Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pink? when?

I woke up kinda late, 10 and still sleepy. Then abg came to the room, he wanted to rush things pasal ke icc lagi and we were kinda late, or not~ First went to gdg to ambil khalid and saufan. They told me yesterday there's a 70% possibility of madin not coming and guess what, the 30% was much more stronger than the 70 -_-' So ea nada jadi liat wayang lah. So icc, i'm pretty much useless lah~ :D So my abg lost, sikit plang saja~ but lost is a lost, apa bleh buat? Nasib badan :p I met teacher maria there, liar toilet wawawa. We were talking bout cuti, happy nampak haha =p Also si shafathin, but maybe dia tidak nampaks =p or maybe aku salah orang wawawa. aaand ben again, come on, cs kali ah sana eatah :D

By 6 we balik, rehat for few hours then went to hospital at nini :) Nothing much~ Sssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo




❤S, RR

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Find myself leaving

Woke up early in the morning, 10.00 :p haha, straight away brought presea to the workshop nearby just so the right back signal could be fix. They charged it $4 so i was ok with it, skalinya it was white -_-' I want the yellow/orange one~ So they didn't have it, out of stock. Ada-ada saja jua eyh. Why can't it be easier :(, so the chinese old mahn told me to go to hua ho and buy it. He even taught me how to pasang it, easier actually :).

So i went there, just as soon as i arrived, ada tia parking for me, ooo~ how lucky ;D First thing i did was went down to the supermarket, but nada jua bulbnya ani. I tried asking the salesperson and he told me it was upstairs arah electric area. I went up and tanya again, i was told dbawah tia arah hardware -_-' Went down, then tanya lagi di different person then d atas tia arah 2nd floor tempat electric. Went up, again~ and i found mcm bulbs area lah, searched for it but nada jua ada. So the salesperson yg earlier came again and told me that bulb untuk kerita down arah supermarket -_-' So again!!!! i went down, then baru tah they told me yang bulb atu nada bejual sana, abis kali??!!

Elvis has left the building and went straight to hua ho serusop, but ramai sana ah, i didn't even got the chance to turun, round-round saja. Then finally some common sense came, buat apa ke hua ho??!!!!! Baik tarus ke other workshop =p So yes finalyy! Why didn't i think about it earlier? -_-' So i went arah workshop dapan MS, yang atas bukit, YES!! ada and they charged $3 saja. Fuhh~ So now sanang lah whenever kan ke kanan cause ada ok dah ;) Usually had to pusing and all juat to avoid masuk kanan :D By the time i arrived it was almost 12 sudah, gila~ untuk 1 item atu jua saja but inda apalah, pasal if kan wait for my parents to bawa it, batah lagi haha. I fell insecure wah nada baik atu, but now since atu sudah selesai doesn't mean i feel secure sudah. Not yet haha, there's two more things.

  1. 1.License, i haven't got mine. L masih haha. Awu batah, i know~ sabar saja :D Tinggal practice arah bukit saja lagi, some parkings maybe, then test :)
  2. 2.The tyres, well one of the tyre yg front, left, actually nampak dawai dah eatah i'm afraid pasal it could kadabooom anytime haha

Around 1 me went to icc to antared nadiah and wardeena cause both my parents were there. Me daddeyh have something to do with the biro narcotics, NDA :p apa man? nada I? haha. So then i had to antar adi kamu ke gdg, well it took me half an hour wah to sampai pasal salah jalan -_-' Ramai org ah. So i came half an hour late lah for the bowling, i didn't even pay untuk main haha. Main free saja, main sampuk wawawa =D aaaandd i met ishak there hahah XD Gilerrs~ he was at the jubilee =p I was supposed to have a lesson with him today but ea lupa gtau haha~ Cali lah pasal he was waiting for me tadi di stadium and ea heran ngapa nada pasal i'm always awal-er than him :) Then he remembered yg ea forgot to inform me about it =D Kalau inda bukit sudah tadi~ Sepoil :p but he did told me that he wanted to abis kan it before QE if can

So i didn't stay batah arah bowling pasal my abg wanted me to go arah icc pasal i'm the backup, pffft~ backup jua saja haha. His palying rockband kali sana with his friends eatah JIC kawannya nada :p but semua jua ada. So i'm pretty much useless tadi atu, baik plang stay saja at bowling -_-' but nada jua dapat kan pasal i told si buntak to come to icc, he was palnning at 4 but skalinya awal ea ah, awal than expected =p So me, since i'm a good guy for today eatah i don't want him to be alone batah-batah. Today saja tu =p.

Ish~ haha apakan. So me and aiman were pretty much jobless there, round-round jua saja, and makan. Nyaman ler ;) aaand bnyak free foods haha. So apa lagi, test-test saja tia =D. Oww masa earlier we went to nunu's house, hoping to ambil ea pasal ea siad nada transport. So masa sana nada tia jua ikut anak ani -_-' Pasal dia hendak pergi somewhere sama abang dia. Rambutnya panjang ler :p and smart cause balah siring, but i guess that would be the last ;( and next time pick up the phone yub =p and jawab jua :p jangan angkat saja haha.

So after boring round-round, met abg at food court and they're in the final which is tomollow and most probably i'll be playing pasal madin nada esuk heheh. Sorry if i suck esuk ;) but maybe ada tu eyh si madin, or not :D Me and aiman decided to go gdg which was around 6.00 sudah that time but nada jadi since nada jua ada tujuan tu. So i ended up ngantar si aiman balik saja. The JJ brothers were nowhere to be found arah icc, skali atu saja i met them. Twice for munkey :D

So tomorrow will be the last day of holiday, or maybe not pasal some said cuti kana extend idk sampai bila. Si nafi plang said tu arah PPB's blog ah. I hope it's banar wawawa and tomorrow maybe icc saja, anyone going there? Yes banyak wawawawa. NVM :D Any plans guys if kana extend? :p


ROCKBEBEH kali ah :p haha~ I LOVE YOU ;) sorry can't stay a bit longer tadi :)

❤S, RR

Friday, June 26, 2009


For the first time ever during the holiday, i finally got a day off. Going nowhere outside the kampong, even the house =D. Bedroom, toilet, kitchen and living room. Eatah ganya tu. Hahaha ok BYE~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A whole new ex

. . . perience~ haha :p So lastnight there was a last minute plan from them fatlee and azlan, meliat DPMM play at the national's stadium. I was kinda late as usual, but when i came king aslan was the only one yang ada =p Few seconds later ada tia si jon and fatlee. Wow~ great timing, nada jua payah wait kan. I don't like waiting, waiting are for waiters =p Apakan~ nada deyh ;D So the match was so fun. Well in the first half when DPMM scored, they ran to our site. Just at the bottom :) Mcm wow~ nice choice haha. Hoping to buy a drink outside during the second half, but too bad nada boleh kluar -_-' if kluar nada bleh masuk lagi -_-' Luckily ada yg bejual jua di dalam :), but the minuman is tooooo manissssss!!! Eatah awal abis because nyaman!! XD

Second half started and we were sitting at the opposite site, and again DPMM scored dua lagi and they ran again arah our site, wow~ Majal haha XD So they won 3 - 0. Yes we were right when it comes to celebrations, but when it comes to membagi hadiah? We were totally far away haha =D DPMM squad were giving and throwing soft red heart shaped pillows to the supporters eatah :D Balik i ikut my cousin abg boy aka kong. Azlan too and jon. Joules was there too, he was with kong awal sudah. So awal-awal we antarer king aslan back to Narnia then kami ke pasar malam.

After that we went to MS, yes MS :p We were so semangat kan belajar wah eatah nada sabar XD. There ada MS's scouts, eatah kami chilled saja sana since they were having karaoke. I guess that's what they would do dalam hutan nanti XD The famous chinese womanizer pun ada sana, si wilson wawawa. Nada wah son ;D So we were there from about 11.30++ till 4.00+ in the morning :D. Me and jon were menaie palating ghost hunting. We went to the top arah tingkat three with just one small torchlight lalu ramp ah. Eatah at the top we were walking from slow to fast ikut situation, flashing everywhere we could hoping to meet/see something XD then we stopped just before the boys toilet atas skali. The door was widely opened and we slowly took a peek, slowly. Then i happened to chicken out and ran away, leaving si jon behind. Ikut tia jua ea ani blari. We ran sampai ke canteen =D. We even went to asrama jua, refill ;) It was fun, ONE NIGHT SCOUT EXPERIENCE bah tu haha.

