Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm the 'TAXI' . . .

. . . yang baik hati xp

Shiiit~ I haven't revise anything yet, neither maths nor chem. It's 12.30AM, did something useless for the whole day but fun eatah ketagihan and that was all because abang introduce it to me -_-' TQ =p wawawa nda plang belajar olehnya.

Just some comparison of the before and after


BEFORE : (2 months ago)


Need i say more? ;p Ooh ya~ i just realised that each license the colour ikut the payment haha, i mean warna duhit bah duhit ;D

Yes? ok then, 'more' =p I met najib yesterday (tuesday) masa mengambil this at JPD sg. akar, i think he just finished his undang-undang test and his driving school is same-same like me, mahabumi~ As i expected it to be pasal masa di canteen i happened to saw him revise the notes which was 'exactly' the same. I was so lucky to get it earlier pasal people yg idk bila will have their test arah sg akar sudah tempat the new area where ramai kata orang payah, idk banar kah inda pasal macam sanang saja~ macam jee~ :p According to ishak plang tu :D and according to news payyypaahhh, ummm apa ni? Oww~ candidates must pass the small test dulu, dalam kawasan baru atu then barutah the big test which will be arah open road. I think they're seriuos about it pasal they even state it with a reason, to educate a much better responsible road users/driver, something cematulah yang dalam radiu ah~ Nada me brapa mendangar ;D

Ok i think that's enough rite? Enough is enough hye hye hye bye bye bye

❤S, RR

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