Sunday, April 26, 2009


Fuhh~ i just got home and still kajar-kajar XD From school for the band, eatah i drove presea there and back since abg nda mau bangun ah. It was ok, no mati engine this time. It's been 1-2 months sudah nada driving :D i still get confused between gear 3 and 4 =D and still NOT GOOD at parking ;D i don't even know bila kan gear 1 haha~ ntam lah labu. Band was ok, still playing the cymbals. Batah jua naik pangkat ani. I parked d luar saja since buruk instead of the place where i got my 1st ever accident :D. There's a big box, not that big plang mcm biasa saja, eatah it's a box full of pop mie hehe~ cool. No plan for today, so i'll be rotting saja . I am still wondering ngapa my mom allowed me to drive the presea instead of kijang. Well tadi pagi i called her cause she wasn't home, messaged actually hehe~ that i wanna bawa kijang saja cause it's easier but then she called me and suruh presea saja. Oww ok, ntam saja tia asal selamat and sorry to the org yg in the other car yg balakang mine cause i was kinda slow, biar lambat asal selamat :p Not most of the time lah lambat ;)

So yesterday had a match against zero. DRAW 0 - 0. Mengajut plang tu cause it was supposed to be a friendly match. Both Zahir and Jon did a very good in goalkeeping so i'm pretty much
 satisfied lah eventhough nada mng :) The match was siuk cause in the hujan so mcm dalam movie wah rasanya + zero was kinda hang idk why ;p Ayyub was handal also preventing lime from scoring. I weight 55.8KG on the electronic balance, haha random XD. Owh ya~ GP was -_-' fun!! haha cause liat movie saja lagi, and ainaa just can't stop trying convincing me to take back my words bout the gundul thingy. I'm still thinking bout it plang, but liat lah. Rambut si Joules lawa plang, rugged seriously and Zahir too =D eatah mcm sayang jua kan but ntah hee :) Only aqil and hadi saja baru yang gundul. Tadi syafiq, but nda plang gundul but atleast ada shapenya lah so acceptable lah ;D bye~

♥S, RR

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