Feeling so sleepy so i went to sleep tarus around 4.30 ah zzzzzeeeeerrrruuulllzzzz~ Yes that's how i snore :p Cute ey? Wawawawa. I woke up at 12.00 knowing i was late sudah for jalans. So rush rush rush and suprisingly i was kinda early haha. Pasal usually mcm half an hour late, even an hour jua haha. Ani about 15 minutes saja. Kewll~. Watched transformers today with syee and the gang. Cmana jua? It was the only movie abilibal :D One movie saja, no others. It was so crowded, i could even feel orang punya wet armpits after lapas dari sampit-sampit atu. Eeewww~ nada deyh, just a joke wawawawa :D Laugh lah sikit =p We were dapan skali -_-' nada plang sangal cause pernah dah. Mata saja juling pasal it kept on rolling from left to right then left again. The movie was great but tulong~ too long :p. Went home, well i was sent by syee. Lain rasanya haha =D

❤S, RR

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello People~ Siapa di sana? =p

Sooooo~ today i had my lesson for the 4th time, parkings saja today, guess what? Side parking yaw haha. Within one hour i did about 4 side parkings saja. Payah but ok. Dapat jua :D Masa the third time something happened masa kan kluar dari side parking atu. I almost langgar the tiang dapan, ALMOST :p but lapas haha

Ishak: Meliat kau tadi kau atu?
Me: Awu dakat ah
Ishak: Eatah reverse, kalau dakat atu janggan di asak. Baik masa kau tau nada kana? Tadi atu 50-50 tu, nasib jua nada kana. Mun kana tadi baik kau langgar tiang yang awal-awal sana atu *while pointing arah tiang starting point* Sama jua failkan, nda jua ngaleh-ngaleh kemari

So i was senyum-senyum and ketawa saja hahaha :p Then the 4th time masa front parking, for the 1st time ever in my lesson, i hit the tiang ah wawawa, baik jua plastic pipe saja =D Salah wah position of the car ah ah haha. Sudah parking sanang barutah telanggar. Luckily ishak nada tau pasal ea nada nampak. I was alone tadi and time atu ea duduk-duduk arah pondok betalipaun XD. So i reversed laju-laju =p and tarus parking reverse then side heheh. I hope that will not happen masa test nanti :D So yeah, my next lesson ntah bila but pokoknya bukit lagi :)

I think my dad nampak kali yg i hit the pipe ah, maybe lah, just maybe :p Pasal he was there diujung arah parking, or maybe ea tidur time atu wawawa. Then me and dad went to mamih sg hanching's. I ordered yang nada pernah, saja since i'm not paying for it haha. I ordered Chinese Beef Steak with white rice, nada pun sipit the beef, kata chinese XD Maybe ani chinese yg basar tebeliak matanya haha and teh c ping spesial, lain sana ah, but siuk playing with the levels of minuman ah. I met cigu johari? sana. Guess what? jarinya yang putus atu tumbuh balik :p ada buah lagi XD Nadawah, fingers don't grow back =p do they? hehe.

Blerghhh~ inda realistic XD

Aiman BG just messaged me about main bula arah Jerudong, and he said kalau daatng bawa orang. I'm palnning to go there and ambil maybe ayyub and aiman and ayen pakai presea, but then . . . malas tia jua hahaha. Sorry man, next time saja, kalau ada jua but gila wah tu, jerudongs bah ituuusss. Nyamanss the grass :p Awu banar nyaman, eatah kuda sana makan the grass pasal nyaman XD Antam lah labu. I'm searching for my mouse, hajat kan main sims for today. Saja kan merasa apa usulnya since jadi hiasan saja but my mouse was nowhere to be found, si Marvel makan kali? :D K bye. Stay tune ;D

❤S, RR

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is what i do if there's nothing left to . . . do :D I'm halfway on season 3 dah :) So yeah~ Ramsay currently ranks 3rd in the world. Gilerrs apa lagi yg 1st and 2nd, but they're kinda tua banar plang sudah yg 1st and 2nd ah :D aaand

Jean-Philippe-Susilovic ;D he is so so funny and cool, caranya bacakap :p

I was hoping to wake up a bit late today but unfortunately there was a msg from ishak telling me that today's lesson would start at 10 cause at 11 ada lagi org lain. So okay~ i went there a bit earlier, i realised that most of the people that took the lesson there were beyond my age, ada yg 20/21. Ada yang wayyyy beyond haha. So today jalan-jalan saja lagi. We went around gadong arah kawasan polis and blajar roundabout. As usual, banyak mistakes and the pressure was on =D but senyum saja and dangar cakap. Nothing i can do, ada but where can i get the money to pay the damages =D It feels good jua when you got it right, lawa wah the driving method yang ea ajar atu *_* ganya terlalu babal saya ani wawawawa. Next will be tomorrow if jadi :) Nothing much bye~ I'm just lazy wawawa, but atleast beupdate ;)

❤S, RR

Sooooba bangun tiii . . .

Nothing much yesterday, me went jalan gadongzz with King Aslan and Muaz Emo. So we were bored since there were only three of us. I thought ramai sikit but nada. No wonder nada respond arah the PPB blog. Maybe they fell asleep while reading all the ZZZzzz wawawa

We were desperate on what to do since sorang-sorang blank, so luckily muaz was boros enough to lanja both of us $3 each untuk liat movie, kami tambah $1 saja :D Well me si azlan yg menambahkan, ea lanja. Wahuu~ no money kluar today. Ada, duit org =D. We watched Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak, it was a very very very frightening story XD and we were sitting arah P row -_-' sangal eyh, but ok jua lah hee~ Went home around 6.00. Bye~

❤S, RR

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nah yub, sorry lambat post gambar mu :p

It's a picture of nunu duduk on the wall arah boy's gym' toilet ;) , sorry for the kurang colour pasal i was using my Nokia 6510? 5610? ntah lupa mana satu :D Enjoy ;)

❤S, RR

Yabadabeduu~ Laju2 :p

Toyarrrdd :D So lastnite abg bawa ke rf L4D, ea lanja $1.20. Gila bnyak wah tu, for orang bankrupt =D So i got a headache after playing it for 1 hour and actually got bored of it, maybe pasal ada bot atu kali :) So the next 1 1/2 hrs, i slept wawawa~ Yes there arah rf ah haha. Bangun tarus balik ;)

So today was supposed to be the music day yg arah arah french telanai atu, but sadly it was postponed -_-' Ramai sudah orang datang, they told us through e-mail that they sent 10 days ago ke ms but kami nada kana inform. That was before holiday jua tu -_-' They also mentioned that the news wasn't widely spread. Antam tah eyh~ smangat dah awal datang, i was the second to arrive actually ;) Why? Pasal saya bawa presea, barat tu :p Yeah!! Kana lapas lah heheh~

So before kesana i actually went to serusop's shell cause abg told me lastnite if jalan bawa the car there to pump the tire. Another new experience ;) Set it to thirty, buka the pucung ( that's the penutup arah tyre for preventing the air kluar ;) i'm not making it up, banar kali ah atu namanya in brunei :p ) So awal-awal kiri, ok ok, Then when it came to the kanan part, the pucung happened to slip away from my fingers and temasuk arah lubang itu tyre~ Yes i panicked =p pasal maybe payah jalan without the pucung cause the air would just go out of the tyre due to pressure, maybe lah :D hee~ So i cabut the rims just to cari it, then nada jua. I don't actually know how to put back the rims O_o i hit here and there and salah jua, last-last luckily it mau. Then a car mau use the pump so paksa move the car, fuhh~ Luckily i saw the pucung laying on the ground. So laju-laju ambilled it and fashang :) My hands were dirty -_-'

So knowing the band was cancelled, smua orang paksa balik. There's no use jua wah kalau stay. So me and king aslan decided to lepaks at ayen's since ea yg paling ampir but unfortunately ea nada drumah, instead he was at JPMC's. So we went there lah. Met khai/rudy sana jua so kami chilled till 2. Sent King Aslan balik belakun at kiarong. Me went home. I was about 110km/h tadi, gilerrs bari takut XD I could fell the car flying off the road but landed at the same time =D Doesn't make sense right? Don't worry, nada banar tu trabang ah ;). Home, me became zombie =D laparrs yaw, since pagi atu nada makan pasal i was expecting a buffet from the french which nada menjadi. Beaaaa xp

I spent most of the day liat Hell's Kitchen S1 saja. Waiting for S2 to siap saja lagi :D. Server update luckily dapat sambung, but from another percentage. Now it's 30% saja so i'm guessing a GOODBYE~ =p

❤S, RR

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Owh fLuck~ baru jua i talked about it sini. The server-server updating atu tecancel ='( I was busy mengilap-ilap then accidentically tecabut the wire, tetutup tia -_-' Not once but twice~ Second time si wardeena happened to step on it eatah -____________-'' Mati!! Paksa tah dari awal ni lagi kali cause rite now it's checking saja. Last time masa i cancelled yg 9% atu nada mau sambung balik. Ani idk~ hopefully mau -_-'

❤S, RR

Masuk slow keluar laju!!

