Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out of luck

I didn't went to school today :D cause my hw nada siap wawawa. Lastnite i was about to do it which was around 11+ i think, then i was distracted instead by something or should i say someone? :p in a good way lah ;) I was sleepy sudah around 3am so i decided to take a nap kajap for half an hour. So i set my alarm, then masa bebunyi i snoozed it, so the next 15 minutes bunyi again and snoozed again. Every 15 minutes lah bebunyi and everytime bebunyi i snoozed XD This goes on till i realised it was 6.00 sudah. Then barutah sadar that there's no way i'm gonna finish my hws =D Menyasal eyh -_-'. So i told mummeyh skolah tutup by me =D and she agreed, so sambung saja tidur, by the time i woke up 11 tia dah. I planned kan skulah to main but i guess nda jua ada so nada tah jadi :D

Yesterday was disastrous ='( Inda plang~ a new experience saja haha. Yeah~ for the past two days my mum allowed me to drive presea to school sudah. That's why awal saja :D Nada plang awal banar, but depends lah, ada jua yg awal banar. Saja so sanang cari parking. Eatah kemarin PPBs were jamming kan eatah i sent them there, not far, sbalah jua saja. Did 2 trips pasal inda kan beasak-asak :p

2nd trip were azlan fatlee sofian and wilson. Masa kan masuk hua ho mcm stuck lah so i took the jalan yang dapan sikit yang ke ayamku. Naik the small bukit, since it was kinda panjang jua but shorter than hua ho's i kinda balanced sikit d bukit pasal kan slowly naik. Then all of a sudden ada tia this black mercedes coming from the left side. So i kinda stopped lah to bagi jalan and mercedes ani stop tia jua, mcm membagi jalan. Apalagi~ i jalan lah then ea ani jalan tia jua -_-' mcm kalau dtaruskan bleh accident wah, and gila wah tu~ Ea mercedes, aku ani apa jua ganya. Cmana kan membayar =D So i brake mengajutlah just to avoid it and the the car mati engine, on the bukit lagi tu -_-' Handbrake!! Then the baie chinese kali or driver mercedes atu melintas mcm nada -_-' Buset!!! If my car was a big foot i would just pihit your car =p

Then masa on the bukit atu ada tia kereta laju-laju went to the right side, mat saleh i think and he was pointing to the bottom, i don't know mengapa. Just as soon as naik the bukit we could feel the car singit sebalah and ada bunyi basi and makin barat. Ohhh shiiit! tayar pancit!!! Luckily ada empty park space nearby. So we all went out to take a look and, banar-banar~ So opened the boot, fuh~ luckily ada spare tyre~ Tools untuk open the tyre, to lift the car hi-jack kah? I think :D

We all had our roles, sofian lifting the car, wilson and fatlee buka tayar pancit, me and azlan buka spare tyre. The spare tyre was kinda rusty, inda plang. I mean kana water yg rust eatah mcm rusty tia on the rubber and it was kinda small, eyah baru tau =D None of us know how to change tyre, atleast ada pakar lah, sofian :p Mcm he know what to do, so kami buatlah. We even took turns sofian's role :D Took us about 10-20 minutes i think, success!! First time bah tu smua ;D So we learnt something new.

Luckily the tyre pancit masa 2nd trip, i mean what if it was masa first trip with drang ayyub joules aiman and syafiq. Would we ba able to do that? We never know, nanti tah :p or what if it was masa i was alone after the first trip ah, gilerrs~

Went to 4ace's jalan kaki sajaa~ There was nothing much to do there except for cuci tangan so me fatlee and king aslan pergi ke rf kan main l4d but unfortunately l4d nada sana ah pasal they're updating their pc's so played cs saja. It was fun~ Balik~ i antar-ed them to school pasal i have to ambil my bag. We went through jalan belakang arah flats and the kerita mengandats yaw, 2 times. Kuat lagi bunyinya, arghh!! Pasal tha car singit sbalah cause of the spare tyre. I went slow saja about 40-50 km/h, takut apa-apa :D

As i got home, nada org drumah except amah lah~ I msged both my parents about it, then my mom called asking where abg was pasal he told my mom that i'm the one yang kan ambil her but abg had training. Not long after that ada tia another call, it was from abg, he was on his way home and suruh start engine kijang pasal ea kan pakai atu saja and ea suruh me pakai the tucson to ambil mom and kiulap and i did. Wow~ driving tucson ani mcm bus pasal it's kinda tinggi to me and the brake nada that sensitive, mesti deep deep yaw and i had a fight with the gear, kan bkaras ah haha :p. I was sitting straight haha. Balik i mom saja yang drove it pasal tatot i XD

Suprisingly, both my parents mcm mcdoncare saja about pancit ah. They're ok with it lah pasal they knew that the tyre will burst anytime haha =D Mom even told me that i was better compared to my abg couple of years ago where masa the tyre pancit ea nada buat apa-apa except for calling my parents and minta tolong hahaha :p Atleast saya cuba berdikari yaw, with kawans haha. I don't know when tyre gonna change the tyre, till then i'll be staying at home saja. Do nothing :D


atleast there's one thing left not right or wrong XD that makes me still insecure on the road, license haha. Tyre abis sudah, abis banarrr =p

❤S, RR

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