Sunday, April 12, 2009

going for three

Had assembly today, it was about something to do with Mr Chong and Saxon's farewell. It was perfect timing cause because of it we had missed the first two periods which was chem class for me. Avoiding the unfinished homeworks and test :D Stats was kinda relaxing. Physics also. GP was halfdead XD I feel asleep for a while =D Patangnya around 3 the pre-u 1's boys had this sembahyang zohor and asar berjemaah and tahlil for bapa si zul. Balik from school, i did what i was supposed to do. Everyone was commenting bout my hair. Nada plang everyone, mmbual jua tu ah :p almost lah XD

Went to zulfadli's for tahlil. Bejanji after maghrib but i came after isyak =D Well ramai jua yg akhir wah :p. I did gave some bribe to zul, nada wah XD Ramai yg came ; me ayyub ayen mizan iqbal zaim azlan alif amin ahmad najwan and jon and dano ;) Stayed till 11

Owh ya~ masa wednesday i met Mrs. Pat/Pet :D. She was my class teeacher masa primary 6 at mabohai's. It's been 6 years sudah baru tah kami jumpa. She looks still the same but older, duhh~ XD bye.

♥S, RR

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