Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring me out of this box

I just finished watching dr.who the complete series 4, haha jobless rite? :D yeah i know~ the ending was very-very sad but cool at the same time. There was a part yg nda brapa cause everyone was being clever, mmbual wah XD apakan nvm ;) i loike midnight episode cause it was so simple yet siuk. Bri banci wah, testing patience wah. All those babal people haha.

owh~ i miss mr.don eyh. Donald Nixon kah namanya ani? Lupa me eyh, thank you for introducing it to us/me haha

ok, alaa~ now that it's abis dah, what will i be doing tomorrow? Hmm~ getbackers sja eyh and game(s) haha. Mmm~ nothing much. Si marvel or popo makin barat. Last time baratnya 1.6kg and now 2.4 tia, astee~ i don't actually know manasatu namanya bnar ani. I thought nadiah and wardeena gave namanya marvel and tdi i heard them calling him popo, whichever haha. Although there was . . . bye =p

♥S, RR

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