Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coward = Genius

Not much today, my plan nada menjadi haha~ awal-awal ganya then habis tia XD. Do you know that :

-The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card! It is also known as the "suicide king" because he appears to be sticking his sword into his head :)

haha~ bukan ani, card biasa lah :p

-The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad!

-Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill! haha apakan~ ofcourse lah, heat :p

-Most lipstick contain fish scales! Uh-ohh O_o haha =p

-The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet! Mana 'V' ah? Oww ada jua -_-'

-The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds! Di canteen 1s pun nada sampai ='(. Ayam tgugur bah =p

-Cat urine glows under a black-light!

-The Earth weighs around 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons (5,940 billion billion metric tons)! cmana drang ngira dulu =p

-A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off - it dies from starvation! so crush crush lah, no chop chop ;)

-Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete!

-Thomas Edison, lightbulb inventor, was afraid of the dark! Dasar =p patutlah XD

-Dolphins sleep with one eye open!

-In space, astronauts cannot cry properly, because there is no gravity, so the tears can't flow down their faces!

-More people use blue toothbrushes, than red ones!

-The elephant is one of the few mammals that can't jump!

the grass blocking ah eatah nada nampak :p

-The penguin is the only bird who can swim, but not fly!

-A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

-Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying!

-Bats always turn left when exiting a cave! Ya kah? ALWAYS? then what bat that doesn't always turn left when exiting? :p BATMAN wawawa =D

-The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head! Ants dapat jua :p, you just can't see it haha

-Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails!

-A person uses approximately fifty-seven sheets of toilet paper each day! Untuk cina ni =p

-Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women!

-It is estimated that millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them! lali :p

-Of all the words in the English language, the word set has the most definitions!

-The most used letter in the English alphabet is 'E', and 'Q' is the least used!

-The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to seven!

-Bulls are colorblind, therefore will usually charge at a matador's waving cape no matter what color it is -- be it red or neon yellow!

-Apples are more efficient than caffeine in keeping people awake in the mornings!

-Smelling bananas and/or green apples (smelling, not eating) can help you lose weight!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Breaking the bond

I slept at 2.30 lastnite, kira lastnite kah tu? haha~ well my plan of doing homeworks seharian kemarin nada menjadi. I ended up starting doing it at 9.00. I stopped at 2.30 cause kan rehat kajap and hajat kan sambung at 3.00. Yes~ tbangun plang at 3 but then tutup alarm saja tarus tidur balik XD

Dad woke me up around 5.30~ awal -_-' Eatah awal dtg school tadi haha. Weird rasanya cause nda biasa :D Kalau masa form 1 2 3 bleh lah haha~ So chem was ok and a bit sad pasal sir ravoof shared something sad, kesian =(. I was asked to minta no ic cigu qilah, so i ran everywhere masa chem ah but she was nowhere to be found~ Stats, aiyaa~ pink panther marah-marah pasal aku baru pass up 1 assignment out of 5, and now 6 tia kali dah haha. GP was wow~ we read definitions of the terms yg related to the environment to the whole class out loud, eatah i got carcinogen ah hahaha apakan~ I mean since last week asal turun tangga rumah the word carcinogen ani slalu popped out of my head, but idk apa ertinya haha and . . . ntah apakan~ nda point XD

Ptg had practicals for chem, my group salah buat the last part. Salah reading actually eatah paksa buat lagi dari awal hahahaaa -_-'. Being lame arah physics nda lagi kana terima XD hazwan and muiz mumin sanak kali dah~ and si abid nada lagi mau mlayan wawawa XD Had handball friendly match against supersonic, we won 8-7. Well aku buruk idk why or maybe ndang buruk jua wah haha,  Luckily si khai nada, kalau inda abis eyh =D but then nda brapa siuk main~ awal we played full court for about 5 minutes but then after that main 2/3 saja ah pasal ada orang badminton ah -_-'

