Thursday, May 21, 2009

Up to it?

Rrrroogeeedddzzssss~ Alas . . . meja wawawa~ apakan. I mean at last, ada time untuk update hee :D well before ani ada plang but malas haha pasal tired saja. Been busy malam2 lately. All because of the 3days driving course ;) Masa second day which was tuesday, i came early and was so sleepy that i even fell asleep during the lesson =D Before that masa otw, there was this expedition of motorcycles~ They were so ramai!! about 20-40 kali, org malaysia, from sabah to sarawak~ kali kali but ramai ani wah *_* cool eyh. So . . . I'll be having my mock driving test esuk, wooh~ aaand on __ the exam O_o. Yesterday was fun plang pasal we watched videos~ yang ada arah talibisin brunei ah hehe. Mcm barutah tau that it's very usefull :D

Lightning news, ghhhhh~ (bunyi thandaa~ XD). We won our 1st match against black sheep. Our next match will be against lion royale which will be in next 2 weeks -_-' baaataah lagi~ but i think most probably taruskan abiskan thekan matchkan =D That what was being scheduled on the schedule~ aaapaaakaaaannn haha.

I brought food from home, nasi goreng hehe pasal it was so nyaman eatah nda puas masa at home :D but masa makan during break, jeremy came to me and told me that something happened to syee~ She was being emo =p nda wah hehe~

CCA was nda brapa~ it was at tasek lama again but route lain :) i had stomach ache eatah i went to the toilet arah tasek ah then masa i went out, nda jua ada drang ani. I thought they're gonna pass that way skalinya nda~ So i ran back to the parking lot, it was empty, kerita saja. I didn't bring my hp lagi cause tetinggal -_-' luckily ayen's hp was with me. So i used it to call aiman, but then ea ani mcm nda tau papa~ Pokoknya tinggi2 XD pokoknya mcm asyik with thamtheng eatah he gave the hp to ayyub kali~ So after that i hiked alone after i found the right route. I was running all my way trying to catch them up but then i failed pasal baru jua jumpa bukit, settle tia running =D. The route wasn't that panjang actually~ Skalinya after done hiking sorang diri atu, i met the others arah the playground. Everybody was so . . . happy? haha~

After hiking we went to subok to bali minuman~ Nanas sky blue ada lah ;), nasiblah pasal masa tu there was one saja yg left, idk yg right ah wawawa XD or wrong =D incorrect, correct, idung :D Being J eyh haha~ Chem, i had to stay in the lab for 2hours with the D class pasal nda siap hw heheh~ BYE

i miss you syee~ 


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