It's 1.28PM and i just got back from the driving lesson~ Gila -_-' kana cakapi saja wah haha but not to worry, all for my own good :) Tadi not about parking, drove around stadium from tempat blajar passing icc to roundabout there to the left passing hockey and pulaie's primary school. Straight till the traffic light then take left into the highway, straight till ada traffic light then take left again. Straight passing kesihatan and emigration till ada traffic light at the end and left again naik bukit passing kewangan kah tu? from there take left masa arah traffic and back to roundabout. Again and again lah cmatu :) Mencari my mistakes, blajar and all. Kinda hard pasal my body ani too stiff when it comes to driving. Mesti flexible, well nada plang mesti, it's better :D There were a lot of chinese tadi yg blajar, especially girls, well all jua girls tadi atu =D and cali cara drang bejoke in malay XD

Defensive driving and safety kah? Pokoknya the basics lah, cara holding steering and all. Pressure lah tadi atu, as i mentioned before, caranya mengajar lagi kan haha~ but he's the best kali ah :p Kali~ to me lah heheh and i realised there's actually ada two ways of driving, THE RIGHT WAY and THE ORANG TUA WAY. I'm THE ORANG TUA WAY where smuanya last minute eatah dangerous and payah, so mesti blajar the right way, well awulah ofcourse~. So 8 hours 10 minutes left. Next will be on tuesday, after all that he told all my mistakes and besides that ada jua good thing wah.

" Kau mendrive ok plang, ganya tatatertib atu saja yg nada. " - ISHAK

Well jadi tah, tatertib saja lagi haha. Then before ea antar to presea we went to masjid pulaie. Then after that barutah :) So today i'm gonna rest saja :) Malas kan jalan, well mau plang but bankrupt ah heheh~ and sorry guys nada dapat L4D today, bankrupt and ngaleh :D Superman lagi rehat kan kan kan tuuuut~. Owh yeah, the lesson at 11 kan eatah masa 10.30 i went to dad's room tanya siapa antar, skalinya ea suruh bawa presea saja and bali kan minyak, haha gilerrs 1st time bah tu bali minyak =D That was how i ended up bawa car ke stadium but takut-takut jua lah,it's because of the back signal saja yang nada baik, right side. Eatah idk bila kan ngusai~

So i'm just gonna spend my afternoon watching Hell's Kitchen Season 1 since siap dah mendownload. Season 3 also siap. Season 2 4 and 5 on it's way. Besides, i have to wait for something jua which may take the whole holiday to finish

I left in since lastnight 10% jua ganya -_-' I did it for two jic yg satu terstop :D Yesterday plang sudah till 9% but sadly i cancelled it pasal nada mau begarak ah~ It's the L4D dedicated server program actually so bulih jua main kan if sana or sini, but idk if this thing lurus kah inda or working kah nada, antam lah labu :D BYE~

❤S, RR

Friday, June 19, 2009

A smile with joy

I went to school for the band today, ada cymbal barulah~ but too bad it's damit aaaand heavy -_-' So still using yang lama :) Banyak lagu baru ler, bukan baru as in baru bebuat, baru as in baru blajar. It's for the french people on sunday ah. This sunday o_O at telanai. So ada orang birthday during the band, waiz/wais kah namanya? The clarinet boy ;) We sang a birthday song for him, apakan~ but cali lah :D Eatah his parents bought some foods for celebrationnya, simple plang saja; nasi pusu, small burgers, sandwhiches and minuman fruit tea~ nyummy =D Full jua olehnya :) That was the only food yg i ate for today eatah i'm feeling hungary now wehwehweh~ Had to bawa cymbals balik and stand si syafiq -_-'

Itu petang, me went RF with abg, main l4d yaw haha~ Siuk eyh but ada rasa mcm sanak dah =D Then abg ada practice football arah mtssr and khalid had to go home, so abg suruh aku antar khalid baliklah~ Pakai TUCSON!!! O_o nightmare wah tu, gilerrs. I just knew that si khalid balum belicense panya, 19 jua kau this year :p or maybe ea mmbual, but inda jua~ Kalau inda ea tia yg drive, and ea nada brapa pandai, that's what he said :D

So TUCSON was so payah~ pasal my seat too jauh the whole perjalanan, arah roundabout bari takut pasal we were at the back ot this bus, batah wah ea kan kluar ah -_-' and masa masuk simpang the car jalan jua masih slowly pasal my feet sama the cludge nada blurus~ Sent khalid safely, we were grateful bout it pasal dua-dua takut time atu wawawa~ Just as soon as kan jalan from khalid's, mati tia the engine -_-' sepoil haha. Parked the car but nada menjadi, luckily dad was on his way kan ngambil mom so me suruh lah dad parkkan :D

" reverse pun kau nada pandai? " - dad

Pandai eyh~ nada confidence saja with tucson haha~ So rest for a while then me went ambil abg balik, pakai presea saja, sanang jua eheh ;) I wonder why teamnya ani ada about 5 saja, mana g the others? I thought he was gonna drive bah, skalinya inda~ I was tekizut, wohoo~ so ertinya mcm ea trust aku jua sudah tu untuk bawa car~ Apakan, the whole family does :p kali :D So after driving both tucson and presea, i can tell the difference bah, mcm ntah pokoknya i prefer presea for now.

Turns out this holiday i haven't teranah at home just for one day, almost everyday sudah bejalan. I mean atu baru illegal, apa lagi time legal sudah *_* whooh weee~ I just need a rest, majal ni, nada jua adanya XD

❤S, RR

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anisal :p

Fuhh~ idk how i fell asleep lastnight time bising-bising atu, tetidur kali while chatting i think :D Sorry wawawa~ So i woke up in a rushed today, packed the laptop and ran outside. My mom kan pinjam pasal she's having this 3 days course, but then nada ea jadi pinjam :) Oh well aku saja :p. So the driving lesson nada jadi -_-' pasal ishak can't teach today, idk why and bila lagi dapat. So i spent my morning sleeping saja till 1.30

1.30, knowing i was late sudah for L4D, me ran to me daddy room

M : bah aku kan jalan ke serusop
D : bhapa?
M : main computer
D : bah apa lagi?
M : kunci presea? :D

snap! Just like that, kana bagi tia wohoo. So tucson was blocking the way, asked abg to move it but ea bagi kunci teplang saja instead. Took me 15 minutes just to park the car arah garage ah, gilerrs~ It was mcm after a marathon wah lapas siap parkingkan, paluh-paluh XD I'm not used to tucson, not yet ;p Then presea, wohoo Alhamdulillah mcm biasalah. As if part of me sudah tu ;D taie eyh haha. So me pergi ambil fatlee dulu then muaz. RF si shrek jua ganya yg ada, so kami tarus saja main. Today was kinda boring pasal si shrek selalu solo ah, nada team work =p

After 2 hours of playing, limau besar pun tiba, ayen =p pasal ea pakai orange eatah haha nda wah. Ea lanja me and zul an hour each, so kami played the vs mode, siuk yaw jadi zombie ah haha. Then kite-kite pergi makan kat mama, hantar itu budak fatlee balik dengan adik dia, went home. There ada sufri so me and ayen jalan lagi ke serusop checking for games. We were bored, nda kan d buat :) S ans O ganya, INZ were no where to be found, shyibukzzz kali. So itu aja, babai~

❤S, RR

993? 991? 995? Ntah~

Mcm nda mau abis kan org bekaraoke atu -_-' Maybe i should call the police, baru kamu tau :p Walaupun kamu baru-baruan sini ani~ I prefer masa dulu when there was no neighbour except the ketua kampong, aman~ Nanti kamu =p revenge ku ni biar kamu nda btdur jua wawawawa. It's not that i don't want a neigbour, maulah but atleast yg bisai-bisai lah, ani yg dari kampong ayer, baru pernah jumpa darat =p Nda wah hehehe bye~