Umm~ ok 2 days holiday, wohooo . . . ooo . . . oo . . . o~ -_-'

haha apakan~ dua hari jua saja XD This was 2 years ago kah? Time si joules nada mau-mau sama 'ZOOLANDER' posenya ah =D We were on our way to jp i think =') and sakti ada masih :O haha and it was on that day jua ada kawannya terputung jarinya or tangannya masa bekeraja. Haha apakan~ nada cerita =D. Mana si ayyub ah? jap bawah ani kali =p

eatah ganya yg ku ada ni yub gambar mu solo~ XD nda wah hehe

ok yub? =p

Do you know that pisang kunti is cucur pisang in indon? Well i don't cause aku antam2 tu haha XD ok not working haha =D Apanya org, the harder you try, the less funny it is :D I've been trying to make dinie say EX-TER-MIII-NATE but nada menjadi saja pasal ea keep on ignoring aku haha~ Zaim told me that suaranya macam dalek and i think awu banar sama haha =D PPB main haram tadi nada menjadi pasal jarang dah kana check the blog + org yg supposed to bawa bula tadi nada membawa -_-' terasa? :p Monday's berakas beach i don't know jadi kah inda cause mcm inda jua, awu jua~ Results undang2 balum kluar, nada tia menyuruh kali~ ish haha. Fail kali o_O

still curious? :p here's a clue ;)

nda wah :p nite, i love you ;)


Friday, May 29, 2009

Sex at tasek

HALUUU~ the topic? adaler =p

Yesterday's CCA was fun ;) Hiking students had to leave their classes and meet up at the audi by 9.45 but kami went to the canteen plang instead haha. Met cigu redha there and we were told pukul 10 baru tah ke audi so kami ngisi parut saja. NOT to isi it with heavy foods kata cigu, masih jua kan nada merati XD By 10 kami d audi but masih jua balum bejalan haha~ instead we were playin ggulintangan and piano :D Then wafaa kah? came running to us "oi kamu kan tinggalkah?,"

Outside, some of the hikers dalam kereta cigu redha lah. Knowing that it was full sudah so kami lari arah back audi hoping to ikut mr george, skalinya nada ea ah. Someone happened to nampak ea kdapan so kami lari again kdapan, skalinya full dah the car with scouts people :p So we ended up waiting for cigu rayme to take the bus arah pulaie ke ms. Came the bus then off we go, it was about 10.30++ dah haha. Sama saja mcm biasa XD

Our journey to tutong kiudang was so long -__-' and i just know that rupanya ada jalan through kampung2 ke tutong ani, pikir highway saja haha~ In the bus, kami the boys menyanyi apa saja lagu yg available through iPhone si jaz and hp si aiman. It was tiring though =D Sumbang pulang, sorry ler XD but kata org kalau sumbang hujan hari kan? tapi masa tu it was bright wah, really really bright. So ertinya lawa tah tu wawawawa xp

We came arah kiudang by 11.30. Kaka si elishsa was there. Idk kakanya kah bukan pasal that's what they said, her name was Najeeya i think pasal that what was written arh bajunya haha :p Mustahil jua salahkan ;) She was there to guide us pasal drang familiar with the place~ Within 15-30 minutes sampai tia kami arah wasai bedanu ah, it was so skajap ah~ but rugged  plang the place. Since it was awal masih so cigu redha and sir rayme palnned that we should head to tasek merimbun.

Masa on our way to tasek merimbun, we were sasat skajap pasal salah jalan XD Tasek merimbun, we were so excited and it was so so lawa ='). 1st time ksana haha~ There was this kem and bedecorated lagi, panya princess azimah kan ksana jua, oo~ So we were heading to pulau jelundong kah namanya? It's a pulau stranded in the tasek merimbun. We have to pay $1 per person utk cross the long bridge ah -_-' thanks to cigu redha for paying it for us all hehe. Ilang $25 =p.

The pulau was so much fun pasal the view was even more lawa~ and there was this weird signboard, to me lah haha.

Sana kami begambar-gambar saja. Well in my case, menggambar =D.

