Thursday, April 30, 2009


The month ends with a wonderful day, i'm gonna miss APRIL~ apakan taie eyh XD

I'm sleepy right now, kinda lah and i just got back from hospital. Nini was doing ok i think but still kesakitan. They had this free check-up arah the hospital entrance due to the swnie flu ah. They check the temperature plang saja and they don't allow kids under 12 to come to hospital for the time being, for prevention eatah but i didn't get a chance plg for the check-up cause i went up lalu jalan lain haha~

So today's cca was very much tiring, hiking arah markuching~ Bari menyasal wah, nda fit lagi eatah XD Plus i was so so thirstay, luckily si joules runding mr george to singgah kajap ke kadai. Baik jua ea mau :D I spent about $5 today on drinks saja wawawa~ So ptg nada class cause ada toronto ah eatah we the boys ; me syarif zulfadli iqbal shrek lutfi syafiq and khairuddin ; yg nda kraja main spin the bottle using sky blue bottle ah hehe~ So whoever yg kana point will have to do a dare. Awal2 su zul, he was dared to give flower arah maci canteen tmpat foods ah haha~ Then came my turn, sama jua bunga but ani arah maci drinks XD Then syarif, he was dared to sampuk this boy and girl yg sibuk becerita di canteen arah stage ah and he did it by buang kes-ing tanya pencil case xp. We were laughing our ass off, gugur bah jubur ah wawawa =D Then si khai, he was dared to go into the year 6 science lab along with his bag and blakun as if salah class haha. He did it with a reason of mencari cigu raymie, HAHAHA! out jua tu cause cigu raymie jua ngajar chem arah labs atas. Ani bawah skali haha. He even went inside banar2 the lab, i mean btutup wah the pintu XD. Then si iqbal kana but apa ea takut ah, boo~ He was supposed to go arah the form 4's yg sibuk main monopoly ah then mengintu (looking around arah their game) for 10s then cakap BLEH IKUT? haha. but nada ea buat so since kami ani org baik hati eatah ea exchange it with si shrek. Shrek was so brani so ea buat wah all that thang haha~ He even kana bawa main banar2! haha cali eyh =D

but it all ended pasal ada hockey stick baru :D Practice hockey kajap then went to RBA for the football against form 5 and 4. Wow~ it was quite stressful plang awal2 cause mcm ramai everyone missing and we were kinda late. Paksa balik kerumah lagi ngambil bula pasal i forgot to bring it masa pagi2. Gagas eatah XD Sofian was testing my patience masa otw =p Masa dtg, drang ani duduk jua ganya menunggu bula haha~ Kalau nda balik ngambil bula, nda tah main tu ahha~ So we won the match 6 - 5. After the match there was this horrible incident. I was about to pay the $75.00 arah si alip then ada bunyi bini2 screaming & crying. All of us yg d grandstand atu began running to the edge looking apa ada~ OMG, ada this chinese woman bdarah bah kepalanya ah. Labat lagi tu =O, according to some theory, the husband antak the wife's head ke kerita or ntah eatah bdarah. I think the husband really besalah wah cause he tried to wipe away the blood yg arah window kerita ah. Mcm kan menghilangkan evidence =.= Some of the form 5 were sweet enough to call the ambulance and police i think. So the husband tried to bawa the wife ke hospital himself but ada this orang putih prevented him from doing it and told them to just wait for the ambulance to arrive which was good cause the husband could just had bawa the wife tempat lain and torture her lagi. IDK how it ended, pkoknya sofian did something cool lah hehe~

♥S, RR

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm doing it by the feeling

Yesterday was kinda tiring~ PE kali eatah nda sampat update XD. So HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO FATIN AND MALCOLM :p Long Life Cheap Foods ;D Umm nothing much yesterday, nini beputung saja O_O

It was a boot size cause instead of the ankle saja cause they needed extra healthy flesh from my nini's leg to cover up bakas tmpat beputung    -_-'

" Eatah batis yg mengantar mengambil kamu sekulah tu, " - dad

Wow~ gila wah tu cause it's been since primary 1 dah nini ngantar ngambil till last month. Mcm about 10 years dah wah tu huhu~

yg ada buruk atu was where masa awal2 toes nya beputung but got infected lagi eatah~ 

