Wednesday, May 13, 2009

no Es Amor

For the first time i concentrated in maths class tadi haha~ idk why. Mcm biasanya i would do physics or others but ani mcm nda ingau bout the hws XD Eatah concentrate saja instead :D GP i thought the presentation abis, panya ada lagi yang sorang2 -_-' me mizan muiz and jeremy planned to skip class but nada menjadi cause teacher saw us from above i think. Si mizan spoiled it all =p but we didn't give up, except si muiz. So there were we, standing a distance between the class and library XD Confused which one to decide, masuk or inda. So i decided to masuk class, masa naik tangga teacher was infront of me O_o so i ran away as fast as i can!!  but ended up dalam lecture theatre XD Ramai yg skipped, especially the girls~ rajin boys ani haha. So everyone there had their presentation ready except for me and jeremy. It was a big mistake masuk ah, baik plang skip tu -_-'

Wah~ luckily autosave cause all of a sudden blackout tadi ah~ ada org mengamai with the plugs downstairs eatah everything tetutup haha~

So back to my topic, i was the 2nd person to present but nda apa2 so i told teacher i haven't got mine, wow hampa wah ea. I told her that i forgot what was my topic XD Skalinya it was jeremy's turn, sama tia jua. He asked teacher whether he can present tomorrow saja :D Eatah teacher makin mental wawawa. First time liat ea mental hehe. Then si ainaa's turn (apa joules =p) eatah she had a copy for teacher

" GREAT! Finally someone had done the RIGHT!! thing," - teacher

Gilerrs haha~ I finished mine sudah tadi so i'll be presenting my presentation esuk, will be shaking alot XD We had chem arah computer lab. Then midday, paalawan's and panglima's atheletes and field performers were called ke audi. Luckily i came, makan2 wah dude. Nyumnyum =D Went jalan to design the jersey, btanya harga jua ganya haha~ but then mlarat ke huaho manggis.

The toolnel application that i installed lastnight was a success. It's an application mcm hotspot actually but since hotspot nda available for vista eatah pakai toolnel. Oooh~ i just found out that my gigi is weird, well not mine saja, si ida sama juanya haha =p Dapat disangkutkan sudu. Sakai =D

Soo~ tadi i drove ke kadai bawah with adimu :p Wow~ idk why, it seems that i had lost my confidence dah driving ani. Tucson tu punya pasal. Eversince that roundabout incident lah~ I seriously need to blajar balancing, nanti tah if ada time XD MSN-league is dead i think, or penganjurnya :p nda wah. Speaking of death, i found out that my cousin's nini baru meninggal ='( INALILLAH~ fuhh this scared me tadi cause mcm banyak thoughts wah~ Mcm . . .



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