We headed balik to ms by 2.00+. Me and tawa duduk dapan skali of the bus with sir rayme, kami jadi DJs of the day cotrolling the musics and all XD DJs aaand singers haha~ by 2.45++ kami sampai tia dah di skulah, that was fast haha~ Ramai org at the back had the chance to tidur, buyuk eyh :p



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Booooo-red :p aahh~ apatu ah xp

Hello~ i'm at home right now haha apakan. Well it's 2.54pm, biasanya at school wah ni masih =D Hee~ mcm 1st time saja awal balik haha. There's nothing special today eatah awal balik, but actually ada handball practice plang for group A but i forgot about it eatah nda bawa barang -_-' Malas lagi kan balik lagi, if bawa belicense manasaja heheh ;)

So today was ok, maths = chem cause baru buat energetics worksheet but atu pun meniru and masih jua nada siap =D integration was fun pasal y'know prasan pandai haha~ Physics we went arah PU2 lab's. Wow kemarin arah form 4 back to the past pasal ketinggalan syllabus and today blajar future syllabus. Ntam tah eyh XD The 3 periods was kinda relaxing, biasanya batah wah~ We rearranged our file tadi but then me and hazwan kana suruh mengantar arah cigu malai's opis -_-'

GP ada test, essay writing~ I wrote apa yg in my mind saja haha. My topic was about shortage of water and contamination~ I even relate global warming to it and told about world water day, ntam lah labuu~ XD Chem was siiuuk~ siuklah ;)

Yesterday PE was fun pasal we get to feel apa rasanya lawan lion royale, so tau jua kan next week apa kan di buat :D or not~ Lawan euphoria, i was the only lolly, yg lain imports haha. Tajam bah drang punya shooting, kami inda palng tumpul :p i mean bari takut saja eatah haha~ dapan2 lagi :o

My phone masih dalam bengkel~ idk bila baiknya. The person yg gonna fix it said that ada problem with the umm~ ntah apakah yg dcakapkannya ani =D I think something yg rusak last time which was the umm?? ada something yg arah slider which controls the screen eatah putus lagi, ntamnya bah~ I think bukan pasal atu pasal i know kali ah apa seababnya :p or maybe ea yg lurus and aku yg salah XD According to si azlan tadi katanya motherboardnya corrupted, yeah i think ea lurus. Buleh dah buka kadai ni lan xp

Stats kamarin was for giiila boringnya XD Salamuth used 1 period to explain 1 question from past year paper atu. Mesti mdgr~ menulis kana marahi, sleepy that time.

I'm having this dry cough since thursday~ Gila kali sakitnya ah, bukan sakitnya atu gila ah. I mean . . . ntah =D Yatabah, i prefer selesma than batuk. Last night was truk lah eatah payah kan tdur. I cough till ada tears, bukan menangis eyh. Sakit bah :p but then ani ok lah sikit~ Which one do you prefer, is it to cough skali basar2 then branti fot about 30s-1min or constant small cough every 3-5s? :D Basar2 saja kali ah pasal yg constant atu kinda annoying jua tu ;) and i'm sorry if my cough mengacau masa class hehe

I hung out with the boys tadi before balik. Main cards ler, whooh~ lama dah nada main eatah hehe. My WLMessenger rusak since monday dah eatah i can't go online. Not responding saja asal kan log in. It also says that ada error eatah RUNDLL32 can't work. That's a processor i think for some application. Kali lah cause aku ani setau jua jenisnya XD Eatah i tried everywhere mencari the solution but nada jua ada. Ada but payah pasal i don't have the disc. Possible cause of rusak was si abid :p pasal masa monday i brought my laptop to school cause si amir mau toonel~ eatah masa atu si abid was playing it mencheck apa ada and he deleted some stuffs yg nada important mcm something yg empty. So biarkan saja lah since ea ani more expert than me xp 2nd possibility was si amir pasal i used his pendrive to copy toonel atu. Eatah masa tu i accidentically copied one of his file yg 32-store kali or something yg cmatu lah but then i deleted it. Maybe file atu virus wah eatah pasal the internet says that RUNDLL32 can't work maybe pasal ada virus yg preventing it. So ntah lah. I tried everyway but nda success~ I think i lost the file kali jua pasal di abid delete2 =p So i copied the file again from my dad's since atu ganya yg available but then masih jua nada mau -_-'

aand tadi i told abid about it and tuduh ea :p but main2 plang saja. Ea rasa besalah plang kali but skajap saja pasal after that dijadikannya jokenya tia =p haha. Miracles do happen kan? Manada =p Eatah i tried WLM again tadi and wow!! nda mau wawawawa XD awu wah, mau tia haha~ maybe pasal ada file RUNDLL32 atu dah or ntah. So nasib~ fuhh but idk sampai bila baiknya ani pasal i have feelings for you, apakan haha. I have a feeling that nda g batah rusak lagi ni haha. Wah~ so long and boring. Sorry. Bye

