Monday, April 20, 2009

High in the sky, SKY HIGH

So sleepy today cause of akhir tidur, pukul 4 i think. GP was idk~ i had to prepare the current affair early in the morning d canteen. Owh ya i came early today hoping si aqil kan bawa kan aku breakfast again but nada XD Ada plang but for dirinya :D So we tha boys stood infront of the class and read our current affair, luckily nda ramai. Maybe ramai skip~ :)

I was a bit bangang today for chem, maybe pasal not enough sl
eep atu kali. I mean kejarangan kan btanya or ckap nda faham =D Orang on my right ani sama tia jua ceritanya :p Pukul 5.30 wah ea tdur si  aqil ah. Maths~ macam biasa lah, br
eaktime wah tu. We learnt bout A.P. atu, but nda ,mau masuk. Physics practical saja, kana pulau oleh my group so i joined the other one which was much more cooler. Inda plang, saja kan compare between two XD I skipped afternoon class with Mr Salamuth cause nda mood since ngantuk + malas :D

I'm addicted to this drink XD but too bad payahkan cari kadai yg jual. Well i found one plang ganya, near ms tmpat route cross country lama. Went there tadi but nanas bottle damit nada, basar saja~  Ntam saja tia XD We received baju pahlawan today. It was ok than what we had expected. Besyukur tah. Had band practice also, i didn't know there was gonna be. Eatah paksa pakai unoform. So parah kami main tadi ah =D, it was better during national day eventhough nda jadi. Si vivian still nda mau2 kan blawan :p Well i know plang that i'll lose but blagak handal saja XD

Went to HOHO kiulap, Hua Ho wah ;D. Well i meronda plang saja and i saw this bra and panty dalam a plastic box. Wow it costs about $75 i think, mahal jua XD No wonder ada girls yg prefer naked arah some videos =D Went to hospital till 9.30. Ok imma do chem hw and revise for physics, kalau rajin~ spoil XD

♥S, RR

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