Saturday, June 27, 2009

Find myself leaving

Woke up early in the morning, 10.00 :p haha, straight away brought presea to the workshop nearby just so the right back signal could be fix. They charged it $4 so i was ok with it, skalinya it was white -_-' I want the yellow/orange one~ So they didn't have it, out of stock. Ada-ada saja jua eyh. Why can't it be easier :(, so the chinese old mahn told me to go to hua ho and buy it. He even taught me how to pasang it, easier actually :).

So i went there, just as soon as i arrived, ada tia parking for me, ooo~ how lucky ;D First thing i did was went down to the supermarket, but nada jua bulbnya ani. I tried asking the salesperson and he told me it was upstairs arah electric area. I went up and tanya again, i was told dbawah tia arah hardware -_-' Went down, then tanya lagi di different person then d atas tia arah 2nd floor tempat electric. Went up, again~ and i found mcm bulbs area lah, searched for it but nada jua ada. So the salesperson yg earlier came again and told me that bulb untuk kerita down arah supermarket -_-' So again!!!! i went down, then baru tah they told me yang bulb atu nada bejual sana, abis kali??!!

Elvis has left the building and went straight to hua ho serusop, but ramai sana ah, i didn't even got the chance to turun, round-round saja. Then finally some common sense came, buat apa ke hua ho??!!!!! Baik tarus ke other workshop =p So yes finalyy! Why didn't i think about it earlier? -_-' So i went arah workshop dapan MS, yang atas bukit, YES!! ada and they charged $3 saja. Fuhh~ So now sanang lah whenever kan ke kanan cause ada ok dah ;) Usually had to pusing and all juat to avoid masuk kanan :D By the time i arrived it was almost 12 sudah, gila~ untuk 1 item atu jua saja but inda apalah, pasal if kan wait for my parents to bawa it, batah lagi haha. I fell insecure wah nada baik atu, but now since atu sudah selesai doesn't mean i feel secure sudah. Not yet haha, there's two more things.

  1. 1.License, i haven't got mine. L masih haha. Awu batah, i know~ sabar saja :D Tinggal practice arah bukit saja lagi, some parkings maybe, then test :)
  2. 2.The tyres, well one of the tyre yg front, left, actually nampak dawai dah eatah i'm afraid pasal it could kadabooom anytime haha

Around 1 me went to icc to antared nadiah and wardeena cause both my parents were there. Me daddeyh have something to do with the biro narcotics, NDA :p apa man? nada I? haha. So then i had to antar adi kamu ke gdg, well it took me half an hour wah to sampai pasal salah jalan -_-' Ramai org ah. So i came half an hour late lah for the bowling, i didn't even pay untuk main haha. Main free saja, main sampuk wawawa =D aaaandd i met ishak there hahah XD Gilerrs~ he was at the jubilee =p I was supposed to have a lesson with him today but ea lupa gtau haha~ Cali lah pasal he was waiting for me tadi di stadium and ea heran ngapa nada pasal i'm always awal-er than him :) Then he remembered yg ea forgot to inform me about it =D Kalau inda bukit sudah tadi~ Sepoil :p but he did told me that he wanted to abis kan it before QE if can

So i didn't stay batah arah bowling pasal my abg wanted me to go arah icc pasal i'm the backup, pffft~ backup jua saja haha. His palying rockband kali sana with his friends eatah JIC kawannya nada :p but semua jua ada. So i'm pretty much useless tadi atu, baik plang stay saja at bowling -_-' but nada jua dapat kan pasal i told si buntak to come to icc, he was palnning at 4 but skalinya awal ea ah, awal than expected =p So me, since i'm a good guy for today eatah i don't want him to be alone batah-batah. Today saja tu =p.

Ish~ haha apakan. So me and aiman were pretty much jobless there, round-round jua saja, and makan. Nyaman ler ;) aaand bnyak free foods haha. So apa lagi, test-test saja tia =D. Oww masa earlier we went to nunu's house, hoping to ambil ea pasal ea siad nada transport. So masa sana nada tia jua ikut anak ani -_-' Pasal dia hendak pergi somewhere sama abang dia. Rambutnya panjang ler :p and smart cause balah siring, but i guess that would be the last ;( and next time pick up the phone yub =p and jawab jua :p jangan angkat saja haha.

So after boring round-round, met abg at food court and they're in the final which is tomollow and most probably i'll be playing pasal madin nada esuk heheh. Sorry if i suck esuk ;) but maybe ada tu eyh si madin, or not :D Me and aiman decided to go gdg which was around 6.00 sudah that time but nada jadi since nada jua ada tujuan tu. So i ended up ngantar si aiman balik saja. The JJ brothers were nowhere to be found arah icc, skali atu saja i met them. Twice for munkey :D

So tomorrow will be the last day of holiday, or maybe not pasal some said cuti kana extend idk sampai bila. Si nafi plang said tu arah PPB's blog ah. I hope it's banar wawawa and tomorrow maybe icc saja, anyone going there? Yes banyak wawawawa. NVM :D Any plans guys if kana extend? :p


ROCKBEBEH kali ah :p haha~ I LOVE YOU ;) sorry can't stay a bit longer tadi :)

❤S, RR

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