Before balik, there was something shockingly shocking XD Around 4.40 kali :p
diam2 ah~ ASTEEE~

and TQ to everyone pasal yesterday ;) especially for Syee :p black one was kinda nyaman haha apakan~ XD


♥S, RR

Monday, April 27, 2009




So today i didn't realise what was the date haha~ but birthday maci pijatul ingat ku =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACI nanti lumba kerita ah ;), long life cheap foods btw =p. Nda banyak studying eatah nda mmbuat date eatah nda ingat eatah eatah eatah eatah XD Had the health survey after break, me zaim sofian azlan hazwan danial aizat tugil and siapa kah tu were among the people yg invited but si azlan nada dtg cause takut wehwehweh~ nda wah lan XD It was about tobacco actually, discussion saja on how to improve things. It was fun though~ Supposedly ada girls but cigu syimah made a mistake memilih all guys ;p Oww abg kesayangan shahmi ada jua, shahminan =D

Ptg class with salamuth was cancelled ntah ngapa. Ordered foods from restaurant si JOKO XD Nini will beputung esuk, but luckily sampai ankle saja fuhh~

" Esuk birthday mu and nini mu beputung, kesian ah birthday mu ah, " - mom, masa early in the morning XD

Well sadang haha


♥S, RR

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shop Till Drop Eyy?

Last year's trip to miri was all about ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

spot any double-chin? :p

and again~ =D

again XD

umm~ hehe

♥S, RR

Be ready with Plastic Bags

EWW!! but not to me, except bottom two haha :p

The 3 pictures below are the bone from Nini Bini which was last year pasal tgugur. Tulang rusuk kah? around the belly lah pokoknya, kali :D

She ended up using yg pink below ah :) That's marvel btw yg modeling ah haha :p

Now baru tah EEWWW!! what diabetes did to nini laki ='( the toes (this month btw)

better control your sugar people :p

♥S, RR


Fuhh~ i just got home and still kajar-kajar XD From school for the band, eatah i drove presea there and back since abg nda mau bangun ah. It was ok, no mati engine this time. It's been 1-2 months sudah nada driving :D i still get confused between gear 3 and 4 =D and still NOT GOOD at parking ;D i don't even know bila kan gear 1 haha~ ntam lah labu. Band was ok, still playing the cymbals. Batah jua naik pangkat ani. I parked d luar saja since buruk instead of the place where i got my 1st ever accident :D. There's a big box, not that big plang mcm biasa saja, eatah it's a box full of pop mie hehe~ cool. No plan for today, so i'll be rotting saja . I am still wondering ngapa my mom allowed me to drive the presea instead of kijang. Well tadi pagi i called her cause she wasn't home, messaged actually hehe~ that i wanna bawa kijang saja cause it's easier but then she called me and suruh presea saja. Oww ok, ntam saja tia asal selamat and sorry to the org yg in the other car yg balakang mine cause i was kinda slow, biar lambat asal selamat :p Not most of the time lah lambat ;)

So yesterday had a match against zero. DRAW 0 - 0. Mengajut plang tu cause it was supposed to be a friendly match. Both Zahir and Jon did a very good in goalkeeping so i'm pretty much
 satisfied lah eventhough nada mng :) The match was siuk cause in the hujan so mcm dalam movie wah rasanya + zero was kinda hang idk why ;p Ayyub was handal also preventing lime from scoring. I weight 55.8KG on the electronic balance, haha random XD. Owh ya~ GP was -_-' fun!! haha cause liat movie saja lagi, and ainaa just can't stop trying convincing me to take back my words bout the gundul thingy. I'm still thinking bout it plang, but liat lah. Rambut si Joules lawa plang, rugged seriously and Zahir too =D eatah mcm sayang jua kan but ntah hee :) Only aqil and hadi saja baru yang gundul. Tadi syafiq, but nda plang gundul but atleast ada shapenya lah so acceptable lah ;D bye~

♥S, RR

Saturday, April 25, 2009


orang kuat O's :p Believe it or not, the thing yg d umbannya atu jauh wah trabangnya. Liat tia

