Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not as expected

haha i know~ buntu menunggu :p It has been a week sudah nada beupdate :D That's all because of laziness and busy yaw. I've done a lot of things~ nada plang haha. Just, been travelling a lot saja, on the road ;D Y'know, freedom kali ah buleyyyhh :p

Let me start off with last week, summary plang saja ni kalau dapat ;D ;

Ok~ thursday,

The first time brought tucson to school, so heavy yaw :p Pasal presea was still with the spare tyre on. Petangs i balik around 3 and joules joined me. Saya beradu for one hour from 4 - 5PM which made a total of 2hours sleeptime for the day. I was addicted with this game introduced by my abg eatah nada betidur wawawa~ So just as soon as i woke up, i found out that tucson ilang O_o?? Shiite~ We were gonna watch HP at kiulap's but the transport ilang. Rusak plan -_-' So me and joules used presea saja instead with the spare on, went to MTSSR hoping to meet my abg there so that dapat tukar mantuka ;D Sadly ea nada sana. He was at kiarong.

So tabak saja tia presea atu. Ambil the scoffers :p Aiman and Jrund, then muaz. We were on time lah for the show. Balik we went to gdg kajapzz cause Jrund balik there and kami took the chance to rightround-rightround. Sent Aiman balik first pasal tempatnya berijap haha. Then barutah muaz, but tempatnya ani sama jua 2x5 nya XD pasal it's dalam-dalam eatah. Come on, tengah malam kali ah and alone lagi, siapa jua nada takut. It was my first time alone malam-malam =D I always thought that something would appear whenever i look at the back mirror. Sakiri yaw!! Especially the red light of the brakes. That's the bad thing of balik akhir sorang wawawawa =D




Went to stadium in the night to watch DPMM play. Was with king aslan and muaz. Syarif was there with 'batch' nya :p The match was fun to watch. Masa balik the workers yang arah pizza hut corner were desperate to sell their pizzassss. They sold it $5 for two small boxes of pizza. Usually $5 for 1. Untung bah tu~ Apa lagi, rezeki jangan di tolak. Yes! As i mentioned above, saya takut balik alone so i offered muaz to have a sleepover at mine's ;D. Balik kerumah dia kajap, eyah sanggup haha then went to send azlan balik~


Attended the schoolband iru pagi. We were learning theory of music. Gilerrs confusing wah haha. It's for the upcoming exam for grade 1 in music which will be in october/november, buntu utak :p Sent muaz home. Ptg went to gdg with me love one. I was bankrupt, and still am =D. Y'know what people will do to someone yang bankrupt kan :p So yes, thank you for everything wawa =D




Had the Australian English Competition, didn't finish it wawawa and i was so sleepy sampai membaca pun dah melimpang haha. Went to JPD with kong to check presea for the new road tax and wow there were ramai orangss. It was my 1st time to do all this thingy, kinda sanang plang but scary haha. They checked the engine first to make sure nada berubah. Then jalan arah thib black thingy and stop there, awal-awal the front tyres then the back. The black thingy atu will turun kebawah and roll the tyres. Our job is follow the instruction above, arah sign board berkelip-kelip haha. Then further front tempat test steering wheel, i don't know how it works but it worked, haha apakan~

Then kong minta antar to MD cause ea kan main frisbeeee sama teman tapi mesranya :p but i had to go round lagi ke kadai bali one marlboro red softpack cigarette, eyah baru tau ada softpack =D si hadi tau dah ni eyh :p, for one of my relatives yang ada working arah JPD ah, and yes~ paksa lagi kesana. By the time siap semua it was 4 sudah. So tarus went to rf cause them aiman was there sudah. Played for 1 hour then mood me ok time atu so o offered to hantar everyone yang ada balik haha. From muaz to aiman and lastly to mizan and fadli. As i got home, i realised that something was missing in the car, hmmm~ apa ah? THE PAPERS AFTER THE JPD!!! which included the car's blue card. Daymn~ mana ah? Then there was a message for an apology, from mizan asteee :p Ea tebawa turun all the papers ah panya, so apa lagi? paksa tah jalan lagi arahnya =p By 7 baru tah balik. So tired yaw~


