Sunday, April 19, 2009

Missin' You

School was umm~ quite relaxing i guess cause the 1st period was chem where ada class test. 2nd was stats, topic test. Well 3 periods for 6 questions of probability wasn't enough for me cause i was confused by the tree diagram ah. Wasted 2 papers. The 1st period was useless eatah. Mr. Salamuth was busy telling his life stories which included what was his job before coming to brunei, his dead wife and etc. Banyak wah, cmana tah kan concentrate tu :p. Maybe cause ea liat ramai dah siap except me XD I don't even know there was gonna be a topic test, i just knew that morning.

Physics, practicals the last 20mins. It was quite confusing, well my group didn't manage to complete it the right way :p GP was very relaxing, went to the computer lab to search for some family related issues, then print it to be put dalam file. Well i took some random things on AIDs which affect families and print2 saja tia eyh. Afternoon ada physics class, practicals. Then footie LIME against ALPHA, well we lost 2 - 1. We did ok i guess. Umm hope i can wake up krg for the band ;) bye

♥S, RR

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