Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Playground For Prisoners

Umm~ today was so exhausting. I woke up very early, to me haha. Kana bangunkan oleh dad at 5++. Eyy~ am i the only person yg still kana bangunkan oleh parents. Hmm? cause i know that si aiman bangun sendiri wah selama ani kalau kan sekulah, eatah it got me mind tiiingking. Oh well~ biartia haha. Awal bangun but aher jua masih jalan kan XD around 6.50 dtg school and tarus buat hw since lastnight nda sampat :D. Thennnn syidah happened to come~ whee haha long time no see yaw =p

eyy it's 10.40pm dah XD but unfortunately nda sampat siap so i continued finishing it masa maths, yknow soh x ah ;) Physics practical. GP hiding under the umbrella cause banyak hw nda beantar haha~ but teacher bagi masa g till saturday, so friday lah buat or saturday morning haha. and tomorrow GP teacher will be nada yay!!! She's busy with the speech thamtheng ah. Chem was ok, the only thing that keeps me awake haha~ the frightening voice of sir ravoof~ RARRR!!! but mcm biasa saja. My group haven't done anything on the chem project. Bal Yub, if kamu baca esukani jadi? :D

ptg we had the Pre-U's League, my team (LIME) against PPB LIGHT. Wow~ we lost 6 - 2 haha. but nda apalah cause it was our 1st time playing with the new team. Besides there's still about 9 matches for us. I'm not good lagi at futsal eversince cuti haha. Plus in this 2nd term, i feel mcm nada wujud. Jarang tah kan kana pass haha~ kalau kana pass pun confirm cuai, well inda plang. Mostly lah, apa inda haha~ After that kami the PPB jalan kaki ke kebajikan from ms. Wah it was so tiring wah cause the bags so barat. Sangal my shoulder. We were supposed to be there by 4 but kami datang pukil 5 haha. Well PPB tah banar~ an hour late haha. but luckily yg or sana atu doesn't mind bout it. 

so we were against SOASC and SMB. Awal2 lawan SOASC, so we won the match by 3 - 1. Then against SMB was draw of 1 - 1. It was fun and all. The futsal area was so wide and the colour nyaman mata memandang haha~ Owh ya the pagar which surrounds the futsal area was so very to the dangerous cause bekaran wah hahah~ Maybe cause it was connected to the lights atu kali eatah. Si jon was being so excellent in goalkeeping tadi. Cubatah masa sama Lime cematu :p. Then we (me Joules Jon) had a 400m race. Awal2 aku nda mau but then cuba saja tia. Saja merasa before Sports day. Well i was pretty much kabak2 tadi. DUPDUPDUP!! haha. Baru just for fun tu, apa lagi actual day XD. I sprunt like hell tadi wawawa, taie eyh. Awal2 jua ganya. After 200m lalah was. Makin slowdown tia. Apa lagi the last 100m,  bejogging ani wah =D. Aiman and Ayyub came to the finishing line dulu baru tah me then joules then . . . krrrkk . . . then . . . krrrkkkrrkk . . . Jon! haha batah XD. Nada wah~ cmana buleh si Aiman and Ayyub dulu datang atu? That was because masa kami 100m bru tah drang start their race haha. I can still feel the baratness for the last 100m, cmana kan overcome this problem kan ah? nada dapat kali haha. I actually feel better tadi after the race cause selaluny my pantat would end up sakit haha =D. So me went home pukul 6.30 bye~

♥S, RR

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