Monday, August 10, 2009

See you on the other side


I was hoping there would be an assembly as told by others but nada jua~ untuk form 3 sja. I didn't do my chem hws lagi masatu pasal confident haha but luckily nada kana tanya or maybe ada but nda mendangar :D Stats, pretty much concentrate doing the normal distribution, i don't know why haha. Macam mengajut rajin, for that particular time plang saja tu hee ;D

It was narnia king aslan's and and muiz mumin great wall of china's birtthday, HAPPY BELATED YOU GUYS, LONG LIFE CHEAP FOODS ;D and yeah, we did sang a birthday song for them di canteen, macam biasa lah. Si muiz twice :p skali lagi at physics lab where we sang + the perabuk hand clap haha XD Y'know where you straighten your hands real tight and clap ;D GP we were in the computer lab for a research of our presentation but nada menjadi pasal the connection ilang and ada so it was pretty much useless, inda plang~ Macam freeeee time jua lah haha

Aslan lanja that tengahhari ;D Pasal kami dapat ea punya walelt yang ilang masa friday :D and i went home around 1.30~ Skalinya apanah~ masa drumah tutup karan -_-' useless haha. It made me fell asleep eatah nyaman!! :D but kana bangunkan -_-' pasal had to send them nadiah wardeena ugama. By the time i got home buka tia sudah, nada tia btidur :D

Woken up by a call from aslan around 6.30+, kata nada tidur XD Well last minute tetidur eatah haha~ They said they were on their way to danial's then baru tah me~ Kami kan jalan liat DPMM, me malas hendak memandu eatah minta ambil saja pasal i wanna rehat haha but then i cahnged my mind to drive myself saja ksana but drang nada tia mau-mau jua kan ngmbil so awu saja tia. The match was sadang eventhough manang 2 - 0 and there were 7 0f us i think. Me chubs aslan najwan danial buboy hafiz, do the math :p Around 11.00 was it? got home and chow

The next day, tuesday~ which was yesterday

Awu~ Sunday bah :p I woke up as early as 7.00 but datang for the band at 9+ huahuahua~ Dasar pemalas :D They were at the audi, and ada new instrumentssss! Gila wah all shiny ;D I got promotion sudah ke snare hehe :D Maybe tomb-tomb jua, ntah lah :D See lawa kan ;)

Ayyub got his clarinet, almost 1 year or waiting sudah hahaha.

Qawiem got the SEX-OH-PHONE XD soxophone bah :D

and shrek si tamak!! He got both bass drum and tuba, yang basar-basar :p

We learnt how to tune the drums and jaga. With the new instrument ada new agrreement, mesti everytime datang -_-' Masa balik ada photo session, nanti tah mencuri the pics haha. Then masa balik si shrek kana ambil pakai echo huahauhauahua =D coley lah pasal he had to asak all the instruments :p

I went home kajap makan then jalan to pick up fatlee and went to thye's foodcourt where we met aslan there~ So kami chill saja sana, online poker wawawawa. I was bankrupt, not even a cent, credit ganya =D atupun nada jua sebrapa eatah had to depend on them hehe ;D Went home kajap while dorang dua stay pasal i had to ambil my hoki stuff then tarus ambil wafil

Back to court, my client had trouble so i had to do my best and i won easily ;D Apakan~ I went back to the foodcourt bah =p by 4.00 we were off to stadium. Main pukul 4 but 4 baru jalan, brunieans :p Them fatlee and aslan meliat saja. Well nada berapa ramai eatah no matches, jangan kan matchES, MATCH pun nada haha~ but the drill was fun

Around 6+ abis then i changed my ewt clothes arah parking lot, malas lagi hahaha~ About to go

ME : Bah Qil, jalan~ *waves* eyh palui!!! Mana kunci O_o????????

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet of papers~ i left the kunci arah bonet and the bonet betutup sudah hauhuahuahuahu XD and i forgot to open the door~ and yes we were stucked, lali eyh haha. Had to call for my dad then ea datang with the spare key, kana sindir-sindir yaw, but inda apalah~ Tahan saja haha. I signalled money sign to my mom but ea nada paham haha. So jalan tah saja antar aslan and fatlee balik. On our way ada tia my parents ani sbalah, we were side by side on the road~ and talking hahaha. Then mom passed me $5 through the window while bajalan, haha roooggeedds~ Akibat malas kan branti from both sides, but the money nada jua bepakai haha. By 8.00 got home and chow again ;D

❤S, RR

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