before that,

HAPPY 6th MONTHSARY to tree for pipe sex seabean ate . . . . :p


Monday, May 25, 2009

It's necessary

Today was nyaman~ i mean tidur ah hahaha pasal ntah, maybe pasal just the right time wah which was 1am =D So i skipped GP, as usual  monday kali ah and today sama econ people. Malcolm buat promo arah aku which he succeed =p There's gonna be this MS TENNIS OPEN eatah i think i'm gonna join it, saja~ confirm plang kalah tu pasal tau main saja hee~ so this can be considered as membazir $6 haha

During chem class, me syarif and ayyub tried to make the class sing a birthday song for shafathin but nda menjadi~ We ended up kana tagur oleh sir haha, sorry birthday girl :p Maths was kinda makin siuk, well obviously bukan pasal blajar lah :D pasal menaie palat dah arah cigu after that incident =D

Physics we went arah form 4's lab~ kewl cause damit usulnya but actually the same size, or not haha. Ptg umm~ stats?  nothing much. Nini betahan again arah hospital -_-' He was supposed to have an appointment sama doctor, well duh~ sama cleaner kalic :p ada jua sama cleaner mcm the terminal =p haha apakan~ so yeah the doctor was worried that the left leg could get infected but buruk plang dah~ So maybe infected sudah kali eatah tahannya~ Kalau yes infected, then beputung lagi tu eyh O_0


Saturday, May 23, 2009

So damn beautiful

I didn't went to school tadi pagi cause of the undang2 exam. Wahh~ it was ok pasal most of the question ada yg ada arah yesterday's test. Bukan lagi most, all of it wah yg ada kemarin. I think yg kemarin atu all the possible questions yg kluar eatah totalnya 97 and yg kluar 40 out of 97. So ertinya 97P40 haha or 97C40, i'm confuse XD. 

Well i wonder why org2 yg my intake mcm tua2 haha~ but not that old lah, or badan dorang saja yg basar =D tapi ada plang yg tua heheh. Maybe baru ada money for ambil license, it's not murah -_-' Apa lagi fail~ but kalau fail you'll have to pay $10 plang ganya untuk re-sit the exaam. Kalau  fail driving test yg payah pasal you'll have to pay about $15 an hour. Average is 10hrs so that makes $150 O_o Gilerrs~

Tadi was rroogedzss pasal ea  tarus check the answers wah. Then if ada org yg salah the 1st 15 question yg wajib atu they'll ask them to luruskan haha XD i didn't get it wrong kali pasal after ea check tarus kluar, hopefully a pass :) Then i watched org2 yg driving test, siuk eyh. Iski rasanya haha =D It was arah gadong dapan polis ah yg ada bukit tinggi for test ah =). Eatah ada this one girl, she was drivingkan then naik the bukit and stopped arah line yellow before kluar, pakai handbrake lah tu. So bila clear dah barutah kluar, ani yg hard part atu pasal mesti balancing. The girl's punya car mati ah~ eatah tereversed, kesian eyh but luckily she managed to stopped it before tgugur abis pasal we were told that if limpas fail.

Oww ya~ the test booklet were lain2 tadi :D How do i know? Kami kinda communicate with one another tadi but nda jua kana tagur haha~ The person next to me told me that  my no 4 was salah, he said A so i checked the question again. Skalinya mine is different than him haha~ So kalau ada yg meniru salah smua jua tu pasal nada sama =D

For those yg kan ambil undang2, i recommend MAHABUMI ENTERPRISE arah bunut atas bright optics world pasal sana ok, to me lah. Ada this one guy, ea blajar tempat lain and method tempat atu nada berapa pasal just as soon as drang dtg for the class kana suruh membaca saja then tarus test, without explaination lagi tu and belajar -_-' One day lagi saja tu, eatah he was struggling tadi pasal bnyak yg ea nada tau, but he'll do just fine. Kali~ haha ok i sounded mcm confident pass plang =D taie eyh.

