Monday, April 13, 2009

war is not the answer

I woke up late today knowing it was 8.30 dah, shiite~ I was already late for the JBS football, dano told me that kalau datang later than 7.30 kana denda. So malastah, next week saja~ Went to sleep again, (baik pulang datang band tu. Lupa wah~) and woke up at 12.00. Again~ late lagi. I'm supposed to go to haruns for the futsal by 12.30 dah but by that time baru jua siap everything. Patutnya ikut abang but he was too busy and malas so ikut dad saja. Picked mizan then ke mentiri ngambil nurul kajap. The car was kinda ' sardine dalam tin '

By 1.30 we were at the highway dah~ and there was this bus, so slow lah. Being gagas so me dad sped up, klonkang wah the bus, but then, SNAP!!. Angan-angan panya~ Masa dtang nada berapa ramai. Sekalinya ramai, ramai tu banar. Ani skalinya sikit, sikit tia. We won the first game, draw the 2nd and lost twice. I wasn't in my mood tadi. Kinda disappointed with myself but i was ok last-last. Went to mama cafe, as usual baie wah restaurant sana ah! Nada layak di panggil restaurant. Sudah tia lambat kana layan, makananya lagi lambat siap. Had to wait for 15 minutes wah and the nasi goreng thai style doesn't looked like one. Drang antam-antam x wah masak ah. Plus they don't even serve free water like other restaurant do. What if someone choke to death there? Maybe someday ada tu, or something like that lah which doesn't involve death, kesian jua tu mangsa ah~ Then baru dorang tau. I would be really happy if the restaurant kana tutup. The waitress lagi kebaiean. Well i ordered free water wah awal-awal, maklumlah org bankrupt~ eatahkan, then she said sehat? So i answered yes. Then knowing yang atu bebayar so i cancelled it.

Few minutes later ada tia macam nada membagi aku one bottle of sehat and glass of ice, i was tekizut~ So when she came lagi i told her yg air atu nada jadi

me: Ani nada jadi ah~

waitress : why?

me : cause nada cukup duit, siapa yang kan membayar karang?

waitress : i cannot take it back

me : then i cannot drink also lah, tadi aku kinsel x ah but nda kana dangar~

waitress : bah i'll try to tell them

then she left with her baie face, sorry if i'm being rude but banar kali ah. They should just take it away wah kalau nada jadi. Ani banyak tanya. Caranya atu lagi baie, bukannya ku buka sudah. If only there was a place to complaint those kind of stuffs. I mean tempat complaint the restaurant, workers and all. Ish~ this was not the first time they did it. So masa balik drang jon ayyub mizan joules skati kluar through pintu that shouldn't be used, but  drang pakai jua~ Kewl cause it made the waitress marah

Went to hospital around 5, well most of the time i slept saja till 7. It was kinda bored though cause i was just forcing myself to sleep, Eatah macam tebangun-bangun. Went to the canteen with azmi cause lapar~ when we got back up, not long after that ada tia my mom and dad bawa foods. Alaa~ mun tau nada payah ke canteen. Save jua kan~ Nini was ok dah i think. It's just that he was low in sugar eatah ea macam unconscious, palau lah. Kadang-kadang sadar kadang-kadang inda. Eatah macam ea cakap and did. There was this one time ea pikir ada ubat arah tangannya and ea pigang-pigang then the ubat tegugur eatah ea cari-cari ariund the selimut, but yang banarnya nada ubat. To him saja ada since he was kinda palau~ that happened before plang, i mean masa ubatnya tegugur time ea sadar. So this was more like a replay~ I like the one masa ea kana bagi makan ubat banar. Kana suruh duduk but he was tired so melimpang saja. Ubat atu arah tangannya then ea makan tarus-tarus mengajut!! Then macam techoke the ubat pasal ea nada minum. He made sounds lah, everyone mcm panic then tarus made him , bawa air for him to drink, but then my mom noticed and said it out loud yg ubat atu masih arah tangannya. Eatah we all laugh, cali wah. Panya ea sadar dah time atu, pikir inda. The hard part was he had to use the toilet. I don't wanna talk bout it, but i did played the wheelchair with azmi, blajar drifting haha

♥S, RR

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