Tuesday, April 7, 2009

run forest run

We had our new teams arah p.e, well again betamu again with syidah haha :p Well awal2 inda pulang. I was with angie's team which could be fun jua since si angie selalu conquer so mcm siuk jua tu lawan whatever she's goona say or suggests haha, but since boys on each team nda balance eatah kanai caraikan lagi. I had to umm? rock-paper-scissors against jaz, i won :p. I'm guuuuuud~ haha. So in my group were me syidah muiz zaty ainaa khalilah arif sakinah khaz and atiqah kah? or ada lagi? :D So we chose the leader sudah, si tiqah ah. Si muiz was so excited and all tadi. Semangat wah ea ah. Idk what's with him ;p. Our team name was LOLlipop haha, and the motto was sweetvictory. Idk dapat kah nada ni cause the theme was animals. Is there such thing as a lollipop animal? haha. Arif and khalilah was being super crative bout our jersey, bankrupt tah lagi ni ceritanya XD So many to pay for this month ; Pahlawan jersey, stats past year, maths aust, MSN league, Lime training and ntah. So broke haha~

Lime had a match tadi against Sierra, combination of Bravo and Charlie~ We won and i'm quite pleased with it. Although mcm nada wujud sikit aku atu, eatah i ran up and down chasing the ball haha. Kan menunggu batah XD. We were lucky that si zaim nda bawa barangnya, but ea main plang sikit2 pakai school uniform~ 4 - 2 btw. I was quite amazed that the officials made a decision that i scored twice instead of one saja. Well the second was a deflection from hadi's shooting which kana kaki me. To me goalny,a plang tu but to them, ehem~ haha. bye

oww~ ida and natalie are also in the team. Lupa XD

♥S, RR

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