Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I wasn't planning on going to school today cause ramai yg exam english so nothing will be going on kali but then around 10AM ada tia this two cars datang kerumah and tarus main bula outside the house, siapa lagi geng azlan and dano lah hahaha XD They came to my house to bawa me main DotA~ just to even up lah haha. Taie jua tu, sanggup ani ah, they're 9 of them and masuk aku so 10 tia

Balum plang mandi wawawa, and i was half naked masatu peeewwwiiit haha. Macam......rite now :p Imagine all you want XD Taie eyh apakan haha. So hit the shower then makan kajap, went to rf serusop aaaaandd it was closed -_-' So azlan and pian went to salambigar to makan. The rest decided to stay rather than going to gdg. Went to mama cafe and makansss. By 11.50 we went to rf balik and walaaa, BUKA :)

The game was funfunfun, sent others to school and i went back home to ambil my stuff pasal we planned on to main at school but before that went to send adimu to hospital arah nini. Dapat foods from KFC nyumnyum ;D went to school around 2.30 and arah cyber were only zaim and lut -__- pikir ramai. The others went for volley eatah. So we played one game but nada abis pasal i had to go to pick up wardeena from ugama by 3.3o

Ambil wardeena and antar balik and balik to school. Barutah drang ada~ One game saja atu pun nada abis, pedah eyh haha. Balik sent members biasa then straight away to hospital. Then makin boring boring boring haha. Went to rimba with mom. Balik. Then hospital again to dangani abg, well i slept saja in the car haha, so relax ;D

aaanddd now baru balik. Umm ok~ yesterday ada O's makan-makan, sempena apa idk haha. I brought mee, my mom made it and i kept convincing people yg atu aku buat but nada berjaya haha XD Siapa tah jua kan pecaya? -_-' Itu ajaaaa, boooo~


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