Friday, April 10, 2009

First thing 1st or 2nd or 3rd


soo yesterday was khami
s where i had hockey for cca. Wow~ it was fun, lama sudah nada main. I fell down twice :$, 1stly just before my 1st touch with the ball due to kasut licin XD and 
2ndly masa dribbling, belanggar ah~ The 2nd time eatah my elbow luka ='(. Sissy eyh, be a man :p Dui~ nada jua sakit luka ah XD I finished my physics hw for the 1st time for this 2nd term. Cool yaw cause it's 
easier kalau hw siap ;) Nothing to worry about or hide :) Balik went to hospital to visit nini. Kesian cause two of the right foot's jari potong dah and kana buried besides fatihah's grave. Nini bini came to visit for the 1st time ;) It was kinda romantic though, to me :D cause nini bini last year problem with legs jua, now the husband. Mcm package ;) Apakan, nvm~ Ramai org came to visit actually. Si Ayyub then msged me bout zulfadli's dad, i feel very sad bout it wah. Can't imagine how would i be in that situation. Kesian si Zul eyh, this thing can't get out of my head since yesterday. Really-really sad~

So i'll stop talking bout it for now. Today i went for a jog awal pagi. Not really, around 10.30 lah. It wasn't a jog actually, i wanna go to the shop untuk bali kan wrapper for the hadiah and tarus haircut but then nada transport. Kalau ikut abang confirm ea nada mau, kalau mau pun kata2 ah :p So lari saja all my way. Went to gdg around 1.30, i forgot to bring my phone. Susah eyh~ had to search everywhere for them. From seri wangi to pizza hut to wecan to mall. Then i remembered amir's idea bout the studio. So i went straightly there entering through McD's. Skalinya i saw jeremy sitting alone. How kaluk was that so i joined him lah. Then it was that moment when i saw this really pretty girl, everything baru :p.  Kalau she wore contact lens wah, WOW~ ;)

The rest we played arah arcade since nada movie yg siuk. I didn't went to band today XD cause i feel asleep masa bangun. What the hell does that suppose to mean? Mengantuklah, eatah kana tinggal kan XD

♥S, RR

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