Highlight Below ;
siapa nyuruh pecaya :p

♥S, RR

Friday, April 24, 2009

Life is beautiful

Sport's day has ended, i lost the 400m. Well atleast i got no. 4, i was expecting for 5th position. I was on the lead for the 1st 200m, then came the bending part~ owh-so-not-good cause since i'm on the 6th lane, the bending part was kinda long, this was where izzat and collin cut me. How i wish i was on the 4th or 3rd lane~ something that's less than 5th lah ;) I was 3rd fornthe last 100m, then 5om left adi zekwan tia ada. So barat barat barat XD So i gave up and ea tia mng =) I ended up sakit jubur lagi like everytime, iqbal ws there to support me which he failed to =p Tarus limpang to the ground, dinie was there before with the stretcher but baie wah ea ah, d ampasnya ganya then lari tia XD Luckily ada medics lain lagi, or should i say MEDICIST (bini2 lah tu =D skati membuat word sendiri haha) Si ningsheh kah? and kawannya yg mengangkat me on the stretcher, luckily I'm so ringan =D

That would be the end of my 4oom kali, cause i'm planning on taking 100 and 200m saja next year. Liatlah, smua saja =D. I didn't went swimming with others cause ada plan lain lagi ;) GDG~ abg was badmood eatah malas tah kan ikut ea, instead i took the bus purple. I was kinda late
cause at 1.00 baru balik rumah where i'm actually supposed to be omy to gdg dah. 
Rushed mandi then walked my way down the hill to the bus stand. Eatah there was this one bird, burung gagak i think, crow bah. The one in the pic looks exactly the same, 
without the stuffs lah =p The bird awal2 was just flying above then i think it saw how handsome i was eatah jealous :p
 So the bird began flying rendah2 trying to hit my head, balik2 lah. I was frightened by it eatah
 i started running. The bus dtg at 1.30, i had to wait 15mins for it to come. NO. 37 i think, by 2 barutah di bandar. Then from there i took another bus to gdg, no. 1. How do i know all these stuffs? Well my gang are indons kali ah =p. Nada bah, si aqil~ By 2.15 barutah d gdg. Fuhh~ finally, all those hard work XD Just to jalan with her ( Syee Halwani ;D) Watched he's just not that into you. 6.30 went to hospital till 8.30. I heard nini will be bepotong kaki lagi -_-' this time till the knee, but ntah jadi kah inda huhu~ Owh ya, ibunda bought this sandwich burger like from bakerlyn kah? Nyaman yaw haha apakan, and the kokokrunch donut too ;) 

♥S, RR

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My eyes are burning

Still sleepy today~ My eyes are red!! and panas but cool in a way :D rednya ;) Physics retest was quite fun cause siuk menjawab. Nda plang lurus tu :p Went to practice at kebajikan tadi, well the practice was kinda umm, nda memuaskan. MALAS XD I drank F&N grape today, well pasal tlampau rushing minum eatah i got that sanak feeling again arah my chest. I had to makan 2.50 ah today. Yes the money =p The coin was delicious ;) You guys should try it sometime =p So boros eyh  today -_-'

Chub told me about this picture. It was masa last year during puasa before raya before O after june months after . . . XD What a great day, i forgot plang when was the date :D So back to my story, eatah kan si chub said in the pic si joko was holding my shoulder. Ea lagi serious time membagitau atu, plus si kahirini lagi cakap awu. So i checked it lah tadi. Then i found out lain jua tu tangan ah, gebu :p Which tells me that it belong to one person, and only xp tangannya sendiri jua tu XD mcm banar dah, but then he told me baru ea realise plang tu, bnarkah nada? IDK ;D

♥S, RR

Monday, April 20, 2009

High in the sky, SKY HIGH

So sleepy today cause of akhir tidur, pukul 4 i think. GP was idk~ i had to prepare the current affair early in the morning d canteen. Owh ya i came early today hoping si aqil kan bawa kan aku breakfast again but nada XD Ada plang but for dirinya :D So we tha boys stood infront of the class and read our current affair, luckily nda ramai. Maybe ramai skip~ :)

I was a bit bangang today for chem, maybe pasal not enough sl
eep atu kali. I mean kejarangan kan btanya or ckap nda faham =D Orang on my right ani sama tia jua ceritanya :p Pukul 5.30 wah ea tdur si  aqil ah. Maths~ macam biasa lah, br
eaktime wah tu. We learnt bout A.P. atu, but nda ,mau masuk. Physics practical saja, kana pulau oleh my group so i joined the other one which was much more cooler. Inda plang, saja kan compare between two XD I skipped afternoon class with Mr Salamuth cause nda mood since ngantuk + malas :D