So dad picked me up then we went to this gerai arah manggis~ bali foods :D and sini murah pasal amsarra's $2.50 = $1.00 here haha~ Well nada plang sama, pokoknya memuaskan ;). Patang barutah i went to school for physics class saja. Baru masuk then the boys tarus2 tanya pass kah inda~ Haha bari heran cmana drang tau atu :p Stalker eyh physics classmates ku ani =p

I played frisbee tadi then tersembelih si qidah ( faaaaiizzzz~ haha nda wah, nda jua kau kemari wah XD ) nda sengaja though, then ada orang pakai cara melayu datang ramai2 tarus membagi-bagi dagingnya, korban dah panya =D nyumnyum wawawa~ and canteen was . . . banjir-ed by lappies haha.

I miss SNIZO~ sorry if jarang lagi sama kamu, nanti tah jalan ;) Davy Jones wah bekulat-kulat dah ah :p

My cough balum mau stop, maybe balum jumpa red light kali~ haha apakan. Awu i know . . . bye~


Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty Woman

I had my undang2 mock test tadi morning~ It was umm . . . not that easy but ok lah ;) I got around 5 - 10 kali yg salah out of 97 heheh but atleast signboards smua lurus ;D So tomorrow will be the big exam. Hopefully it will be okay, amin~ and the marker was WOW cause ea mcm hafal dah all the 97 answers cause she marked it without referring to anything, mcm ea scan through it saja and tau lagi tu dmana salah. Gilerrrs~ XD

Today went jalan with syee and the gang :p i heard drang punya plan ani kan hunting something =p ended up liat friday the 13th, siuk but bnyak sensat -_-'. Syee had extra censored plang tu pasal most of the time pusing kesiring, takut =p

Syee looked lawa tonight,

ooops~ salah upload wawawawa :p

nda wah~ hehe

my handphone rusak hahahahahaaaashiit -_-', tlampau amai kali wah eatah ilang everything. I mean the phone itself kosong wah =O Mcm the program or system ilang~ Even charging pun nada mau cause the phone can't recognise apa~ hopefully mau baik so i could rusakkan lagi XD Mencari errors eatah, manatau ehem2 ;D haha


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Up to it?

Rrrroogeeedddzzssss~ Alas . . . meja wawawa~ apakan. I mean at last, ada time untuk update hee :D well before ani ada plang but malas haha pasal tired saja. Been busy malam2 lately. All because of the 3days driving course ;) Masa second day which was tuesday, i came early and was so sleepy that i even fell asleep during the lesson =D Before that masa otw, there was this expedition of motorcycles~ They were so ramai!! about 20-40 kali, org malaysia, from sabah to sarawak~ kali kali but ramai ani wah *_* cool eyh. So . . . I'll be having my mock driving test esuk, wooh~ aaand on __ the exam O_o. Yesterday was fun plang pasal we watched videos~ yang ada arah talibisin brunei ah hehe. Mcm barutah tau that it's very usefull :D

Lightning news, ghhhhh~ (bunyi thandaa~ XD). We won our 1st match against black sheep. Our next match will be against lion royale which will be in next 2 weeks -_-' baaataah lagi~ but i think most probably taruskan abiskan thekan matchkan =D That what was being scheduled on the schedule~ aaapaaakaaaannn haha.

I brought food from home, nasi goreng hehe pasal it was so nyaman eatah nda puas masa at home :D but masa makan during break, jeremy came to me and told me that something happened to syee~ She was being emo =p nda wah hehe~

CCA was nda brapa~ it was at tasek lama again but route lain :) i had stomach ache eatah i went to the toilet arah tasek ah then masa i went out, nda jua ada drang ani. I thought they're gonna pass that way skalinya nda~ So i ran back to the parking lot, it was empty, kerita saja. I didn't bring my hp lagi cause tetinggal -_-' luckily ayen's hp was with me. So i used it to call aiman, but then ea ani mcm nda tau papa~ Pokoknya tinggi2 XD pokoknya mcm asyik with thamtheng eatah he gave the hp to ayyub kali~ So after that i hiked alone after i found the right route. I was running all my way trying to catch them up but then i failed pasal baru jua jumpa bukit, settle tia running =D. The route wasn't that panjang actually~ Skalinya after done hiking sorang diri atu, i met the others arah the playground. Everybody was so . . . happy? haha~