I arrived school at 7.00 ngam-ngam. Empty handed XD Siall~ i forgot to bawa my bag wawawawawawawawawawa!!!!!!!!!!!! Talur eyh, first thing in the morning sudah wah terjadi, giiilee benerrr~ Balik lagi -_-' Masa otw masuk simpang, my parents were there kan kluar. My mom gave me a thumbsup mcm " aah~ bagus! eatah kau nah, " hahaha so i smiled saja wawawa ;D Me aiman azlan fatlee opened our won mini-cybah at the canteen using our extension wires yang kami bawa dari rumah. We had to stick the wire to the wall and ground so people nada tekait, mun tekait tetutup semua wah tu haha. We used the HEP's sellotape, fatlee plang yang mengambil tu where he got into trouble haha :p We were joined later by amin shrek and gurka ;D Either ayyub or jaz yang closed the main power supply eatah tetutup semua -_-' mine and fatlee's plang saja tu pasal nada battery haha. Our cyber tutup at 12 pasal the petangs kite-kite main bolak ;D

Went home around 4, and guess what, otw balik i forgot to bawa my extension wire so paksa pusing balik haha. Then as i was busy wiping dirt off the car, king msged me that ea minta ambil at rimba and antar at jigsaw's berakas. Awu saja tia.

Having license changes things in my life which included my freedom. Our plan was to have a sleepover at nunu's but sadly my parents disallowed me~ Gilerrs~ 1st time bah tu nada kana suruh haha. They told me that kalau kan jalan, jalan tah and cukup jam balik. So ertinya i can jalan sampai pukul brapa saja lah but mesti balik and no sleepovers -_-' Daymn~ sadih jua ah haha. So proceed to paln B, paln spontaneous plang tu wawawa, i offered ayyub and aiman arah my palace saja, weseh~ haha, and they agreed. So went to nunu's at 7, but before jalan my dad asked me one thing

" Kau kan tidur sana kah? "

haha i knew it!! i knew it that they're gonna let me :p but conforim plang ada syarat tu pasal menurut tonenya cmatulah ;D but i straight away told him a no and explained everything with a wohooo! =p Lagipun it was too late sudah to say a yes. Arrived at nunu's balum jua mandi ea ani -_-' packing pun nada :p haha. Around 8 ent to aiman's. Jalan but paksa pusing lagi pasal aiman forgot bajunya, yes he was half-naked masa dalam kerita :p haha nada lah~ baju PPBnya, but pedah jua pasal the next day nada jua ea main :p Kikik lah konon ;p

We went to gdg saja and to pasar malam. Ate arah davy jones, gilerrs~ ages bah sudah nada kesana. Bejurit ah sana ah, so kami contribute jua sampah kami wawawawa! It was about 10.30 sudah so kami went to stadium hoping ada orang buat donut or apakan but nada~ Instead kami ke blakang hockey stadium saja, at that very moment, on that spot, where the moon shines down upon us, we gazed above, nada papa yaw hahahah =D Kami chilled saja sana and spent time teaching aiman and nunu for an hour ;D It was fun haha pasal mati-mati engine XD Not them but also their teacher, me XD. 12.00 arrived home and played CS, but akhir plang main cs, about an hour after arriving lah due to technical problem, salah password wawawa!


Arrived at school around 8+ pasal sorang-sorang ahkir bangun haha. Our mini-cybah changed location sudah arah room D104 ;D much cooler pasal ada aircond wawawa. Membuntu arah class atu saja till 2 main against N arah futsal. The game was kinda boring pasal nada bnyak kana pass and PPB kept on kan kdapan saja where it was payah time atu and tarang-tarang di bawah lagi sanang, masih jua kedapan dorang asak bula ah -_-' Eventhough we won, masih jua nada puas hati pasal bida wah cara main, next time solo saja ku eyh wawawawa :p So guys, don't let me get the ball the next time ;D Pass lah jua sikit-sikit XD

Had to go around 3 to send nunu balik and sent adimu to gdg and me to kiulap to ambil my mom. Wow~ i can see myself in different roles/part/situation right now~ Used chery pasal i wanna relax a bit since it's auto but i found out that it was menyangalkan kaki teplang hahaha =D Pasal kalau manual dua kaki kan and dua-dua sangal eatah mcm nada terasa since dua-dua sama but auto 1 kaki saja eatah terasa haha. Went to bandar with mom, balik and fell asleep pasal lalah wawawawawa~

❤S, RR

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