Friday, April 24, 2009

Life is beautiful

Sport's day has ended, i lost the 400m. Well atleast i got no. 4, i was expecting for 5th position. I was on the lead for the 1st 200m, then came the bending part~ owh-so-not-good cause since i'm on the 6th lane, the bending part was kinda long, this was where izzat and collin cut me. How i wish i was on the 4th or 3rd lane~ something that's less than 5th lah ;) I was 3rd fornthe last 100m, then 5om left adi zekwan tia ada. So barat barat barat XD So i gave up and ea tia mng =) I ended up sakit jubur lagi like everytime, iqbal ws there to support me which he failed to =p Tarus limpang to the ground, dinie was there before with the stretcher but baie wah ea ah, d ampasnya ganya then lari tia XD Luckily ada medics lain lagi, or should i say MEDICIST (bini2 lah tu =D skati membuat word sendiri haha) Si ningsheh kah? and kawannya yg mengangkat me on the stretcher, luckily I'm so ringan =D

That would be the end of my 4oom kali, cause i'm planning on taking 100 and 200m saja next year. Liatlah, smua saja =D. I didn't went swimming with others cause ada plan lain lagi ;) GDG~ abg was badmood eatah malas tah kan ikut ea, instead i took the bus purple. I was kinda late
cause at 1.00 baru balik rumah where i'm actually supposed to be omy to gdg dah. 
Rushed mandi then walked my way down the hill to the bus stand. Eatah there was this one bird, burung gagak i think, crow bah. The one in the pic looks exactly the same, 
without the stuffs lah =p The bird awal2 was just flying above then i think it saw how handsome i was eatah jealous :p
 So the bird began flying rendah2 trying to hit my head, balik2 lah. I was frightened by it eatah
 i started running. The bus dtg at 1.30, i had to wait 15mins for it to come. NO. 37 i think, by 2 barutah di bandar. Then from there i took another bus to gdg, no. 1. How do i know all these stuffs? Well my gang are indons kali ah =p. Nada bah, si aqil~ By 2.15 barutah d gdg. Fuhh~ finally, all those hard work XD Just to jalan with her ( Syee Halwani ;D) Watched he's just not that into you. 6.30 went to hospital till 8.30. I heard nini will be bepotong kaki lagi -_-' this time till the knee, but ntah jadi kah inda huhu~ Owh ya, ibunda bought this sandwich burger like from bakerlyn kah? Nyaman yaw haha apakan, and the kokokrunch donut too ;) 

♥S, RR

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