Friday, March 27, 2009

Imma begger

So today we had this futsal match against dano's cousin's team. Wow~ i mean buruk wah kmi main sorang2 ah. Smua karau haha. Well but ok lah. Mostly kmi kalah, but i don't mind. Kn enjoy jua ganya ;D. Not many dtg tdi. About 9 sja ; me aiman ayyub aqil shrek mizan fadli danial and hanafi. Hanafi was being obsess jadi striker. Mati ea ah, sakai but he's ok. Buuut we need a keeper wah oi hahaha xp ntam tah kau eyh XD

Then after main we went to thai's food court gdg ikut shrek. Si mizan blanja smua haha =p then rf for cs, shrek and aiman lanja. Also mizan again haha for pop mee ;D after that yg lain balik so me and aiman went round2. There was an art show tdi but we didn't get a chance to look around cause lapar haha. So pasar malam we went :D aiman mlanja lgi, food and drink haha. My 2nd wallet tah bnar ea ani XD. So we ate arh davy jones, wow~ kmi dua g ganya tu. No N and O, NO. Apaaan~ =p. N awal balik and O perhaps busy, so malas kn ngacau :D. IS sja, ok i better stop haha. Eyh~ not to forget, mana Z ah? ;p

while eating aiman received a call from sistanya, she was bored so se picked us up at gdg and bwa jalan heeh, main bowling!! Haha. So as we arrived sana, sorang2 takut kn talk to the cashier yg kami kan main. You know i'm afraid when it comes to talking with perkara2 yg cematu x ah, maklum lah, luar jantan dalam betina wawawa XD. Si aiman ani sama tia jua penakutnya so kmi suruh kakanya lah :D skalinya sama tia jua wawawawa XD. So plahan2 we got nearer and nearer then the cashier trus asked whether we wanna play and trus said awu haha. Easy jua tu :D why am i talking about this? =D

so kakanya bayarkan for us, $12. I beat aiman~ haha xp whee. but then si aiman nda mau2 so kmi main g and again kakanya byar kn, $10 haha. but too bad aiman's revenge doesn't succeed haha. He lost again, 91-72. So man, bila lagi? =p. There was also this tournament going on, wow handal2 the players. Their bowl spinning wah, mcm si aiman tpi ani cun =p haha. and there was this one guy or two, he threw the ball and the ball spinning kn tpi moving straight but at the end curving tia the ball, waaauuw~ XD. Went to pasar malam again, aiman's sis lanja heheh. Then they sent me home around 9++ :)

so today was a very lucky day. I mean i was that bankrupt x ah but i still manage to spend about $23 of others money haha. So to the people yg bankrupt, don't give up. Kurik si kaya, jangan kurik idung. Wawawa~ taie eyh. Bye XD

♥S, RR

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