❤S, RR

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


ahhh~ buset, something wrong with so it's under maintenance right now so my font looks normal for now till they fix it -_-' sepoil. So today, expecting a full time rest? Well not really haha. I woke up around 10.00, rehat chill santai-santai. Abang lala came saja-saja but ea ani tidur jua saja in my room =p Around 12.30 my butt vibrates, idk why O_o' Ok my phone tepihit wawawa~ So it was fatlee, ea bawa jalan gdg but i told him that i was bankrupt. Then ea offered to lanja so awu saja tia. Mandi, and masa dalam toilet one of the neighbour pasang it's speaker to full volume eatah kdangaran ke toilet, lagunya lagi mcm lagu techno so i was dancing lah dalam toilet. Tgugur and ended up ke hospital~ mengantar nadiah and wardeena wawawa then straight to gdg. Ikut abg lala actually pasal ea tebangun because of the bising ah~ So alang-alang jua kan, kalau ikut my abg confirm malam hari XD

Okay i checked using mozilla ok jua my font, hmm? mozilla kali cacat and safari, or maybe ntah haha. So we met up at thyes's food court then main L4D arah RF for 2 hours, me zulfatlee azlan and muiz wali, gilerrs~ haha. Then we makan-makan at thyes's, azlan and muiz balik. So me and mr fat . . . lee jalan-jalan =p Since ea nda susah ari ani so ea lanja arah arcade yg pedah-pedah haha~ Then he went home so i was alone -_-' Inda apalah~ jalan-jalan saja, me parents came so we went suping, cool haha. So now i balik dah, awuler apakan~ =p and the neigbour bising ahhhh!!! -_-' walaupun orang birthday party =p invite lah haha =D atleast antar makanan kah :p

So tomolow is my 2nd deraip lisin, mudahan tah batah :D and maybe main L4D ah guys ah ah ah ah ah aaaachuuuuuh~ XD I need my team for tomorrow haha =p anyone plang tu wawawa nye~ 'Waduhhhh waduhhh~' haha that's the song yg kana nyanyikan right now oleh you-know-who. Huh? Voldemort O.o?? Jiran bah haha

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oi kana tarik~

sigh~ I'm so so tired, i really need some rest this time. Tadi nda plang terasa ngalehnya but now yes, maybe sleepy atu kali eatah haha =D. Luckily tomorrow nda papa so i can rest lah :D hopefully nda papa esuk but kalau ada pun manasajatah haha :p

So today i had my first ever driving lesson, it was ummm~ let's say not too bad. this ishak guy siuklah ngajar pasal ea kinda strict but cool at the same time haha. Cmana kan tu ah? Adonoe :D Mcm sarcastic wah ea ngajar ah =p eatah siuk hehe. Awal-awal blajar parking dulu, parking menabak and reverse. Side balum lagi, payah jua lah haha pasal you have to do as what was being told. Suku kanan, kosong, suku kiri, separuh kanan, separuh kiri, habis kanan, habis kiri~ Bari paning haha~ but ok lah, from there i learnt how to balance ;) but blum plang brapa, atleast makin ok :) Awal-awal ishak was with me then after that i was alone tia, ea suruh sendiri. Eatah siuk but salah saja sikit, ada tia ishak ani haha~ Only one hour saja today, 9 left heheh~ It turns out that my dad ani knal si ishak dari damit dah. Well abgnya plang pasal si ishak masa atu damit lakat :D Ok gay~ i mean talking bout this here haha XD

My next lesson will be on thursday, same time same place. So after that balik and rehat kajap, tunggu hujan habis i went to my dad's room and told him i wanna jalan ke kebajikan and bawa presea, barat tu, majal~ haha. Suprisingly ea suruh haha. At 2.00 sharp tarus jalan, before jalan mati engine wawawawa~ Spoil haha but then ok tia sudah. Then masa naik bukit after masuk the main road, people were slow since jalan licin eatah branti arah bukit ah, for a while lah O_o Luckily i managed to balanced it kalukly fuhh~

Kebajikan, it was rainy and the futsal court slippery ah -_-' but masih jua main kan :D Ramai fell down, including me muaz ayyub and zulfadli. Gila sakit wah =( My right palm luka and me right knee, arah the knee mcm ilang the skin eatah nampak isi, nyumnyum haha XD After playing we realise kinda aher dah which was 4.30, kan ke RF lagi main L4D, eatah i rushed with some guys pasal takut bnyak kerita, time org balik keraja lagi kan eatah. Then waited for the others arah RF

Today's game was so fun, me zulfatlee ayen and chubby on 1 team~ Gilerrs haha siuk. Si chub lagi 1st time kan eatah XD Yes i did scream tadi, like a girl wawawa but palui wah the place tadi ah mcm batah, ndalagi mau sampai safe room tu kami ah haha~ I msged my mom that i'll be back home by 6.30 pasal i'm playing game and tunggu sikit kerita :D Then about half an hour later ada tia my dad called, but my phone mati mengajut, mesti balancing kali jua? haha apakan~ rusak bah =p I borrowed ayen's phone and dialed back

M: Hello bah, ngapa?
D: Brapa saiz kasut mu?

haha~ saspendat eyh, i thought kana suruh balikkah apa =D Then we abis at 6.30 and mlarat makan at Mama's restoran. Sampai 7.30 barutah balik, i pergi hantar fatlee, then nunu then alif safely and me self haha, not to forghet XD Masa msuk dalam i was kinda takut pasal confirm kana marahi pasal gatu 6.30, the time 8.30 dah =D Skalinya nda jua papa, mcm biasa saja haha. I guess lapas tia kali sudah wohoo! Well balum plang, i mean arah area around my place saja mcm RBA, stadium, Kebajikan, Mentiri, Lambak etc. Bila full freedom? 9 hrs 10 minutes =p Owh ya let me remind y'all something, be really careful if bawa kerita with your friends around cause they can be out of control mcm tadi saja, ada tia yg jadi zombie, tolak-tolak the car, sit on the front of the car and back, gila kali. Mcm animals ani wah haha. Even time jalan, nda drang tau kali how dangerous it can be =p Just wait till kamu punya turn then barutah my turn kan ngacau xp

❤S, RR

Monday, June 15, 2009


Wahh~ i'm so so tired =D been busy saja, bnyak kan d buat holiday ani XD Just finished eating ayam paprick from pasar malam wawawa. Lain eyh, nda nyaman or pasal i'm full sudah? :D I never tried that food plang before, even namanya pun baru pernah dangar so ordered saja tia.

So yesterday was the most exciting day of the holiday so far, kira holiday dah kah tu kemarin ah? Pasal it was sunday wah, sunday andang cuti jua haha =p So i woke up as early as 6.00 pasal takut akhir, main pukul 8 but yknow, since bawa kerita awal lah heheh. Jalan around 7.00 to ambil zulfatlee arah lambak, and i got sasat-ed wehwehweh.

When we arrived at RBA nda jua ramai -_-' so kami main tandang-tandang saja. The kicked off was half an hour late from the actual time, janji melayu tah banar. So at the end of the match, the score was 5 - 8, siapa manang? Kami lah!!! yang bagi dorang manang wawawawa. Yes we lost, but inda apalah it was an interesting game and no cramps ;D.

After that kami relax kajap and since cuti so i bawa drang main L4D, and drang mau tia jua heheh but before that kami makan dulu arah restoran mama'. Masa parking i saw si sabiqah sama bfnya =p Nda deyh idk siapa pokoknya sama lelaki kluar dari kerita, belawa lagi tu ea ah :p or maybe ea ndang cmatu =D So after we eat ate eat, we played lah. Siuk eyh pasal this time nda lag ;D At the end of playing, everyone was addicted haha.

