahuhuhihihoho ='(. maybe it's time to let you guys know, well some tau plang dah :). For the past 2 weeks, i didn't came to school twice. Maybe some of you people were curious masatu or not haha~ Actually i had interviews on those days. I applied for the BST, yes i passed the test. Then came the interview, i think i didn't do good enough. I was so blank when they asked why i didn't wanna continue A'level. Fuhh~ there goes BST.

but i don't really care about it. What makes me sad was the rba pilot thingy. Yes i applied that position. I got inspired by the briefing made by Musa Mustappa, he's the manager i think. Mcm~ wow lah haha~ i thought i was gonna fail the test because they told us that results would be out by 11/3 and yg pass kna call but i didn't got called. Skalinya masa 17/3 kana called. wohoo~ i passed panya. owh ya~ i forgot to mention that i met vovy during the test. Also nawal haha =p.

So the interview was two days ago which was on thursday. Sialan wah~ i mean the night before i did a research on RBA wah~ I even remember it till now. Chairmannya Pehin Org Kaya Pekerma Dewa Dato Seri Paduka Lim Jock Seng. Acting CEO Pg. Alihasyim Pg. Yussof. RBA operates with 10 aeroplanes; 6 Boeng B767-300s, 2 Airbus A320 and 2 Airbus A319. RBA works with 5 airlines; Malaysia Airline, Singapore Airline, Philippines Airline, British Midland and Air Dragon of Hong Kong. 21 destinations and 6 stations. I even lancarkan membaca doa selamat. Skalinya nda jua kana tanya. haha sesiapun eyh :)

There were 4 people interviewing me compared to BST 2 ganya. I think i did ok awal-awal skalinya captainnya g yg btanya. Ya Allah~ i lost my smile here. Just because i said my mom yg send kn the application form eatah brubah trus point of viewnya. As if aku ani mcm mengikut apa my parents want. Mcm dependence lah~ Fuhh~ -_-' then he asked apa guna skulah, bngang jua ku tu. Plus he was sitting far left wah eatah mcm nda brapa clear apa yg ea tanya-_-'. When i was gonna give him an answer, he kept on hitting me with more and more question. Cmana tah kan menjawab tu :\. and the same question again, nda ku sangka wah. typical kali question ngapa nda mau sambing A'level atu~

" You're too young for this, you haven't make up your mind what you wanna be, I want you to continue studying your A'level and that's my personal advice to you, you can try again if there's another oppurtunity for you the next time "

from the above, what does that tells you? jgntah dsabut -_-'. Hampa banar ku eyh~ directly bah ea membgtau ah. Confirm lah ea tbawa2 personal advisenya atu as a decisionnya. Nda lagi harapan eyh. Ada plang, kalau the other 3 stuju tpi impossible cause one decision can affect the other x ah. So it's over dah. I let out a big sigh just before leaving the room and " THANKS FOR YOUR TIME " pasal i know i'm just wasting their time :)

After that went to school, took a late slip with a reason of car broken down haha~. CCA hiking nda cause cigu Ridha was busy with something. So me aiman shrek zaim syahmi, tawa, azlan, zul fat lee, hafizuddin and khai went to kiulap arh pgs cafe, buffet haha~ maju bisnis. bankrupt plang after that haha~ back to school. Had chem, " worst behavioral ever " for the class. Ea tau aku fail kali wah eatah. apakan haha. Menalur with aqil, aku plang ganya tu cause ea busy ah and aku melimpang2 saja till ada org marah pasal bagnya kana ambil haha. Ok i'm done. I hope there's something to do krg or esuk or the next day or not :D

♥S, RR

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