Sunday, July 5, 2009

Take a smile :)

Hehehe~ gilerrs ;D. So i've been sleeping late saja for the past 3 days, which was around 5, but bangun awal -_-'. Well ofcourse lah tidur balik wawawawa XD.

Sooooo thursday, nothang much~ playrd futsal at JKR's from 1 till 5. It was fun it was fun :) but things did get a little bit on the edge. There were 4 teams kah altogether. Actually 2, PPB and OUTS, but takut sanak or keboringan so ayen bawa a team yg ea kenal from JPMC not long ago and mizan bawa team cousinnya. Thingas were smooth awal-awal, smoooth as in lancar, ofcourselah ada kasar atu but that depends on cmana orang atu main lah. Asal saja nada kelaie. Both teams yg invited by us played 3 games each, supaya fair pasal they paid $10 saja. The last 1 hour the futsal was for PPB and OUTS saja and kami suruh invited teams balik. Ayen's mau balik, but Mizan's~ -_-'

Team cousinnya ani buat masalah wah, pasal awal-awal drang didn't paid fully. $10 jua ganya, drang brapa orang -_-' Goblok~ So si mizan sama tia jua gilanya, ea minta bayar arah OUTS instead which created another problem, luckily OUTS ani team kamching yaw XD After this and that, team cousin si mizan ani membayar tia jua full payment but this time with an extra payment of $5 just so they could play for another 1 last game. Si mizan ani skati tia jua agreed without our approval pasal as i said, last hour atu untuk PPBouts saja. So i disagreed and suruh mizan balikkan the money. Si gay ani happened to chicken out =p badan saja tough.

One of them came to me while i was resting menikmati air peluh saya yang mengalir dengan begitu indah =D and you know what, he wanted me to go arah kawan-kawanya atu pasal kan berunding. HUH??!! Wa da hel!! Is that how they deal with people? Cawey, they're the one who should come to me pasal they were the one yang kan mau merunding. Goblok~ So i told them that lah, yang they were the one ah. Blablablabla, i kept my ego, come on~ inda kan mengalahkan XD So ea mental, his name was si 2ND Hazzar i think aka vovy, oooo takutnyeee =p I stayed arah my spot lah and i won pasal ea lari balik arah fWeNzzNYa.

Then one of them came again, kali ani yg sopan, kalau tadi yang i hate ani yg i'm in love with wawawawa =D He was ok, he's gots thes poinnts~ I mean nada jua payah kan bekasar kali ah berunding ani. So then i bawa-bawa maths XD I told them that they played 3 games sudah which was 14minutes each game, 3 x 14 = 42minutes. They paid for $10, JKR is $20 an hour. Soooo for $10 they should played for 30minutes saja but they had extra 12 minutes since kami ani orang baik, but pasal drang nada mau-mau, eatah i was like kinda belurus bekira-kira atu haha. 12/60 = 1/5. 1/5 of 20 = $4 which mean they would have to pay for an extra of $4, kalau nada mau-mau lah :p So the guy yang i was talking to was bangang pasal maths atu hahaha so ea panggil tia kawannya and finally cousin si mizan yang babal ani datang tia jua. Dingdingdingding, i won!! haha pasal ea ngaga XD. Again~ explain lagi haha, but this time i told about keadilan yg drang invited team saja, kami punya game, kami ada hak, kamu ada dahak =D The end~ but he was so cawie, mcm kanak-kanak

"Eyyh! aku nada ku mau-mau ni!" katanya and he was looking there and here mcm orang merajuk, menjeling-menjeling menjelita lah pokoknya :D

Si hazzar 2nd then came, nda mau-mau lah ea dgn mentalnya atu, nada mau-mau kan kalah~ Not long after that sama juanya lari, lucky me, bini you XD. Since me ani orang baik so me ooooh puulanggkan cinta hati kuuu~ =D Duit drang yg extra $5 atu, $1 tu banar saja yg extra =p We played the rest of the game happily ever after

I don't know why cousin si mizan ani kasar-kasar, ada anti-zeerul kali XD but si mizannya sendiri baik, gay :p the oppositelah, fadli also not to forget =D. Awal-awal si malik, who happened to be my BeSTfwEn4eVAh =D Yang this one, idk siapa namanya, i thought he was better than malik wah, skalinya he was about the same -_-' Nanti-nanti siapa kah lagi :D All and all, i shouldn't do things cmatu atu banarnya, yg bekira-kira ah pasal it's for fun wah =D mun sudah nada mau-mau, hey you what to do :p, and i have a secret, not a real secret actually pasal ramai tau, kinda =D My apologies to PPB2 pasal last match kamu with cawie atu was actually 5mins each instead of 7 wawawawa. =D

Nothing much tapi panjang :p, sooo skip to saturday pasal friday nada papa, mama ajeee XD I actually played the sims 3 masa friday, first time :D It was actually fun haha but baru buat orang tu and building my house. Awal-awal i designed it the same as my real house, sama brabis :p but the roof spoiled it so delete smua and buat baru. 2nd time i was designing it mcm castle like where the area were surrounded by water and ada crocodile arah water atu but nada XD aaand while doing the water ada tia idea lain, i created an underground rumah which was dalam berabis. My house was 4 stories and smuanya underground and there was like another 10 stories lagi to reach ground level~ but sadly ada limit till 4 saja huhu. Then i started to raise the ground yg siring-siring so it could look like rumah setan and the roof bullate~ lawa ;D to me haha and i forgot to screenshot, but then adayg spoil pasal it's hard to create stairs to reach to the bottom wawaw. So nada tia jadi smua XD

As i was saying haha, saturday which was yesterday :D Eatah nothing much jua wawawawa. Last night Joules Kong and Jon came kerumah around 8.00 pasal si Joules kan buat dia punya stats HW and ea nada the past year paper, rajin eyh. He took about 4 hours to finish 1 paper :p Pasal melarat this and that. They went home around 4. My room was a mess and even more when they came, kacang mun joule -_-'. Ok itu aja~ Boring? Sorray :p can't help it ;D Ketawa lah ;p HAHAHAHAHA (wohooo~ you laughed, dalam hati =p and by reading that HAHAHAHAH and the HAHAHAHA just before and before this xp maybe right now jua :D or not. NNNVVVMMM) Off to sunset valley ;D bye~

❤S, RR

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