Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was pretty much tiring. I spent most of my time sleeping after the jumat prayer. Well basically i didn't get enough sleep. Wanna know why?

Had a sleepover at si zulfadli since sana ada 1 week tahlil arwah bapanya. Yang datang were wafil hadi ayyub azlan zaim muaz shrek aiman faizan jon and joules but THE JJ brothers came late :p I can't believe it that that was the 2nd time i went there and also the 2nd time jua aku sasat XD Sama jua mcm 1st masa with my parents where we ended up arah PTEB. Yesterday was with abg, sama juanya. I just found out that rupanya that place was nearer to A.Ayam si zahir and jon =D and even more sanang dari sana than lalu highway~

After makan we played cards, astee~ baru jua lapas betahlil XD Well aku plang yg bawa tu atas request ketua kampung. Almost everyone sana mcm menagur, main2 plang :p. There were 2 divisions. 1st was the Penghina ; Zaim Ayyub JJ brothers and 2nd division the Yg Dihina ; me XD zulfadli shrek and aiman. It was a race to 5 for the 2nd division, idk the 1st, they got their own style ;p ok moving on

Org yg divisions atu saja yg tdur sana. We did all the things we can just to keep out of boredom. From cards to makan to cs to movie to makan to mengacau si jon tdur to ghost story to ulangan af to dj-ing, well this part aku siuk sendiri plang which gave some of them a hard time to sleep. We had our time, gay bunyinya XD Slept at 4 and woke up at 8++. Tarus makan before mandi XD. Went to kubur, 7 of us were cramped into 1 small echo car kah? Just like dalam circus =D that was 9++ dah

Rushed back to zul then packed our stuffs trus ke ms. My slippers ilang ah -_-' kana tapau :p School, syee was there eatah i didn't come for the band, lagipun aher dah. BYE~

♥S, RR

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