Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty Woman

I had my undang2 mock test tadi morning~ It was umm . . . not that easy but ok lah ;) I got around 5 - 10 kali yg salah out of 97 heheh but atleast signboards smua lurus ;D So tomorrow will be the big exam. Hopefully it will be okay, amin~ and the marker was WOW cause ea mcm hafal dah all the 97 answers cause she marked it without referring to anything, mcm ea scan through it saja and tau lagi tu dmana salah. Gilerrrs~ XD

Today went jalan with syee and the gang :p i heard drang punya plan ani kan hunting something =p ended up liat friday the 13th, siuk but bnyak sensat -_-'. Syee had extra censored plang tu pasal most of the time pusing kesiring, takut =p

Syee looked lawa tonight,

ooops~ salah upload wawawawa :p

nda wah~ hehe

my handphone rusak hahahahahaaaashiit -_-', tlampau amai kali wah eatah ilang everything. I mean the phone itself kosong wah =O Mcm the program or system ilang~ Even charging pun nada mau cause the phone can't recognise apa~ hopefully mau baik so i could rusakkan lagi XD Mencari errors eatah, manatau ehem2 ;D haha


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