Thursday, April 30, 2009


The month ends with a wonderful day, i'm gonna miss APRIL~ apakan taie eyh XD

I'm sleepy right now, kinda lah and i just got back from hospital. Nini was doing ok i think but still kesakitan. They had this free check-up arah the hospital entrance due to the swnie flu ah. They check the temperature plang saja and they don't allow kids under 12 to come to hospital for the time being, for prevention eatah but i didn't get a chance plg for the check-up cause i went up lalu jalan lain haha~

So today's cca was very much tiring, hiking arah markuching~ Bari menyasal wah, nda fit lagi eatah XD Plus i was so so thirstay, luckily si joules runding mr george to singgah kajap ke kadai. Baik jua ea mau :D I spent about $5 today on drinks saja wawawa~ So ptg nada class cause ada toronto ah eatah we the boys ; me syarif zulfadli iqbal shrek lutfi syafiq and khairuddin ; yg nda kraja main spin the bottle using sky blue bottle ah hehe~ So whoever yg kana point will have to do a dare. Awal2 su zul, he was dared to give flower arah maci canteen tmpat foods ah haha~ Then came my turn, sama jua bunga but ani arah maci drinks XD Then syarif, he was dared to sampuk this boy and girl yg sibuk becerita di canteen arah stage ah and he did it by buang kes-ing tanya pencil case xp. We were laughing our ass off, gugur bah jubur ah wawawa =D Then si khai, he was dared to go into the year 6 science lab along with his bag and blakun as if salah class haha. He did it with a reason of mencari cigu raymie, HAHAHA! out jua tu cause cigu raymie jua ngajar chem arah labs atas. Ani bawah skali haha. He even went inside banar2 the lab, i mean btutup wah the pintu XD. Then si iqbal kana but apa ea takut ah, boo~ He was supposed to go arah the form 4's yg sibuk main monopoly ah then mengintu (looking around arah their game) for 10s then cakap BLEH IKUT? haha. but nada ea buat so since kami ani org baik hati eatah ea exchange it with si shrek. Shrek was so brani so ea buat wah all that thang haha~ He even kana bawa main banar2! haha cali eyh =D

but it all ended pasal ada hockey stick baru :D Practice hockey kajap then went to RBA for the football against form 5 and 4. Wow~ it was quite stressful plang awal2 cause mcm ramai everyone missing and we were kinda late. Paksa balik kerumah lagi ngambil bula pasal i forgot to bring it masa pagi2. Gagas eatah XD Sofian was testing my patience masa otw =p Masa dtg, drang ani duduk jua ganya menunggu bula haha~ Kalau nda balik ngambil bula, nda tah main tu ahha~ So we won the match 6 - 5. After the match there was this horrible incident. I was about to pay the $75.00 arah si alip then ada bunyi bini2 screaming & crying. All of us yg d grandstand atu began running to the edge looking apa ada~ OMG, ada this chinese woman bdarah bah kepalanya ah. Labat lagi tu =O, according to some theory, the husband antak the wife's head ke kerita or ntah eatah bdarah. I think the husband really besalah wah cause he tried to wipe away the blood yg arah window kerita ah. Mcm kan menghilangkan evidence =.= Some of the form 5 were sweet enough to call the ambulance and police i think. So the husband tried to bawa the wife ke hospital himself but ada this orang putih prevented him from doing it and told them to just wait for the ambulance to arrive which was good cause the husband could just had bawa the wife tempat lain and torture her lagi. IDK how it ended, pkoknya sofian did something cool lah hehe~

♥S, RR

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