I'm addicted to this drink XD but too bad payahkan cari kadai yg jual. Well i found one plang ganya, near ms tmpat route cross country lama. Went there tadi but nanas bottle damit nada, basar saja~  Ntam saja tia XD We received baju pahlawan today. It was ok than what we had expected. Besyukur tah. Had band practice also, i didn't know there was gonna be. Eatah paksa pakai unoform. So parah kami main tadi ah =D, it was better during national day eventhough nda jadi. Si vivian still nda mau2 kan blawan :p Well i know plang that i'll lose but blagak handal saja XD

Went to HOHO kiulap, Hua Ho wah ;D. Well i meronda plang saja and i saw this bra and panty dalam a plastic box. Wow it costs about $75 i think, mahal jua XD No wonder ada girls yg prefer naked arah some videos =D Went to hospital till 9.30. Ok imma do chem hw and revise for physics, kalau rajin~ spoil XD

♥S, RR

This is it?

I just finished my hws. Well not completely :p that would be impossible. I had to do it late because yesterday i was stucked di hospital visiting nini. From ptg till malams. Stuck or not masih jua ku buat akhir wah~ XD Mmm so as for yesterday, i woke up around 7 for the band, but then~ barat rasanya me bodeyh so nda tia jadi =D.

I finished watching RockNRolla di hospital, wow kewl~ I watched because i'm a video clip as zaim suruh just to see if i'm berkeperimanusiaan atau inda. I guess i am ;p. Umm~ madin came today and he gave me serial no. for gta4. Yay! rugged the game, but lag -_-'. Ilang nafsu xp. I'm off

♥S, RR

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Missin' You

School was umm~ quite relaxing i guess cause the 1st period was chem where ada class test. 2nd was stats, topic test. Well 3 periods for 6 questions of probability wasn't enough for me cause i was confused by the tree diagram ah. Wasted 2 papers. The 1st period was useless eatah. Mr. Salamuth was busy telling his life stories which included what was his job before coming to brunei, his dead wife and etc. Banyak wah, cmana tah kan concentrate tu :p. Maybe cause ea liat ramai dah siap except me XD I don't even know there was gonna be a topic test, i just knew that morning.

Physics, practicals the last 20mins. It was quite confusing, well my group didn't manage to complete it the right way :p GP was very relaxing, went to the computer lab to search for some family related issues, then print it to be put dalam file. Well i took some random things on AIDs which affect families and print2 saja tia eyh. Afternoon ada physics class, practicals. Then footie LIME against ALPHA, well we lost 2 - 1. We did ok i guess. Umm hope i can wake up krg for the band ;) bye

♥S, RR

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was pretty much tiring. I spent most of my time sleeping after the jumat prayer. Well basically i didn't get enough sleep. Wanna know why?

Had a sleepover at si zulfadli since sana ada 1 week tahlil arwah bapanya. Yang datang were wafil hadi ayyub azlan zaim muaz shrek aiman faizan jon and joules but THE JJ brothers came late :p I can't believe it that that was the 2nd time i went there and also the 2nd time jua aku sasat XD Sama jua mcm 1st masa with my parents where we ended up arah PTEB. Yesterday was with abg, sama juanya. I just found out that rupanya that place was nearer to A.Ayam si zahir and jon =D and even more sanang dari sana than lalu highway~

After makan we played cards, astee~ baru jua lapas betahlil XD Well aku plang yg bawa tu atas request ketua kampung. Almost everyone sana mcm menagur, main2 plang :p. There were 2 divisions. 1st was the Penghina ; Zaim Ayyub JJ brothers and 2nd division the Yg Dihina ; me XD zulfadli shrek and aiman. It was a race to 5 for the 2nd division, idk the 1st, they got their own style ;p ok moving on

Org yg divisions atu saja yg tdur sana. We did all the things we can just to keep out of boredom. From cards to makan to cs to movie to makan to mengacau si jon tdur to ghost story to ulangan af to dj-ing, well this part aku siuk sendiri plang which gave some of them a hard time to sleep. We had our time, gay bunyinya XD Slept at 4 and woke up at 8++. Tarus makan before mandi XD. Went to kubur, 7 of us were cramped into 1 small echo car kah? Just like dalam circus =D that was 9++ dah

Rushed back to zul then packed our stuffs trus ke ms. My slippers ilang ah -_-' kana tapau :p School, syee was there eatah i didn't come for the band, lagipun aher dah. BYE~

♥S, RR

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Umm~ so yeah. I just got home from hospital visiting my nini. Well i was lost tadi, i mean salah ward cause i didn't know yang my nini pindah dah to ward 21 from 8. He was ok tadi. Much better than before. No more palau. So i think there won't be any class for me tomorrow, yay!! bawa barang cca saja ni.