After hiking we went to subok to bali minuman~ Nanas sky blue ada lah ;), nasiblah pasal masa tu there was one saja yg left, idk yg right ah wawawa XD or wrong =D incorrect, correct, idung :D Being J eyh haha~ Chem, i had to stay in the lab for 2hours with the D class pasal nda siap hw heheh~ BYE

i miss you syee~ 


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where's My Stripteaser~

Yesterday was umm~ i didn't come to school masa pagi heheh. I was woken up at around 5, it was so nyaman wah kalau sambung tdur so i went down tarus told my mom that aku nda skulah, ptg saja and she was ok with it so sambung lah tdur aaaagggrrrhhhhaaaagggghhhh~ =D

So then at 11.00 barutah woke up, masa i went down i saw this new big wheelchair. Wah cool~ so since nini balum jua balik dari hospital kan baik, i planned kan main it wawawa. So i drift sana sini woth the wheelchair~ Woohoo, siukler~ giileerrs haha =D Nda wah, nda sampat pasal ada car outside panya nini balik dah wawawa. Nampaknya masa tidak mengizinkan saya untuk bersuka ria -_-'. Dad said nini wasn't supposed to leave hospital, i mean balum lagi dapat pasal sugar levelnya not yet stable~ but ea nda mau2 so balik tia :D

Around 12 i came to school, duduk makan alone di canteen. Kes cool lah tu ah, inda plang~ Cool apa boring ah -_-' I came for stats, skali masa masuk mr salamuth told us we're too fast and class lain couldn't catchup, chilli sauce saja wawawa. Nevermind heee :D So eatah kan, he wanted us to do revisions saja but kami mcm kata2 so he offered to cancel the class then menyawang sorang :p So yes, it was cancelled ;) LOLlipops jersey siap tadi, better than before lah~ The lightning rooooggeeddzzz =) Had practice again, it was fun pasal challenging :)

Just as soon as i got home i had to get ready pasal i'm taking class undang2 at mahabumi bunut~ 3 days in a row. Kinda fun pasal the teacher cali sikit and i just knew that cludge ani ada 4 levels~ For manual, auto inda jua ada cludge kali ah :p

Before i know 3 levels saja. 1, 2 and 4. I didn't know ada no 3 atu which is the braking point~ So kalau balancing people will have to play with no 2 and 3. 2 jalan and 3 brake, cmatulah but including the accelerator jua lah hee~ and the exam is kinda scary O_o smua mcq plang, all 40 questions. The scary part is that you MUST get all from the 1st 15 question correct. A MUST, mcm EMAS XD apakan haha~ it's about signboards.The next 25 question general saja mcm about safety, asal saja 18 and above for that pass that tu. So total mark atleast 15+18/40 lah tu~ kalau fail susah bah tu cause the lesson itself tadi atu saja $120 and i think the total for everything this and that $400++ kali. That was what i saw masa arah formnya ah :D

Before jalan mom said she will give me money wah~ So i was mcm wow, blajar ani pun ada bata duit kah? hehe. So i went to her room then she gave me $120 ah~ i was tekajut wah haha panya utk mmbyar, pikir for me XD Sesiapun =D I had to give my License 'L', alaa~ nda tah dapat sana sini lagi ni huhu ='( and y'know what? Driving without a license kena fine $2000 =O and kalau twice 6months penjara and $4000. Sigh haha

Umm~ it's 4.18am dah. I just finished rearranging my chem file. Well terlambat plang dah, confirm kana marahi but atleast ada hehe~ Physics hw i stopped cause malas. I think i should get some sleep . . . but nda mengantuk. Menyasah saja caranya ni wawawawa XD 

Don't take that seriously :p BYE~


Sunday, May 17, 2009

lagi lagi kejahatan

haha~ in case you're wondering, that's marvel. I trapped him dalam basket hehe, saja :D


So saturday was umm~ i skipped mengantar chem file. Diam2 saja buat mcm nada hehe :D GP was ntah, i slept and umm . . . ada map wawawa~ 1st time bah tu, arah school =D Nda cool eyh -_-' inda apalah~ nda jua ada org nampak wah hehe :D. Well awal2 i was sleeping kan tunduk arah table ah, then tbangun~ Masa tbangun atu i realise ada saliva hanging arah my mouth waiting kan tgugur XD I tried to put it away before tgugur but nda sampat, so kana tia notes ku hahaha =D apakan~ nda cerita hehe :D

So ptg had handball practice against Blacksheep i think~ That's all bye ;D


Watch your step

I had done my gp presentation sudah masa thursday~ Well it wasn't that hard ;) I just stood infront of the class, ampai my paper on the table and read it slowly with a boring tone to the whole class haha~ but still kajar2 lah, atu nada mau baik tu XD.

