Friday, June 5, 2009


Gooood subuh people~ I am so sleepy but i mustn't fall asleep pasal i don't want to :D I want sampai the time i really can't hold it anymore hehe. So and again~ boros lagi today, $5. I am officially broke -_-

Physics test was so so hard -_-' even if blajar pun useless kali~ Awal-awal the mcqs were quite ok, inda plang heheh. Then i started answering the structured question after spending about 15 minutes arah mcq. Skalinya no.1 dah payah haha. Answered everything antam-antam :D Then teacher announced masa abis so i checked lah if smua dah be answer, i happened to flip the paper accidentically and i found out there was actually question no. 4 and 6 O_o which i didn't answer!!! ='( 6 and 4 were actually the easiest among all -_-' Biar tia eyh~ RETEST!! wohoo haha kalau ramai fail jua :) 

GP was ooo~ gilerrs. My environment current affairs balum siap, balum bebuat actually :D Eatah teacher minta plang but aku mcm nada saja tadi, acting deaf =D mcm nda tau apa-apa haha but i think ea paham my reason/excuse. So saturday paksa tah antar all 5 ni huhu. I actually borrowed two current from aqil but i don't wanna use it pasal tatot kanadapatan XD

CCA was kinda boring pasal kami hiking ke bukit arah salambigar~ Nothing much there, i was the cameraman saja for the BOYS TREE MAN ; ayyub aiman tawa joules jazmi and najwan =p. The place nda brapa siuk and most of the area ada this bau busuk eeee~ To be in detail, bau shitzzzz XD but besides the disadvantages, ada jua advantage wah. The forest ada this old big very tall tree which is so so to the very cool. Banar~ pasal the tree mcm lama banar dah and ada dinosaur's track =O

Hairy jua that leg, not mine tu eyh =p So the track nada tah banar tu =D Next week i won't be joining hiking ='( pasal i'm joining the MS-open tennis. Balik to school we were kinda late for chem sudah, but then kana hasut lagi tu akhir sikit masuk class oleh ainaa and the gang~ but me being a good boy and role model student, i said NO! just as saying no to smoking haha~ but they were too strong, they bribed me with an ice cream. I was lost for a while, day dreaming~ Mmm nyaman itoh eskim :D but then after abis makan, drang yg awal naik haha =p

After class LIME ada match against ALPHA, 2 - 2. The weather was so really hot -_-' Global warming~ =O plus i lost my mood kan main since they were still playing cara basah and a supposed to be defender jadi an all time striker, wth? What happened to the word 'position'? Inda apalah, on our next match i won't be complaining anymore pasal i have decided to main solo, it's tamak time. Biar  drang mental haha. After that played with the juniors, form 4 kali or 3. Then with the seniors.

I went to hospital to visit mah nenek~ Yg bnrnya hari ini kau datang riang tersenyum buat ku senang haha apakan, yg bnarnya hari ani my nini (4th june) beputung kaki again but nada jadi. Maybe on saturday. This time kaki kirinya lagi but half of the feet saja. So mcm ok lah~ rather than masa kanan which was till just below the knee o_O.


❤S, RR

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