Monday, May 25, 2009

It's necessary

Today was nyaman~ i mean tidur ah hahaha pasal ntah, maybe pasal just the right time wah which was 1am =D So i skipped GP, as usual  monday kali ah and today sama econ people. Malcolm buat promo arah aku which he succeed =p There's gonna be this MS TENNIS OPEN eatah i think i'm gonna join it, saja~ confirm plang kalah tu pasal tau main saja hee~ so this can be considered as membazir $6 haha

During chem class, me syarif and ayyub tried to make the class sing a birthday song for shafathin but nda menjadi~ We ended up kana tagur oleh sir haha, sorry birthday girl :p Maths was kinda makin siuk, well obviously bukan pasal blajar lah :D pasal menaie palat dah arah cigu after that incident =D

Physics we went arah form 4's lab~ kewl cause damit usulnya but actually the same size, or not haha. Ptg umm~ stats?  nothing much. Nini betahan again arah hospital -_-' He was supposed to have an appointment sama doctor, well duh~ sama cleaner kalic :p ada jua sama cleaner mcm the terminal =p haha apakan~ so yeah the doctor was worried that the left leg could get infected but buruk plang dah~ So maybe infected sudah kali eatah tahannya~ Kalau yes infected, then beputung lagi tu eyh O_0


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