Uhh~ pe was ok. We had our 1st drill yesterday and it was fun jua. Cali wah the group, si muiz lagi being the most nda strict coach :p Our name from LOLlipop was changed to Pink Panther but then since kana ambil dah so we chose Lightning LOLlipop instead.

Ok~ what a boring post. Idk apa lagi so . . . BYE~

♥S, RR

Monday, April 13, 2009

war is not the answer

I woke up late today knowing it was 8.30 dah, shiite~ I was already late for the JBS football, dano told me that kalau datang later than 7.30 kana denda. So malastah, next week saja~ Went to sleep again, (baik pulang datang band tu. Lupa wah~) and woke up at 12.00. Again~ late lagi. I'm supposed to go to haruns for the futsal by 12.30 dah but by that time baru jua siap everything. Patutnya ikut abang but he was too busy and malas so ikut dad saja. Picked mizan then ke mentiri ngambil nurul kajap. The car was kinda ' sardine dalam tin '

By 1.30 we were at the highway dah~ and there was this bus, so slow lah. Being gagas so me dad sped up, klonkang wah the bus, but then, SNAP!!. Angan-angan panya~ Masa dtang nada berapa ramai. Sekalinya ramai, ramai tu banar. Ani skalinya sikit, sikit tia. We won the first game, draw the 2nd and lost twice. I wasn't in my mood tadi. Kinda disappointed with myself but i was ok last-last. Went to mama cafe, as usual baie wah restaurant sana ah! Nada layak di panggil restaurant. Sudah tia lambat kana layan, makananya lagi lambat siap. Had to wait for 15 minutes wah and the nasi goreng thai style doesn't looked like one. Drang antam-antam x wah masak ah. Plus they don't even serve free water like other restaurant do. What if someone choke to death there? Maybe someday ada tu, or something like that lah which doesn't involve death, kesian jua tu mangsa ah~ Then baru dorang tau. I would be really happy if the restaurant kana tutup. The waitress lagi kebaiean. Well i ordered free water wah awal-awal, maklumlah org bankrupt~ eatahkan, then she said sehat? So i answered yes. Then knowing yang atu bebayar so i cancelled it.

Few minutes later ada tia macam nada membagi aku one bottle of sehat and glass of ice, i was tekizut~ So when she came lagi i told her yg air atu nada jadi

me: Ani nada jadi ah~

waitress : why?

me : cause nada cukup duit, siapa yang kan membayar karang?

waitress : i cannot take it back

me : then i cannot drink also lah, tadi aku kinsel x ah but nda kana dangar~

waitress : bah i'll try to tell them

then she left with her baie face, sorry if i'm being rude but banar kali ah. They should just take it away wah kalau nada jadi. Ani banyak tanya. Caranya atu lagi baie, bukannya ku buka sudah. If only there was a place to complaint those kind of stuffs. I mean tempat complaint the restaurant, workers and all. Ish~ this was not the first time they did it. So masa balik drang jon ayyub mizan joules skati kluar through pintu that shouldn't be used, but  drang pakai jua~ Kewl cause it made the waitress marah

Went to hospital around 5, well most of the time i slept saja till 7. It was kinda bored though cause i was just forcing myself to sleep, Eatah macam tebangun-bangun. Went to the canteen with azmi cause lapar~ when we got back up, not long after that ada tia my mom and dad bawa foods. Alaa~ mun tau nada payah ke canteen. Save jua kan~ Nini was ok dah i think. It's just that he was low in sugar eatah ea macam unconscious, palau lah. Kadang-kadang sadar kadang-kadang inda. Eatah macam ea cakap and did. There was this one time ea pikir ada ubat arah tangannya and ea pigang-pigang then the ubat tegugur eatah ea cari-cari ariund the selimut, but yang banarnya nada ubat. To him saja ada since he was kinda palau~ that happened before plang, i mean masa ubatnya tegugur time ea sadar. So this was more like a replay~ I like the one masa ea kana bagi makan ubat banar. Kana suruh duduk but he was tired so melimpang saja. Ubat atu arah tangannya then ea makan tarus-tarus mengajut!! Then macam techoke the ubat pasal ea nada minum. He made sounds lah, everyone mcm panic then tarus made him , bawa air for him to drink, but then my mom noticed and said it out loud yg ubat atu masih arah tangannya. Eatah we all laugh, cali wah. Panya ea sadar dah time atu, pikir inda. The hard part was he had to use the toilet. I don't wanna talk bout it, but i did played the wheelchair with azmi, blajar drifting haha

