Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Such a lonely day

After yesterday's handball and futsal, my legs felt sangal and tired pasal lama dah nada belari so much haha~ Especially after futsal lah cause i was like hangih-hangih -_-' bukan lagi like, hangih-hangih dah wah haha. Physics, teacher was kinda disapponited pasal she caught most of the boys nada mmbuat past years question atu :D Me and abid lagi dapan-dapan teacher since she was using the ohp, dua-dua lagi yg nada harapan when it comes to hws XD ada plang but malas -_-' but still nada harapan jua masih, ada but malas, but nada harapan, but . . . =D Chem practical was kinda confusing~ and stats was boring pasal buat past year papers lagi, but not for me lah pasal i just sat in the class and tried everyway to start a conversatioon =D Malas kan buat eatah haha. PE handball was ok but kinda disappointed jua sikit pasal bnyak bolos haha~ but we won plang :D ndangnya, keeper thingy hehe~

As i went home yesterday, i realised that my right leg sakit pasal someone happened to kick it accidentically masa futsal, si jaz maybe haha =p. Then my left feet sakit jua, i can't stand one feet using it, kalau inda would end up falling -_-' and also my butt sakit, but not the cheeks eyh~ Atu healthy tu and strong as always haha, nyaman jua, fresh my butt haha apakan XD banar~ nda caya? :p

See jubur siapa tu yg d centre ah =p "mcm baga," hahaha that was the comment in my fs. Fs ah, bkan fb :p, from si nawal kali haha~ Owh yeah, yesterday i went there, saja mencheck apa ada haha~ Wow panya ada org yg still active heheh. I'm thinking bout activing it balik wawawa, awu poklen~ who cares :p ThEy mAh FaMiLyZz XD. So vote for the butts people =D

So as i was saying, not the cheeks eyh :p Somewhere arah the bone, tulang jubur =D but nada terasa plang unless if i think bout it :D How to cure it? Jgn pikirkan haha~ is it really sakit banar-banar or just my imagination? ofcourse lah banar apaakann~ haha. I'm trying very hard XD If you get what i mean =D

Todayyyyyyyy was such a boring lonely day~ baik pulang awal balik tu haha. Well as you all know . . . or not, inda kan inda tau kan. Well perigi wah wawawa, nvm :D Eatah kan, every wednesday nada afternoon class. Since today was A.maths June for O, eatah ramai yg ngambil~ so i was loner tadi -_-' Awal sama aiman and aqil but then they went jalan to aewon? drang bawa plang but i didn't ikut since drang ada date, asi-asi rasanya haha. So there was i, sitting alone d canteen makan chips slowly hoping that by the time abis makan it would be 4 sudah where the exam would abis dah so ada jua kan dgn :D. It was 1.50 ,1 chip in . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . 3 . . . . . 4 . . . . 5 . . . 6789101112 . . abis haha~ 1.55 blum batah -_-' org exam pun balum start XD

Thankfully by 2 si syafiq picik came to dgn i pasal classnya cancelled~ wohoo. Then came wilson tarus-tarus bagi cards and automatically main big 2 :D the 4th person ubah-ubah, awal-awal si fauzi, then nas, then aiman rash, zaim, dano and zaim again =D To make the game more interesting, si aiman rash left a cup of cold waternya arah table ah and ea balik dah, so siapa kalah will have to drink 3 lines of water dari cup ah haha~ We assumed that the water nada brapa bersih since si aiman rash was kinda sweaty masa minum it haha, but actually bersih wah ganya our mind can't accept it XD So the people yg ampit minum was me 3 lines, Zaim 3 lines ( Well masa ea dramatic sikit ni pasal ea kan muntah2 minum ah haha, air jua ganya XD) syafiq 3 lines and grand finale was syafiq again but this time abis kan the whole cup haha and he happened to muntah kan balik to the cup and minum it again, ewww~ XD

I lost about $7 today -_-' eatah i decided kalau nada papa balik saja eyh haha. So tomorrow ada test physics and i haven't study, after this lah :) Hws and Cws chem lagi, GP current affairs lagi -_-' Sikit jua ah =p Hopefully result kluar esuk~ BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

❤S, RR

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