Monday, April 20, 2009

This is it?

I just finished my hws. Well not completely :p that would be impossible. I had to do it late because yesterday i was stucked di hospital visiting nini. From ptg till malams. Stuck or not masih jua ku buat akhir wah~ XD Mmm so as for yesterday, i woke up around 7 for the band, but then~ barat rasanya me bodeyh so nda tia jadi =D.

I finished watching RockNRolla di hospital, wow kewl~ I watched because i'm a video clip as zaim suruh just to see if i'm berkeperimanusiaan atau inda. I guess i am ;p. Umm~ madin came today and he gave me serial no. for gta4. Yay! rugged the game, but lag -_-'. Ilang nafsu xp. I'm off

♥S, RR

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