♥S, RR

Sunday, April 12, 2009

going for three

Had assembly today, it was about something to do with Mr Chong and Saxon's farewell. It was perfect timing cause because of it we had missed the first two periods which was chem class for me. Avoiding the unfinished homeworks and test :D Stats was kinda relaxing. Physics also. GP was halfdead XD I feel asleep for a while =D Patangnya around 3 the pre-u 1's boys had this sembahyang zohor and asar berjemaah and tahlil for bapa si zul. Balik from school, i did what i was supposed to do. Everyone was commenting bout my hair. Nada plang everyone, mmbual jua tu ah :p almost lah XD

Went to zulfadli's for tahlil. Bejanji after maghrib but i came after isyak =D Well ramai jua yg akhir wah :p. I did gave some bribe to zul, nada wah XD Ramai yg came ; me ayyub ayen mizan iqbal zaim azlan alif amin ahmad najwan and jon and dano ;) Stayed till 11

Owh ya~ masa wednesday i met Mrs. Pat/Pet :D. She was my class teeacher masa primary 6 at mabohai's. It's been 6 years sudah baru tah kami jumpa. She looks still the same but older, duhh~ XD bye.

♥S, RR

Friday, April 10, 2009

First thing 1st or 2nd or 3rd


soo yesterday was khami
s where i had hockey for cca. Wow~ it was fun, lama sudah nada main. I fell down twice :$, 1stly just before my 1st touch with the ball due to kasut licin XD and 
2ndly masa dribbling, belanggar ah~ The 2nd time eatah my elbow luka ='(. Sissy eyh, be a man :p Dui~ nada jua sakit luka ah XD I finished my physics hw for the 1st time for this 2nd term. Cool yaw cause it's 
easier kalau hw siap ;) Nothing to worry about or hide :) Balik went to hospital to visit nini. Kesian cause two of the right foot's jari potong dah and kana buried besides fatihah's grave. Nini bini came to visit for the 1st time ;) It was kinda romantic though, to me :D cause nini bini last year problem with legs jua, now the husband. Mcm package ;) Apakan, nvm~ Ramai org came to visit actually. Si Ayyub then msged me bout zulfadli's dad, i feel very sad bout it wah. Can't imagine how would i be in that situation. Kesian si Zul eyh, this thing can't get out of my head since yesterday. Really-really sad~

So i'll stop talking bout it for now. Today i went for a jog awal pagi. Not really, around 10.30 lah. It wasn't a jog actually, i wanna go to the shop untuk bali kan wrapper for the hadiah and tarus haircut but then nada transport. Kalau ikut abang confirm ea nada mau, kalau mau pun kata2 ah :p So lari saja all my way. Went to gdg around 1.30, i forgot to bring my phone. Susah eyh~ had to search everywhere for them. From seri wangi to pizza hut to wecan to mall. Then i remembered amir's idea bout the studio. So i went straightly there entering through McD's. Skalinya i saw jeremy sitting alone. How kaluk was that so i joined him lah. Then it was that moment when i saw this really pretty girl, everything baru :p.  Kalau she wore contact lens wah, WOW~ ;)

The rest we played arah arcade since nada movie yg siuk. I didn't went to band today XD cause i feel asleep masa bangun. What the hell does that suppose to mean? Mengantuklah, eatah kana tinggal kan XD