Ayyub suggested we should go to indoor stadium saja tarus since mcm pukul 1.00++ dah and the PSR event starts at 2.00 as being told by who idk =D. So me muaz and ayyub saja yg kesana, using shorts and football jersey. Lain eyh haha but

"Pesta Sukan kali ah, pakai baju sukan lah~," - ayyub

Yeah, dia ada noktah right there :D. So as kami datang, masuk-ed, nda jua ramai -_-' or maybe pasal awal masih~ So we sat near the pramugariesss pasal drang harum and kami hangit so balance tia ;) We waited and waited and waited . . . . . . . 2 wohoo~ balum jua start =( So kami pegi pusing keliling itu tempat, tiba-tiba kite bertiga ternampak budak-budak ms yg tengah berfoto-foto, owh performers =D

Then kami liat the performance around 3, batah haha and we do shout nama si fatin and ida basar-basar as requested but when tanya drang they said nda ='( but inda apalah, ada bukti haha ;D Where? Arah blog active ms ah, arah the video but nda brapa clear heheh. Watched the futsal match after that, well kami as the prasan handal guys tau ngucap saja haha XD

Balik, before that kami went to pggmb sg akar cause i wanna know dmana tempatnya ani, so awal-awal ok but then since the pagar tutup i had to drive the car straight uphill and cari simpang untuk pusing, reverse was ok then masa kan jalan dapan the car engine mati wawawwa XD About 7 kali on that one spot, panic bah eatah wawawa. Drang ani g mcm bagi pressure haha and ada a group of constructor dalam car resting and they were looking at us ketawa-ketawa pasal cali, kami pun ketawa-ketawa lah jua hahahah -_-' apakan~ :D Then after 7 kali mau tia, so we waved goodbye at them, saja buang malu haha. Antar-er muaz then ayyub then balik but sadly nda org drumah and belocked lagi so i had to go down lagi arah khalid's house pasal abang was there, ambil kunci :D The day ended. So semuanya more than 30 mati engine, arah traffic lah yg baritakut XD

Today i forgot bout the pggmb futsal thingy ah, awal-awal kan bawa kerita but barat, majal~ XD but my mom mentioned sana atu hilly eatah ea takut so drang saja antar :D. I was half an hour late, my turn janji melayu :). The first thing i saw masa masuk the dewan was MAIN KAMPUNG hahahaha =p We were against students emak si joules yg darjah 6. Drang cari pengelaman lawan org basar which was 6+ years older than them :D Cali eyh pasal they all looked small, even si joules pun nampak basar usulnya, nda wah haha but banar kali ah :p They were quite ok jua lah and cali haha. I went home as early as 10, yg lain main plang masih and masa tu the score was 7-7 haha. Eyy apa~ :p

buuuuuttttttt, jubur =p but nda jua balik, went to bandar kajap then barutah. I was a bit late for the date pasal nda blurus siapa kan ngantar and had to singgah arah this kadai jahit kajap eatah. I thought the movie starts at 2.30 panya 2.50, angels and demons or was it demons and angels. Ok jua lah the movie pasal mcm puzzle :) During the movie i received a msg from me mummeyh

"zerul esuk kau belajar driving kul 11 tu ah. Ani msg dri ishak BN 776 Daihatsu Sirion.. Dkt swimming pool kwsn org belajar kereta.."

Cool haha, finally ;) I found out ea baru balik dari KK eatah ea nada sbelum ani. Tapi, spoil eyh pasal ada futsal match that ptg yg i really wanna come, pasal i just wanna play haha but idk pukul brapa this driving thing abis. Next time saja guys but i'll come if i can ;) tarus main L4D wawawa.

I spent all my $30 yg baru kana bagi tadi =D boros eyh, movie + makan + double joystick heheh, but after buying joystick atu tinggal $6 plang :D. Then i met up with syidah and ida arah ground floor and they were about to buy something. Eatah masa kan membali ani, sorang-sorang takut-takut XD Well me, pasal nda experienced biasanya kana bali kan. Syidah, first time bah tu and Ida, idk ngapa ea ani, slalu saja membali =p takut saja i guess haha. Then kami masuk, duduk it went well haha. We thought it was $20 atu saja, lupa pasal barang lain atu lagi haha. It was $10 yg lain atu and si Ida ani kan membayar all $10 atu, skali checknya walletnya, bebisik tia tarus ea ani,

"Aku ada $8 ganya,"

hahaha astee~ bankrupt tia jua =D So we used cara adil saja, $5 each. Cali wah that moment haha apakan~ tepakai XD Then they chose to rehat arah this spot outside rizqun haha =D di dalam kan banyak, sajukk lagi. Dluar jua msihkan yg kana pilih ani :D Then after a while i had to go pasar malam pasal my mom barutah on her way kan nambil and she wanted me to order fooods awal arah this place pasal ea masak sana eatah supaya save time, wah gilerrs caranya masak cina ah, handal wah :D I was angan-angan and amazed meliat caranya masak atu without realising my mom datang dah panya and she was calling out my name but aku nada sadar haha. Not until si wardeena dtg menyucuk =D barutah sadar, haha asyik XD Then went to hospital. Masa sana, there was this person selling tea that can cure diseases lah according to him and idk why people can fall for that, bnyak dah bah djualnya, handal eyh =D To me barang cmatu atu nda membuat apa-apa especially when it's baru and balum ramai people yg tau whether it works or not. Yes that thing works plang but not because of the tea lah, pasalnya people yg minum that tea mesti jua org yg sakitkan and at the same time masa drang start minum, they would take in their ubattts jua as told by doctor. So the ubat yg baiki drang, not the tea, get me? :D See how clever the industry making business? haha skati mmbuat theory eyh. OK~ Home Tidur wawawawa byeeeeeeeeeeeee~

❤S, RR

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On holiday~

Fuhoo~ Hallloooo pepal :D I am so sweaty rite now =D + in a cold room which is = bau damal wawawawa XD So I'm feeling a bit dizzy rite now, jelly brain haha -_-' all because of playing left 4 dead arah RF ah with abid azlan zaim hadi and wilson. Kinda lag tempat kami ani eatah bari paning ='( Speaking of left for dead, i just got it on my lappy wohoo~ lappy? sissy eyh :p laptop wawawa apakan :D

So the reason that i'm still sweaty is because i just finished blajar balancing, gilerrs. Paning-paning lagi kan -_-, i was with wardeena tadi. I don't know why for some reason ea mau ikut haha~ More than 30 kali mati engine wawawawa~ Inda apalah, still learning heheh. Stop arah bukit and balance, also reverse parking, payah eyh -_-'. Me and wardeena saw a biawak masa branti before kluar bukit, takut kami ah tarus naikkan the window XD. Yesterday i made a deal with my mom :D I said i wanna bawa car to RBA awal pagi pasal main bula ah, barat wah tu kalau dibawa kerita ah, dalam bag pun nada muat :p haha apakan~ sanak dah orang mendangar kan belurus ani =D Well skulah ngajar blurus cmana jua ;) but bila test nda mau lurus -_-'. Ok as i was saying, i wanna drive presea esuk pasal saja~ and it's awal pagi eatah mcm nda pluang kalau kan minta antar, sunday kali ah :D Tidur abh tu penghuni-penghuni. So my mom agreed jua wohoo~ but ea suruh awal jalan takut apa-apa :) and plus ea mau rehat esuk eatah malas :D

I don't know when will i be getting my license, undang-undang pass plang sudah. Waiting for the 10hrs driving lesson and driving test saja lagi :) Well my mom wants me to blajar arah the guy, namely ishak, pasal this guy is bagus and my mom biasa and he was where my abg blajar, also my cousins. So i gave him the time when i'll be free so bleh schedule bila blajar but unfortunately the guy seems to be in luar negeri rite now. So paksa lah tunggu. Apa boleh buat, nasib badan =p so practice saja-saja lah sambil atu ;D

Umm today, i woke up late which was 7.30 and arrived 7.31 ;D di jamban wawawa~ So i arrived at school around 8.15+ and people were in the audi as expected. Poetry competition award, nothing much. Masuk membagi gula-gula to the guys saja haha and the guys were making this clap, ada pattern lah haha. One clap, double, ada tambah kaki etc. Rugged lah ;) after that i didn't masuk class pasal malas. Well kana hasut palng oleh julpetli :D Thw whole morning di library saja. Then patang around 3 barutah ke RF. Eatah paning -_-'

SIMS 3 is just menyamaking arah laptop ani haha pasal balum jua bemain, jadi perhiasan saja XD Well i'm handsome less busy with other games. I just knew that dapat main PSone sini using emulator, thankzz sahabat-sahabat me, ayyub and abid. So now i'm pretty much occupied with games saja for this cuti haha, i mean ugly/handsome less occupied, apakan ntah eyh. Awal-awal with the jagged alliance 2 games.

laptop in a laptop, get it? cali kah? :D indeeee =p

the available mercenaries

the 'one' i hired =D

As you can see, that's the map, eatah mcm siuk explore

and here you can see the two bangkai manusia :p one yg fresh and oone yg buntu dah haha~

