Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking Back

Saturday? I failed tucson, atu saja haha XD Ok ceritanya cmani, mom picked me up masa saturday around 4. Then she offered me to bawa tucson, awu saja tia. Siuk bah tu. Well awal2 plang dah problem, masa kluar skulah when i thought there was no car haha XD  The second one masa arah roundabout, it was kinda hilly sikit eatah mesti balancing which aku masih buruk haha but before that, it was about time to stop the car. Masa pressed brakenya nda jua stop. So pressed lagi dalam2, just as it was about to stop, mom pulled the handbrake~ astee =p she panicked XD haha. The engine mati, eatah i started it but then mati again cause nda pandai balancing. Then mom tah saja yg drove the car sampai masuk simpang then me again ;) Dtang rumah apa lagi, habislah dipersendakan~ luruskah tu the word :D

Malamnya i went to hospital cause mom wanted me to sleep sana dangani nini. I watched nini's leg kana cuci, waaaw~ The right one got infected kali cause it was black, i mean mati mcm the pics before O_o but the doctor said nda papa, cuci saja and it'll be okay :) Hope so ;) Sleeping there was pretty much boring pasal all you can do is just sleeping or ke canteen XD i chose sleeping lah ofcourse cause it was kinda cozy there :D and i don't know if you guys know this or not cause if you noticed, patients at the hospital tends to sleep saja, even org yg menunggu. This is because the hospital releases a small amount of gas from the aircond to make people around there sleepy. Eatah sebabnya tu ;) Nda deyh~ skati haha XD

I stayed there from till ptg around 5. The doctor told us that by monday nini can balik sudah after the doctor checked the jahitan ;) I bought a new battery for me hp, vely mulah oww~ $10 aje and it was worth it :)


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