Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is what i do if there's nothing left to . . . do :D I'm halfway on season 3 dah :) So yeah~ Ramsay currently ranks 3rd in the world. Gilerrs apa lagi yg 1st and 2nd, but they're kinda tua banar plang sudah yg 1st and 2nd ah :D aaand

Jean-Philippe-Susilovic ;D he is so so funny and cool, caranya bacakap :p

I was hoping to wake up a bit late today but unfortunately there was a msg from ishak telling me that today's lesson would start at 10 cause at 11 ada lagi org lain. So okay~ i went there a bit earlier, i realised that most of the people that took the lesson there were beyond my age, ada yg 20/21. Ada yang wayyyy beyond haha. So today jalan-jalan saja lagi. We went around gadong arah kawasan polis and blajar roundabout. As usual, banyak mistakes and the pressure was on =D but senyum saja and dangar cakap. Nothing i can do, ada but where can i get the money to pay the damages =D It feels good jua when you got it right, lawa wah the driving method yang ea ajar atu *_* ganya terlalu babal saya ani wawawawa. Next will be tomorrow if jadi :) Nothing much bye~ I'm just lazy wawawa, but atleast beupdate ;)

❤S, RR

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