♥S, RR

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

run forest run

We had our new teams arah p.e, well again betamu again with syidah haha :p Well awal2 inda pulang. I was with angie's team which could be fun jua since si angie selalu conquer so mcm siuk jua tu lawan whatever she's goona say or suggests haha, but since boys on each team nda balance eatah kanai caraikan lagi. I had to umm? rock-paper-scissors against jaz, i won :p. I'm guuuuuud~ haha. So in my group were me syidah muiz zaty ainaa khalilah arif sakinah khaz and atiqah kah? or ada lagi? :D So we chose the leader sudah, si tiqah ah. Si muiz was so excited and all tadi. Semangat wah ea ah. Idk what's with him ;p. Our team name was LOLlipop haha, and the motto was sweetvictory. Idk dapat kah nada ni cause the theme was animals. Is there such thing as a lollipop animal? haha. Arif and khalilah was being super crative bout our jersey, bankrupt tah lagi ni ceritanya XD So many to pay for this month ; Pahlawan jersey, stats past year, maths aust, MSN league, Lime training and ntah. So broke haha~

Lime had a match tadi against Sierra, combination of Bravo and Charlie~ We won and i'm quite pleased with it. Although mcm nada wujud sikit aku atu, eatah i ran up and down chasing the ball haha. Kan menunggu batah XD. We were lucky that si zaim nda bawa barangnya, but ea main plang sikit2 pakai school uniform~ 4 - 2 btw. I was quite amazed that the officials made a decision that i scored twice instead of one saja. Well the second was a deflection from hadi's shooting which kana kaki me. To me goalny,a plang tu but to them, ehem~ haha. bye

oww~ ida and natalie are also in the team. Lupa XD

♥S, RR

Monday, April 6, 2009


So yesterday's yesterday which was two days ago = sunday haha =D i went jalan with ming lu si bapa ayam~ haha nda wah. We were about umm, 11 people kah? :D me minglu abid aiman ayyub fauzi naim gabriel ayen khairini wilson and mizan. You do the counting :p. So but unfortunately kami were divided into three groups~ 1st sampah group, abid naim gab and fauzi haha. 2nd the A2 couple and lastly kami, the rest lah tu haha. It was my 1st time actually hanging out around gdg with ming lu. Not just me but also the others. Cali wah ea ah~ mcm so hyper and excited. Plus begaya lah haha. At 1st kami kan liat movie fast furious pukul 1 but then ramai aher which included me haha~ Well i was on time x ah, nda plang XD. So then we changed to watch yg at 3 but then pasal lambat booking so the movie full ah. Ada plang but dapan2, gilee~ wah tu haha. Sangal jua kelapa  tu, kepala bah :p. So  we decided yg pukul 5, ok but then sampah mau pukul 3. So biar tia eyh~ lagipun duit dorang jua wah ;). So while waiting kami buat what we should do, NOTHING haha but we failed. Went main yg mcm table-tennnis-ice-hockey instead. Paluh2 wah wawa~

The movie was very siuk cause ntah~ haha. Siuklah ;). Before balik my sandals putus oleh si aiman. Org bisai2 bejalan dipijak-pijaknya -_-'. but luckily ada org berbaik hati menyewa kan kasutnya arah me. Si hahamu haha. Above there is a picture of me mengasak kasutnya, sorry if rusak haha. but skajap jua ganya ea pinjamkan :p Around 8 abg ngambil and went to hospital arah ayahanda bunda saya (nini bah :p). Umm i forgot what did i do there, duduk2 saja i think ;)

Thursday's Hiking CCA was fun cause we went to bukit subok. Near bandar actually, Kianggeh to be specific cause bandar ani basar wah haha~ Never been there, it was wooow! haha. We started it by naik tangganya yg kan mati panjangnya ah haha. Mcm menuju syurga jua wawawa~ Nda wah, Astagfirullah O=). Mcm cartoon ah eatah haha. Baru about 3 mins naik the stairs, bongkok tia sorang2 haha~ We even met superman there XD ( org trabah masa naik tangga actually haha, but ani lain cause caranya atu mcm kan trabang wah XD ) nda wah. Ketulahan ni esuk2 =D There was also this bridge yg we crossed, rugged wah cause it was made or woods and ropes kali haha and sir rayme was jumping on the bridge nada mau branti menakutkan org. Beguyang wah left right left right XD. Owh ya~ we went there ikut mr george haha XD Also balik, rapat yaw haha

I didn't come for the band dua hari dah. Friday ani dtng ku eyh, KALI~ =D or inda, ada thamtheng wah tu :p. So yesterday i skipped my 1st 2 periods which was GP. Went to library instead to do my chem hw haha. Ptg we had futsal, saja2 and again aku mcm nda wujud lagi XD. Last2 was fun cause we played this game, futsal plang but smua attacking and defensing jua haha. I can't explain cmana, lagi pun buat apa jua, AS IF YOU CARRRE~ haha. Balik dad ambil and he told tarus ke hospital =0, i was sweating heavily x ah :D so ea bawa ke rba football field and took a shower there haha.