Arah target atu actually ada a crow yg tengah santap bangkai buruk

boom! i shot it haha

much clearer crows

Si trevor ani seems to be juling sikit eatah he missed the shot which made the crows flew away. Count the crows, Counting Crows wawawa XD

This is another version, after yg top atu lah tu. Payah sikit ah -_-'

A different whole map :)

So basically creator of the sims got the idea from this game which means that ani ori version of te sims. Haha setau eyh~ nda deyh ;D

Aaah~ Racing Lagoon, my all-time PSone favourite game ;) Really siuk the game, and now i can play it again wohoo but too bad it's in japanese language, paham pun ku nada. Buat-buat paham saja haha. I don't know if there's even an english version, but nada tu eyh ='(

The car i'm currentlyusing ;D See mcm you can change tha parts of the car wah, supaya higher performance :) I like toh and you can even race witn anyone on the road. It's a street race game, eatah you have to flash your light saja. Sama bus pun dapat ah blumba ah, i think haha~ Well skali atu i had a race with a pajero, mmbual lajunya ah =D Yes i lost, but nada mau-mau lah hehe :D and if you win the race you can take any part of item from the opponents car, even the engine or the car body ;)

The second psONE game that i have downloaded, constructor. Siuk ni yaw, balum plang main masa ni pasal baru jua siap downloading haha. Mcm simcity lah, kali~ Pasal i never played simcity =D Pokoknya ani ada mafia.

I still don't know cemana mainnya actually pasal last time masa main slalu fail haha but i do still love it ;) Weird ah? No manada :p hahaha~ So imma conconcontitittinue download other games, nda plang bnyak lagi. Bushido blade 2, fighting force and game of life. Atu saja yg in my mind right now heheh :D

I don't know why, i think i'm back to the old me. Young to eyh ertinya wawawa =D I mean a game freak, no lah maniac? Ntah pokoknya lupa kan dunia tarus kalau main. Is that bad? =S I DON'T THINK SO :p

HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone ;) So for my holiday, next week my parents bawa ke rome wohoo~ How amazing can that be =') Awal-awal singapore, from there to uk and from there baru ke rome. Cool eyh~ my parents said ngaleh palng tu =D So i would be away from brunei for 0 days :p Sesiapun, dream on haha XD bye~ Holiday Fools, no such thing? Now there is =p ok nda tia bye bye bye. Must sleep, it's 2.00 sudah and mesti awal bangun, ambil mr fatlee lagi :) Haha i feel like chatting sini ani, with diri sendiri =D

❤S, RR

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Show me what you got :p

So i went home early lagi today :D Nda deyh, ada practical chem kali ah which was kinda confusing. I didn't manage to finish it though. So after that nothing kan dibuat except meliat si ayyub designing usul si aiman arah the sims ah, nearly 1 hour wah creating jua saja haha~

ini dia hasilnya haha

So someone was mengusuting bout something, and nanes pasal game wawawa :p I went home akhir banar -_-' Pasal i forgot to msg siapa ngambil. I messaged dad around 6.30 btanya siapa ngambil and his reply was HAHAHAHAHAHA XD

" Wlikmslm yeah babe.. Mpir sdh ni,"

Haha idk cmana bleh cmatu atu XD So at home i was researching bout sims 3 and i made an account for the official website, eatah rugged wah mcm if want new items or whatsoever boleh ambil dari sana. Now i know apa gunanya launcher atu hehe~ but ada yg mesti pakai sims points ah -_-' and serial code, but i don't have yg ori serial since mine ani yg pirated wawawa =D So i used cara lain lah, ada this methodlah, well baru blajar plang. Cara curi hehe ;) So i stole anything yg i'm interested to hehe, mcm houses, characters, objects and cars :D Mcm kira tempat sharinglah :) I found out org-orgnya creative =D

i found this edward cullen character available for download =D Banyak lah, the hulk ada, slash, michael jackson and etc, you name it :p Azeerul~ nada -_-' haha

Joker pun ada, rugged eyh but the rambut nada brapa :) Joker classic lah yg looks almost the same vravishly. So after downloading and all install lagi

See that? Pasal bnyak download haha~ New stuffs wohoo

After round-round sana sini i found out that banyak dah cheats and all. The most interesting thing was that ada map baru ani wah~ as in new town ler ;) I tried to steal it from the official website but unfortunately idnya nada kana buat -_-' So i tried everyway yg possible lah. As you can see arah above atu, townnya satu ganya ah which is the sunset valley.

After all those hardwork, i finally found out how to add the new town

See btambah ah =') Riverview town :p

Wahh~ here i come ;D 1st map balum plang beexplore =D

one of the car yg i added ;) cool, muscle kali errrs byeee~

and i didn't delete it syee :p Impossible XD

❤S, RR

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Guess what's new on my lappy now? =p I present to you puuuuutpupuuttttpuputpuputttt dadada! =D

yes that's right baby :p

see the new town ;)

and the car that i bought for my sims hee~ :D

I downloaded it for 4 days kali? and baik jua working kalau inda sia-sia eyh :D but ganya it's the tutorial version ='( but you can still play mcm biasalah with that annoying pop-ups, bukan plang pop-up banar, ani mcm help saja wah but ok lah. K bye nantitah i story-story again hehe

❤S, RR

Monday, June 8, 2009


Chem was so easy actually but pasal nada blajar eatah payah -_-'. I didn't study all of because last night i went out with abg as i told earlier. We went to the new RF cyber around serusop. Near jobilee (jolibee :p mr soh sabut jobilee haha, tadi plang tu during maths =D), the place was kinda rugged pasal ada balcony, haha apakan atu jua saja XD So yeah we went there and main life 4 dead O_o cool 1st time main eatah =D me abg khalid and shahrin? not ayen eyh :p Idk what's with the place but 80cent an hour bah haha~ So we played for 3 hours and ended up around 11.30. I learnt 3 mcm major ghost lah haha, hunter smoker boomer witch and tank, 5 haha.

The 1st two hours ok lah but then after that i was kinda paning, mcm jelly feeling ah =D majal haha~ as if the reality world jadi not reality :D game bah. So balik rumah at 12, and abg minta send kan jagged alliance ah so i used file sharing lah. After this and that, most of my web browser nada mau ah~ Which includes chrome safari mozilla and IE, smua jua tu -_-'

Awal-awal it encountered this problem;

"This webpage is not available.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

More information on this error
Below is the original error message

Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unknown error.'

eatah i spent from 1 till 2.30 searching on how to solve the problem, but nada jua tjumpa so i restarted the lappy and uninstall chrome and install balik but nada jua mau taoi firefox mau, jaditah :) So masa firefox mau another error lagi appeared on chrome~

"Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error."

lalah eyh so i fell asleep around 3 eatah akhir bangun, 7 XD Ilang tia this month punya record pasal i was hoping that this month nada late slip but ada tia jua -_-' I chose the overslept reasonkan then the teacher tanya

T: nada alarm kah? Pasal next time teacher nda mau liat reason overslept ani
M: Umm~ uhh, nada :)
T: Arah mobile ada jua~
M: Awu ada tapi mobile ku low bat dmalam
T: Nada charging kan?
M: inda batterynya abis cigu and tetutuop lagi eatah bari malas
T: ahh~ cari lagi alasan atu :p
M: Awu cigu banar, lgi pun dmalam akhir balik ah cigu
T: Cari lagi cari lagi :p

HAHA~ i feel mcm dakam movie where yg alasan nada kana pecaya ah :D So i skipped GP, mcm biasalah~ lagipun cptr lab jua ganya. Saya met azlan eatah nada bnyak revise chem. Well i'm not blaming him :p aku atu jua luan mlayan XD Then test. Maths was just doing past year papers but aku balum bali =D Eatah i just sat there kana kepung oleh org-org damam and used the two periods arguing about my foolscap haha. Physics mcm biasa saja.

