Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm doing it by the feeling

Yesterday was kinda tiring~ PE kali eatah nda sampat update XD. So HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO FATIN AND MALCOLM :p Long Life Cheap Foods ;D Umm nothing much yesterday, nini beputung saja O_O

It was a boot size cause instead of the ankle saja cause they needed extra healthy flesh from my nini's leg to cover up bakas tmpat beputung    -_-'

" Eatah batis yg mengantar mengambil kamu sekulah tu, " - dad

Wow~ gila wah tu cause it's been since primary 1 dah nini ngantar ngambil till last month. Mcm about 10 years dah wah tu huhu~

yg ada buruk atu was where masa awal2 toes nya beputung but got infected lagi eatah~ 

Before balik, there was something shockingly shocking XD Around 4.40 kali :p
diam2 ah~ ASTEEE~

and TQ to everyone pasal yesterday ;) especially for Syee :p black one was kinda nyaman haha apakan~ XD


♥S, RR

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