Thursday, June 25, 2009

A whole new ex

. . . perience~ haha :p So lastnight there was a last minute plan from them fatlee and azlan, meliat DPMM play at the national's stadium. I was kinda late as usual, but when i came king aslan was the only one yang ada =p Few seconds later ada tia si jon and fatlee. Wow~ great timing, nada jua payah wait kan. I don't like waiting, waiting are for waiters =p Apakan~ nada deyh ;D So the match was so fun. Well in the first half when DPMM scored, they ran to our site. Just at the bottom :) Mcm wow~ nice choice haha. Hoping to buy a drink outside during the second half, but too bad nada boleh kluar -_-' if kluar nada bleh masuk lagi -_-' Luckily ada yg bejual jua di dalam :), but the minuman is tooooo manissssss!!! Eatah awal abis because nyaman!! XD

Second half started and we were sitting at the opposite site, and again DPMM scored dua lagi and they ran again arah our site, wow~ Majal haha XD So they won 3 - 0. Yes we were right when it comes to celebrations, but when it comes to membagi hadiah? We were totally far away haha =D DPMM squad were giving and throwing soft red heart shaped pillows to the supporters eatah :D Balik i ikut my cousin abg boy aka kong. Azlan too and jon. Joules was there too, he was with kong awal sudah. So awal-awal we antarer king aslan back to Narnia then kami ke pasar malam.

After that we went to MS, yes MS :p We were so semangat kan belajar wah eatah nada sabar XD. There ada MS's scouts, eatah kami chilled saja sana since they were having karaoke. I guess that's what they would do dalam hutan nanti XD The famous chinese womanizer pun ada sana, si wilson wawawa. Nada wah son ;D So we were there from about 11.30++ till 4.00+ in the morning :D. Me and jon were menaie palating ghost hunting. We went to the top arah tingkat three with just one small torchlight lalu ramp ah. Eatah at the top we were walking from slow to fast ikut situation, flashing everywhere we could hoping to meet/see something XD then we stopped just before the boys toilet atas skali. The door was widely opened and we slowly took a peek, slowly. Then i happened to chicken out and ran away, leaving si jon behind. Ikut tia jua ea ani blari. We ran sampai ke canteen =D. We even went to asrama jua, refill ;) It was fun, ONE NIGHT SCOUT EXPERIENCE bah tu haha.

Feeling so sleepy so i went to sleep tarus around 4.30 ah zzzzzeeeeerrrruuulllzzzz~ Yes that's how i snore :p Cute ey? Wawawawa. I woke up at 12.00 knowing i was late sudah for jalans. So rush rush rush and suprisingly i was kinda early haha. Pasal usually mcm half an hour late, even an hour jua haha. Ani about 15 minutes saja. Kewll~. Watched transformers today with syee and the gang. Cmana jua? It was the only movie abilibal :D One movie saja, no others. It was so crowded, i could even feel orang punya wet armpits after lapas dari sampit-sampit atu. Eeewww~ nada deyh, just a joke wawawawa :D Laugh lah sikit =p We were dapan skali -_-' nada plang sangal cause pernah dah. Mata saja juling pasal it kept on rolling from left to right then left again. The movie was great but tulong~ too long :p. Went home, well i was sent by syee. Lain rasanya haha =D

❤S, RR

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