Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Show me what you got :p

So i went home early lagi today :D Nda deyh, ada practical chem kali ah which was kinda confusing. I didn't manage to finish it though. So after that nothing kan dibuat except meliat si ayyub designing usul si aiman arah the sims ah, nearly 1 hour wah creating jua saja haha~

ini dia hasilnya haha

So someone was mengusuting bout something, and nanes pasal game wawawa :p I went home akhir banar -_-' Pasal i forgot to msg siapa ngambil. I messaged dad around 6.30 btanya siapa ngambil and his reply was HAHAHAHAHAHA XD

" Wlikmslm yeah babe.. Mpir sdh ni,"

Haha idk cmana bleh cmatu atu XD So at home i was researching bout sims 3 and i made an account for the official website, eatah rugged wah mcm if want new items or whatsoever boleh ambil dari sana. Now i know apa gunanya launcher atu hehe~ but ada yg mesti pakai sims points ah -_-' and serial code, but i don't have yg ori serial since mine ani yg pirated wawawa =D So i used cara lain lah, ada this methodlah, well baru blajar plang. Cara curi hehe ;) So i stole anything yg i'm interested to hehe, mcm houses, characters, objects and cars :D Mcm kira tempat sharinglah :) I found out org-orgnya creative =D

i found this edward cullen character available for download =D Banyak lah, the hulk ada, slash, michael jackson and etc, you name it :p Azeerul~ nada -_-' haha

Joker pun ada, rugged eyh but the rambut nada brapa :) Joker classic lah yg looks almost the same vravishly. So after downloading and all install lagi

See that? Pasal bnyak download haha~ New stuffs wohoo

After round-round sana sini i found out that banyak dah cheats and all. The most interesting thing was that ada map baru ani wah~ as in new town ler ;) I tried to steal it from the official website but unfortunately idnya nada kana buat -_-' So i tried everyway yg possible lah. As you can see arah above atu, townnya satu ganya ah which is the sunset valley.

After all those hardwork, i finally found out how to add the new town

See btambah ah =') Riverview town :p

Wahh~ here i come ;D 1st map balum plang beexplore =D

one of the car yg i added ;) cool, muscle kali errrs byeee~

and i didn't delete it syee :p Impossible XD

❤S, RR

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