Supposedly ada main futsal since its monday,but nada ramai usulnya so i decided to go home early today, and i did haha :p Masa otw me dad and mum were talking bout driving and dad said something bout balancing sana sini then ea stopped the car arah bukit masuk rumah and showed that reverse pun ada balancing~ then mom menyampuk :p

MOM: mun auto sanang lah :p (since chery auto haha)
DAD: sama jua kali ah

Eatah dad mcm ntah, menyaya kami kali pasal mom menyindir ea that auto sanang haha~ So ea drove the car dapan rumah forward and backward about 20times haha~ Paning XD

MOM: abis tia minyak krg~ brapa meter sudah tu? banyak tia kan d service krg~

supaya dad branti lah tu but nada jua haha~

As the car parked,

MOM: tu nah ambuk merogol sampah ah~

HAHAHA apakan~ samaph bejurit oleh ambuk eatah. Jon adang wah =p Home, spent my time fixing browsers ah and i did it wohoo~ Now semua working dah as usual ;) and both dad and mom ada so all the family checked gula. Yknowkan cmana, by lapkan few drops of blood arah strip ah then masuk kan arah the small machine-like atu which means paksa kluarkan our blood =O It was cali pasal nadiah and wardeena sanggup took a pin and cucuk their jari sampai bdarah haha~ While me using the pistol pin yh khas ah~ Eatah drang takut pakai atu eatah sanggup. Well aku pun takut but pajal diri haha. Bari tekajut jua lah hehe and kinda padas but skajap saja :D My sugar level is 5.9 bye~

❤S, RR

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I feel you~ :p

Today was wasn't as what i had expected to be, all of because of one thing =D and i am damn still shaking by it haha :D payah kan type hee~

So i went to my cousin's yg betunang today at mentir and we were late -_-' me and abg lah pasal ea tbiat, ndang takdir kali dah wah akhir XD Ofcourse apakan~ :p So as we arrived, orang makan dah so we went through the back hoping that no one would notice our late arrival but skalinya d balakang tempat bini-biui haha XD sepoil~ :p but nevertheless, mana jua org tau kan ;) manatau smoke break kah apa~ haha =p hey i don't smoke =[ tadi saja wawawawawa  untuk alasan :D nda deyh O=).

So masuk then makan~ by 3 org kan jalan dah arah the girl's house and i decided to stay saja with my cousin yg betunang atu :D apakan~ org yg betunang andang stay jua =p 3 people including me saja yg stay, and besties kamu (yg reading this), the amahs xp . My mum suruh tinggalkan kunci presea with me pasal the car parked tempat lain eatah if orang balik dah pindahkan :). Orang balik~ then i moved the car, barat wah the car. I tried pushing it nada jua mau ='( Owh awu ah, ada jua kunci. So i unlocked the car and turunkan the handbreak and pushed it XD haha jda lah :p ofcourse lah i drove, but ampir saja. Apajuanya 20m, jaditah. Masa reverse the engine mati hahaha~ truk eyh =D  So habis tia wawawa. It was boring awal-awal, i started menyindiring orang atu pasal ea janji kan ajar driving but nada jua adanya xp then nda ea tahan kali

Cousin : bah agatah start engine ah

ME  : apa eyh? serious kah? :p

C : awulah~

ME : wohoo!

So awal-awal ea yg drove the car and bawa it somewhere di ujung arah nda brapa bnyak kerita, then stopped arah the side and suruh me heheh ;) Blajar balancing~ kinda easy actually kalau nada takut :D but atu arah straight road, kalau arah bukit abis lah~ parai haha. Nauzubillah~ :D Round-round about 2 rounds, memuaskan jua lah pasal my cousin ani chill saja ngajar, nda pressure, I LIKE TOH!

Me : sorry ah kalau mati engine :D and lambat

C : nda papa tu, siapa brani marahi kau ah~ mari ya!

Awww~ weseh haha, taie palat :p Then balik tia smula~ people started coming, rehat-rehat saja then time to go home. Before that my cousin yg betunang ani kan jalan and carnya kana blocked by chery, i took the key from dad and moved it, hehe kinda easy psal auto :D but i don't really know how auto works, panya automatic jalan once arah D, eyah baru tau haha XD before balik i praticed balancing kajap with presea since the place tempat the car parked ada mcm sort of ramp, while abg still d dalam atu jua kan hee~  skalinya mati XD Balum tah pandai balancing haha~ Pikir sudah :D Then i asked azmi to took the key for my amits car pasal it was blocking. I parked it arah blakang rumah, atu kinda siuk pasal tinggi but baritakut at the same time. Nda lagi pass parking tu, tabak saja tia haha.

Then abg bawa the car ke blakang, gila barat wah tu XD haha nda wah. Pasal kan masukkan the tambak and the printer :D Then i drove it all the way from mentiri sampai rumah ;) but before jalan, just as soon as lapas tambak masuk and kan jalan, mati tia kerita ah wawawawa~ Rata jua sudah tu the road, cakap kinda easy tadi :p haha taie eyh XD Jalan-jalan and arah the main simpang, mati lagi XD behhhlannsiiinggg~ haha. Arah roundabout kinda scary but nothing happened. Masa arah highway, there was this fast car d blakang, i don't know kerita apa. Nada clear since concentrate arah the road haha. The car kesbalah and hon-hon, panya my mum hahaha =D Ea pakai tucson, awal dah ea jalan tadi, maybe kekdai eatah :D Well nda plang papa pasal ea yg suruh driving balik :)

aaaand~ it was my 1st time tadi speed 5 heheh~ Everything went well the whole journey, except masa masuk simpang pasal bebukitkan eatah mati again -_-' and ani ngam2 on the bukit lagi tu and i kinda panicked hahaha~ nda palng panic, takut saja, yknow mcm O_o haha. Idk how i got it through there, antam2 saja, pressed the accelerator kuat-kuat wawawa~ and successed :) Wey jgn plang d ikut, i'm not teaching =p

Datang rumah mcm biasalah, paluh-paluh haha XD I learned different things today from different persons =D abg lala (cousin yg tunang) taught me that kalau apa-apa mcm arah bandul kah or simpang, set saja the gear arah free, and let the car jalan sendiri and brake sikit-sikit. After that barutah speed one or two+balancing. Pokoknya apa-apa arah speed 3 but depends on the situation :) From abg, ea lain lagi katanya kalau arah bandul nda payah tefree-free, jalan saja XD but lapaskan lah, cara suicide ni hahaha :p and he said kalau test kana marahi tu tefree-free ah. Abg lala got his license 2 years earlier than my abg, who's right? ADONOE haha~ pokoknya i drove three types of cars today, eyah sakai bunyinya. Maklumlah, baru-baruan haha =D Ok that's all for today, krg kali lagi :) Imma goh jahlan-jahlan with abg, jalan teplang astah~ esuk test oi :p


❤S, RR


I woke up early today pasal i slept kinda awal lastnight :D A headache actually eatah ttdur hehe ;) I didn't slept for one day haha eatah paning. Cmani~ friday was boring, most of the time i was sleeping. Mmbuat chem hw pun nada menjadi -_-' and stats, and gp.

So that night i fell asleep lagi around 8PM, i woke up at eleven pasal my mom miscalled me nyuruh turun. Paham-pahamlah, malas ea kan naik XD So, after makan i did gp,mencari 5 environment current affairs arah newspaper ah -_-' i was searching for it arah daily mail newspaper, the name sudah kah tu? Ntah pokoknya ada akar =p ntah pokoknya ada printed daily mail arah front cover :D As i was searching, i came across this article about a guy, a prisoner actually. Interesting lah, namanya charles bronson, eyah ingat =D mun the newspaper still sbalah :p Eatah he was a guy yg kraja arah circus, basar itu badan O_o but then ea masuk jail pasal arm robbery, ea dapat $26.19 kali? haha kesian~ nada wah. Then kana sentenced penjara, free-man for 69 days, penjara lagi. Then free g 50 days, penjara lagi. Then . . . haha eatah ea kana taruh arah special prison lah i mean tempat yg kana isolate from other prisoner. Rugged lah cara kana describe the place pasal ganas, even kan aga cellnya pun mcm have to go through 17 locked steel door :D. He was imprisoned for 30 years dah, gilerrs~ Pokoknya ea ani born to destroy lah, but he never killed anyone. Violence saja haha and he is 'the most dangerous prisoner'. Eatah mlarat and mlarat sampai ke subuh googling him =D and suaranya bari takut O_o.

Other that wasting my time buat atu, i finished downloading jagged alliance, wohoo~ It was my favourite pc game eversince i was in primary, 4? 5? 6? around cmatulah hehe. 6years dah nada main~ Eatah pasal ani makin tia, so nada tia siap hws and nada sampat tdur =D I went to school early, hoping that ada harapan untuk buat chem but NO! -_-'. It was kinda lain masa pagi2 atu, mcm dalam game psal i can feel masatu that my brain ani mcm floating and ada liquid surrounding it, mcm jelly-ish haha. Bukan si jell :p.