CCA hiking was fun, it was at Wasai arah kilanas near lumapas. We followed mr.smith lah namanya? Lumayan sejuk itu mobil haha

just as soon as we arrived, there was this signboard which indicates the wasai. If you read closely it says tanah perkubran O_0. We freaked out lah~ gila wah tu. Then ada this jelmaan dtg, everybody was screaming and all. So i took my courage and . . .

me: Oi!!! Pagi jua ni!! Bukan malam!

Jelmaan: sdhgsjdg scbjcn snkjxnscn~ cdscka ndksja :D jsdnosaj sjk sjakxks jhasixzz

Sorang2 kami nda paham, baik jua ada subtitle XD ;
"eyh awu ah~ salah timezone :D minta maap wang hahakzz,"

nda deyh, it says wasai selamat datang ke wasai somethang. Nda brapa clear XD

tambus kg ayer :D

a wild bore was chasing us -_-' everything bekeliaran~ but good thing kami nda papa after ea nampak mizan XD pasal si mizan timone and the bore pumbaa haha~ timone and pumbaa =D

aaah~ now come to the interesting part of the hiking. The one and only entertainer, ketua kampong zulfatlee haha :p As you can see, that's him yg mcm ruqu' ah :D Well he fell down arah that spot XD pasal it was licin hehe. The best thing bout tonight~ apakan haha. The best part was that ea trabah twice sana hahaha xp

we had to cross the small river by walking on top of the big bamboo~ Balancing yaw, KK was the last to cross pasal ea takut haha~ takut gugur. So after that the journey continued 

cool~ 1st time wah arah area mcm nda official, i mean nda maintanence wah mcm real forest~ 

see what i mean? :D

this part was kinda scary pasal the path was so narrow, dangerous lah pokoknya~

pot holes~ kali hehe :)

my bag got stucked skajap atu pasal not low enough tunduk atu :D

pumbaa datang lagi XD

biar perlahan asal salamuth XD

najwan~ well orang scout kali ah, mestilah route challenging d ambil :p

So finally, our destination had come to an end :) I give you wasai hahaha~ mcm biasa saja XD so kami rehat for awhile = photo sessions heheh. So after that we had to walk back (patah balik) cause it's an one way hike

Balik was siuk cause we used the river route, eatah kasut basah. The path was slippery eatah dangerous but theh sir rayme shouted at us telling that lalu arah water flow atu nada licin. Wow supprisingly banar haha~ baru jua i tau tu :D Better wet than fall XD

Nearly at ujung river sudah~ si timone fell down pasal licin hahaha XD and si shrek happened to be dapannya so ikut tia jua tgugur ahha~ Scores for gugur KK 2 - SHREK 1 - Mizan 1

Si zul puas hati pasal bukan saja ea rabah for that day, blood relatednya (shrek) pun jua rabah skalinya. See how puas hati ketawanya XD " HOOHHOOHHOOH," somethang cmatu. Bukan HOHO eyh~ nda wah jon :D but not long after that, keadilan telah didatangkan pada zul wawawa XD

He fell down!!! Luckily aku sampat gambar heheh ;)

Then pasal takut, cmani tah saja ea turun all the way down :p

that didn't ended~ banyak lagi masa otw balik ah haha XD i think si zul 6/5 kali, shrek 2 and mizan still 1. Nasib haha. Ada this one time kami (yg at the back) nearly sasat haha XD So cigu ridha teriak masatu, nama si najwan i think but skali saja then ada respond tia. Panya nda jauh haha XD

congrats to the winner of most gugur in wasai :p

So balik i was a little worried pasal takut late for class, chem lagi. Luckily just in time ;) but sweaty plang masa class heheh. Eewww i know =p After class there was nothing to do except for attending the meeting~

Night. i went to hospital to visit ma nenek~ He was ok :)