Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yabadabeduu~ Laju2 :p

Toyarrrdd :D So lastnite abg bawa ke rf L4D, ea lanja $1.20. Gila bnyak wah tu, for orang bankrupt =D So i got a headache after playing it for 1 hour and actually got bored of it, maybe pasal ada bot atu kali :) So the next 1 1/2 hrs, i slept wawawa~ Yes there arah rf ah haha. Bangun tarus balik ;)

So today was supposed to be the music day yg arah arah french telanai atu, but sadly it was postponed -_-' Ramai sudah orang datang, they told us through e-mail that they sent 10 days ago ke ms but kami nada kana inform. That was before holiday jua tu -_-' They also mentioned that the news wasn't widely spread. Antam tah eyh~ smangat dah awal datang, i was the second to arrive actually ;) Why? Pasal saya bawa presea, barat tu :p Yeah!! Kana lapas lah heheh~

So before kesana i actually went to serusop's shell cause abg told me lastnite if jalan bawa the car there to pump the tire. Another new experience ;) Set it to thirty, buka the pucung ( that's the penutup arah tyre for preventing the air kluar ;) i'm not making it up, banar kali ah atu namanya in brunei :p ) So awal-awal kiri, ok ok, Then when it came to the kanan part, the pucung happened to slip away from my fingers and temasuk arah lubang itu tyre~ Yes i panicked =p pasal maybe payah jalan without the pucung cause the air would just go out of the tyre due to pressure, maybe lah :D hee~ So i cabut the rims just to cari it, then nada jua. I don't actually know how to put back the rims O_o i hit here and there and salah jua, last-last luckily it mau. Then a car mau use the pump so paksa move the car, fuhh~ Luckily i saw the pucung laying on the ground. So laju-laju ambilled it and fashang :) My hands were dirty -_-'

So knowing the band was cancelled, smua orang paksa balik. There's no use jua wah kalau stay. So me and king aslan decided to lepaks at ayen's since ea yg paling ampir but unfortunately ea nada drumah, instead he was at JPMC's. So we went there lah. Met khai/rudy sana jua so kami chilled till 2. Sent King Aslan balik belakun at kiarong. Me went home. I was about 110km/h tadi, gilerrs bari takut XD I could fell the car flying off the road but landed at the same time =D Doesn't make sense right? Don't worry, nada banar tu trabang ah ;). Home, me became zombie =D laparrs yaw, since pagi atu nada makan pasal i was expecting a buffet from the french which nada menjadi. Beaaaa xp

I spent most of the day liat Hell's Kitchen S1 saja. Waiting for S2 to siap saja lagi :D. Server update luckily dapat sambung, but from another percentage. Now it's 30% saja so i'm guessing a GOODBYE~ =p

❤S, RR

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