Hospital, majin and azmi were there, bnyak wah makan ku haha. Seriously~ haha. So i ended up being so sleepy so ttdur di kerusi haha XD owh ya i watched tadi the NP (nurse pratice haha). They're so slow giving injections and stuff and masih takut2 haha. Cali eyh =D, plus they were in pinks haha XD apakan. kay i gtg, boring dah the post =D

♥S, RR

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Playground For Prisoners

Umm~ today was so exhausting. I woke up very early, to me haha. Kana bangunkan oleh dad at 5++. Eyy~ am i the only person yg still kana bangunkan oleh parents. Hmm? cause i know that si aiman bangun sendiri wah selama ani kalau kan sekulah, eatah it got me mind tiiingking. Oh well~ biartia haha. Awal bangun but aher jua masih jalan kan XD around 6.50 dtg school and tarus buat hw since lastnight nda sampat :D. Thennnn syidah happened to come~ whee haha long time no see yaw =p

eyy it's 10.40pm dah XD but unfortunately nda sampat siap so i continued finishing it masa maths, yknow soh x ah ;) Physics practical. GP hiding under the umbrella cause banyak hw nda beantar haha~ but teacher bagi masa g till saturday, so friday lah buat or saturday morning haha. and tomorrow GP teacher will be nada yay!!! She's busy with the speech thamtheng ah. Chem was ok, the only thing that keeps me awake haha~ the frightening voice of sir ravoof~ RARRR!!! but mcm biasa saja. My group haven't done anything on the chem project. Bal Yub, if kamu baca esukani jadi? :D

ptg we had the Pre-U's League, my team (LIME) against PPB LIGHT. Wow~ we lost 6 - 2 haha. but nda apalah cause it was our 1st time playing with the new team. Besides there's still about 9 matches for us. I'm not good lagi at futsal eversince cuti haha. Plus in this 2nd term, i feel mcm nada wujud. Jarang tah kan kana pass haha~ kalau kana pass pun confirm cuai, well inda plang. Mostly lah, apa inda haha~ After that kami the PPB jalan kaki ke kebajikan from ms. Wah it was so tiring wah cause the bags so barat. Sangal my shoulder. We were supposed to be there by 4 but kami datang pukil 5 haha. Well PPB tah banar~ an hour late haha. but luckily yg or sana atu doesn't mind bout it. 

so we were against SOASC and SMB. Awal2 lawan SOASC, so we won the match by 3 - 1. Then against SMB was draw of 1 - 1. It was fun and all. The futsal area was so wide and the colour nyaman mata memandang haha~ Owh ya the pagar which surrounds the futsal area was so very to the dangerous cause bekaran wah hahah~ Maybe cause it was connected to the lights atu kali eatah. Si jon was being so excellent in goalkeeping tadi. Cubatah masa sama Lime cematu :p. Then we (me Joules Jon) had a 400m race. Awal2 aku nda mau but then cuba saja tia. Saja merasa before Sports day. Well i was pretty much kabak2 tadi. DUPDUPDUP!! haha. Baru just for fun tu, apa lagi actual day XD. I sprunt like hell tadi wawawa, taie eyh. Awal2 jua ganya. After 200m lalah was. Makin slowdown tia. Apa lagi the last 100m,  bejogging ani wah =D. Aiman and Ayyub came to the finishing line dulu baru tah me then joules then . . . krrrkk . . . then . . . krrrkkkrrkk . . . Jon! haha batah XD. Nada wah~ cmana buleh si Aiman and Ayyub dulu datang atu? That was because masa kami 100m bru tah drang start their race haha. I can still feel the baratness for the last 100m, cmana kan overcome this problem kan ah? nada dapat kali haha. I actually feel better tadi after the race cause selaluny my pantat would end up sakit haha =D. So me went home pukul 6.30 bye~

♥S, RR