Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My eyes are burning

Still sleepy today~ My eyes are red!! and panas but cool in a way :D rednya ;) Physics retest was quite fun cause siuk menjawab. Nda plang lurus tu :p Went to practice at kebajikan tadi, well the practice was kinda umm, nda memuaskan. MALAS XD I drank F&N grape today, well pasal tlampau rushing minum eatah i got that sanak feeling again arah my chest. I had to makan 2.50 ah today. Yes the money =p The coin was delicious ;) You guys should try it sometime =p So boros eyh  today -_-'

Chub told me about this picture. It was masa last year during puasa before raya before O after june months after . . . XD What a great day, i forgot plang when was the date :D So back to my story, eatah kan si chub said in the pic si joko was holding my shoulder. Ea lagi serious time membagitau atu, plus si kahirini lagi cakap awu. So i checked it lah tadi. Then i found out lain jua tu tangan ah, gebu :p Which tells me that it belong to one person, and only xp tangannya sendiri jua tu XD mcm banar dah, but then he told me baru ea realise plang tu, bnarkah nada? IDK ;D

♥S, RR

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