Monday, July 27, 2009


Haha kata nada mau talked bout it here =p

"Do i care about you?"

"Do i miss you?"

"Do i even still love you?"

I still can't believe those kind of questions came to me. I was really shocked by it but i found it funneyh at the same time cause it feels like in a movie lah ;D

The answer to that is,

NO!!! . . . . . . to no :p Which means YES lah~ Giiila kali. How can i not love you nor miss you? After all the things we shared together for the past 8-9 months? Sorry for not answering those questions cause I believe i don't have to, do i even need to answer it? Cause i know the answers are obvious sudah, that's why i kept smiling saja and instead i kept on asking you what time you'll be going home :) I don't wanna see you cry, it hurts but sadly today i had to. I don't know why but i just had to ;(

I don't need to reassure you :) Understand 'FOREVER AND ALWAYS' you'll be ok dear ;D


I LOVE YOU ;D sorry ;)

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