Chem, selamat. Salamuth, selamt. Physics, selamat and GP we were watching this movie, the future. Siuklah sikit pasal mcm bnyak unique things :D Nada plang concentrate pasal sibuk makan hee~

Itu petang i main jagged alliance situ, then i realised it was a demo version -_-' benci i sebab tak dapet save ='( So i stopped palying and main bula saja~ Balik i occupied myself by fixing the game and YESSS!! Yg unfinished business version mau, i forgot what i did but pokoknya mau hehe, You know pasal nda mau-mau jua kan mau yg satu atu, the unfinished business ani nada tia jua mau lagi -_-' Around 11 barutah ttdur, so one day tia nda btdur, wohoo~ :)

owh ya~ nini putung the feet dah O_o, and the feet atu tarus buat sup for the family XD nda deyh. So supposedly si nunu hendak ambil saya pagi ini utk JBS scheme but nada jadi :p smangat dah awal bangun =D. So i guess i'll be spending my day fixing the game and at mentiri~ and chem and stats and this and that and .  . . BYE~

You can see BORE and DOM upthere :p

❤S, RR

Friday, June 5, 2009


❤S, RR


❤S, RR


Gooood subuh people~ I am so sleepy but i mustn't fall asleep pasal i don't want to :D I want sampai the time i really can't hold it anymore hehe. So and again~ boros lagi today, $5. I am officially broke -_-

Physics test was so so hard -_-' even if blajar pun useless kali~ Awal-awal the mcqs were quite ok, inda plang heheh. Then i started answering the structured question after spending about 15 minutes arah mcq. Skalinya no.1 dah payah haha. Answered everything antam-antam :D Then teacher announced masa abis so i checked lah if smua dah be answer, i happened to flip the paper accidentically and i found out there was actually question no. 4 and 6 O_o which i didn't answer!!! ='( 6 and 4 were actually the easiest among all -_-' Biar tia eyh~ RETEST!! wohoo haha kalau ramai fail jua :) 

GP was ooo~ gilerrs. My environment current affairs balum siap, balum bebuat actually :D Eatah teacher minta plang but aku mcm nada saja tadi, acting deaf =D mcm nda tau apa-apa haha but i think ea paham my reason/excuse. So saturday paksa tah antar all 5 ni huhu. I actually borrowed two current from aqil but i don't wanna use it pasal tatot kanadapatan XD

CCA was kinda boring pasal kami hiking ke bukit arah salambigar~ Nothing much there, i was the cameraman saja for the BOYS TREE MAN ; ayyub aiman tawa joules jazmi and najwan =p. The place nda brapa siuk and most of the area ada this bau busuk eeee~ To be in detail, bau shitzzzz XD but besides the disadvantages, ada jua advantage wah. The forest ada this old big very tall tree which is so so to the very cool. Banar~ pasal the tree mcm lama banar dah and ada dinosaur's track =O

Hairy jua that leg, not mine tu eyh =p So the track nada tah banar tu =D Next week i won't be joining hiking ='( pasal i'm joining the MS-open tennis. Balik to school we were kinda late for chem sudah, but then kana hasut lagi tu akhir sikit masuk class oleh ainaa and the gang~ but me being a good boy and role model student, i said NO! just as saying no to smoking haha~ but they were too strong, they bribed me with an ice cream. I was lost for a while, day dreaming~ Mmm nyaman itoh eskim :D but then after abis makan, drang yg awal naik haha =p

After class LIME ada match against ALPHA, 2 - 2. The weather was so really hot -_-' Global warming~ =O plus i lost my mood kan main since they were still playing cara basah and a supposed to be defender jadi an all time striker, wth? What happened to the word 'position'? Inda apalah, on our next match i won't be complaining anymore pasal i have decided to main solo, it's tamak time. Biar  drang mental haha. After that played with the juniors, form 4 kali or 3. Then with the seniors.

I went to hospital to visit mah nenek~ Yg bnrnya hari ini kau datang riang tersenyum buat ku senang haha apakan, yg bnarnya hari ani my nini (4th june) beputung kaki again but nada jadi. Maybe on saturday. This time kaki kirinya lagi but half of the feet saja. So mcm ok lah~ rather than masa kanan which was till just below the knee o_O.


❤S, RR

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Such a lonely day

After yesterday's handball and futsal, my legs felt sangal and tired pasal lama dah nada belari so much haha~ Especially after futsal lah cause i was like hangih-hangih -_-' bukan lagi like, hangih-hangih dah wah haha. Physics, teacher was kinda disapponited pasal she caught most of the boys nada mmbuat past years question atu :D Me and abid lagi dapan-dapan teacher since she was using the ohp, dua-dua lagi yg nada harapan when it comes to hws XD ada plang but malas -_-' but still nada harapan jua masih, ada but malas, but nada harapan, but . . . =D Chem practical was kinda confusing~ and stats was boring pasal buat past year papers lagi, but not for me lah pasal i just sat in the class and tried everyway to start a conversatioon =D Malas kan buat eatah haha. PE handball was ok but kinda disappointed jua sikit pasal bnyak bolos haha~ but we won plang :D ndangnya, keeper thingy hehe~

As i went home yesterday, i realised that my right leg sakit pasal someone happened to kick it accidentically masa futsal, si jaz maybe haha =p. Then my left feet sakit jua, i can't stand one feet using it, kalau inda would end up falling -_-' and also my butt sakit, but not the cheeks eyh~ Atu healthy tu and strong as always haha, nyaman jua, fresh my butt haha apakan XD banar~ nda caya? :p

See jubur siapa tu yg d centre ah =p "mcm baga," hahaha that was the comment in my fs. Fs ah, bkan fb :p, from si nawal kali haha~ Owh yeah, yesterday i went there, saja mencheck apa ada haha~ Wow panya ada org yg still active heheh. I'm thinking bout activing it balik wawawa, awu poklen~ who cares :p ThEy mAh FaMiLyZz XD. So vote for the butts people =D

So as i was saying, not the cheeks eyh :p Somewhere arah the bone, tulang jubur =D but nada terasa plang unless if i think bout it :D How to cure it? Jgn pikirkan haha~ is it really sakit banar-banar or just my imagination? ofcourse lah banar apaakann~ haha. I'm trying very hard XD If you get what i mean =D

Todayyyyyyyy was such a boring lonely day~ baik pulang awal balik tu haha. Well as you all know . . . or not, inda kan inda tau kan. Well perigi wah wawawa, nvm :D Eatah kan, every wednesday nada afternoon class. Since today was A.maths June for O, eatah ramai yg ngambil~ so i was loner tadi -_-' Awal sama aiman and aqil but then they went jalan to aewon? drang bawa plang but i didn't ikut since drang ada date, asi-asi rasanya haha. So there was i, sitting alone d canteen makan chips slowly hoping that by the time abis makan it would be 4 sudah where the exam would abis dah so ada jua kan dgn :D. It was 1.50 ,1 chip in . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . 3 . . . . . 4 . . . . 5 . . . 6789101112 . . abis haha~ 1.55 blum batah -_-' org exam pun balum start XD

Thankfully by 2 si syafiq picik came to dgn i pasal classnya cancelled~ wohoo. Then came wilson tarus-tarus bagi cards and automatically main big 2 :D the 4th person ubah-ubah, awal-awal si fauzi, then nas, then aiman rash, zaim, dano and zaim again =D To make the game more interesting, si aiman rash left a cup of cold waternya arah table ah and ea balik dah, so siapa kalah will have to drink 3 lines of water dari cup ah haha~ We assumed that the water nada brapa bersih since si aiman rash was kinda sweaty masa minum it haha, but actually bersih wah ganya our mind can't accept it XD So the people yg ampit minum was me 3 lines, Zaim 3 lines ( Well masa ea dramatic sikit ni pasal ea kan muntah2 minum ah haha, air jua ganya XD) syafiq 3 lines and grand finale was syafiq again but this time abis kan the whole cup haha and he happened to muntah kan balik to the cup and minum it again, ewww~ XD

I lost about $7 today -_-' eatah i decided kalau nada papa balik saja eyh haha. So tomorrow ada test physics and i haven't study, after this lah :) Hws and Cws chem lagi, GP current affairs lagi -_-' Sikit jua ah =p Hopefully result kluar esuk~ BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

❤S, RR

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'll update esuk saja~ It's kinda late and i wanna sleep haha. I updated arah blog PPB saja tadi. Sooooo bye~

♥S, RR❤