Saturday, June 20, 2009

Masuk slow keluar laju!!

It's 1.28PM and i just got back from the driving lesson~ Gila -_-' kana cakapi saja wah haha but not to worry, all for my own good :) Tadi not about parking, drove around stadium from tempat blajar passing icc to roundabout there to the left passing hockey and pulaie's primary school. Straight till the traffic light then take left into the highway, straight till ada traffic light then take left again. Straight passing kesihatan and emigration till ada traffic light at the end and left again naik bukit passing kewangan kah tu? from there take left masa arah traffic and back to roundabout. Again and again lah cmatu :) Mencari my mistakes, blajar and all. Kinda hard pasal my body ani too stiff when it comes to driving. Mesti flexible, well nada plang mesti, it's better :D There were a lot of chinese tadi yg blajar, especially girls, well all jua girls tadi atu =D and cali cara drang bejoke in malay XD

Defensive driving and safety kah? Pokoknya the basics lah, cara holding steering and all. Pressure lah tadi atu, as i mentioned before, caranya mengajar lagi kan haha~ but he's the best kali ah :p Kali~ to me lah heheh and i realised there's actually ada two ways of driving, THE RIGHT WAY and THE ORANG TUA WAY. I'm THE ORANG TUA WAY where smuanya last minute eatah dangerous and payah, so mesti blajar the right way, well awulah ofcourse~. So 8 hours 10 minutes left. Next will be on tuesday, after all that he told all my mistakes and besides that ada jua good thing wah.

" Kau mendrive ok plang, ganya tatatertib atu saja yg nada. " - ISHAK

Well jadi tah, tatertib saja lagi haha. Then before ea antar to presea we went to masjid pulaie. Then after that barutah :) So today i'm gonna rest saja :) Malas kan jalan, well mau plang but bankrupt ah heheh~ and sorry guys nada dapat L4D today, bankrupt and ngaleh :D Superman lagi rehat kan kan kan tuuuut~. Owh yeah, the lesson at 11 kan eatah masa 10.30 i went to dad's room tanya siapa antar, skalinya ea suruh bawa presea saja and bali kan minyak, haha gilerrs 1st time bah tu bali minyak =D That was how i ended up bawa car ke stadium but takut-takut jua lah,it's because of the back signal saja yang nada baik, right side. Eatah idk bila kan ngusai~

So i'm just gonna spend my afternoon watching Hell's Kitchen Season 1 since siap dah mendownload. Season 3 also siap. Season 2 4 and 5 on it's way. Besides, i have to wait for something jua which may take the whole holiday to finish

I left in since lastnight 10% jua ganya -_-' I did it for two jic yg satu terstop :D Yesterday plang sudah till 9% but sadly i cancelled it pasal nada mau begarak ah~ It's the L4D dedicated server program actually so bulih jua main kan if sana or sini, but idk if this thing lurus kah inda or working kah nada, antam lah labu :D BYE~

❤S, RR

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