Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hallloooo~ haha bangas -_-' M

So went to aiman's house recently pasal ea opened, well masa sunday plg tu. The plan was to play DotA at gdg then went to everyone's house to ambil their lappies and meet up at shrek's and . . . yes we did that, apakan~ haha. After shrek's we went to aiman's but on our way kami singgah to amin's to bawa him. Mlayan tia jua ea ani, eventhough it was spontaneous. At aiman we stayed till 6AM haha. Gilerrrss~ me zaim and jon didn't actually sleep, joules ea jua kali i think

Oww before gdg we had to ambil joules from PTE katok eatah while waiting we played a game. Sorg-sorg thirsty and there was 2 tin cans of pepsi twist, 1 berisi and 1 empty. I drank a bit then masuk kan arah the empty 1 directly from my mouth. The game was to choose a tin can then drink it. Aiman and ayyub shared the same tin while jon solo. So siapa yg dapat my own made pepsi twist? Si jon~ EWWWWW hahahha XD Well actually i threatened them to play eatah

Ok 6AM ummmm but jgn silap, masa balik semuaa tidur arah kerita haha. Awal-awal sent amin balik, ambil zaim's stuff, then sent aiman to school. Sent jon balik then ambil my stuffs, joules's stuff then last-last arah nunu's. There me and zaim decided to sleep skajap but then nada menjadi pasal ada distraction, drum haha. So we ended up playing it. Showered there and breakfast then went to school. I was so so toired after th whole day nada betidur. Eatah balkik tarus tidur for abour 12hrs maybe haha. Atu banaaa :p

Tuesday, well this was where the daily school activity started. Pagi was volley ball in the gym against cigu PE biasanya then ptg DotA. Nothing to remember actually on that day haha

Wednesday, macam tuesday the pagi and ptg but malam nunu invited me to join them malam main bowling woth them arif since si qawiem lanja :D Since kana lanja makan jua kan so awu saja tia huahuahua. I decided to have a sleepover at nunu's, kana lapas jua ;D Invited joules, bu then last minute tukar plan. We decided to crash at syarif's palace saja :) The bowling was fun. Joules partner saya, we ended up in the 3rd place. Jaditah, awal-awal we were buruk ahaha. Sent amin balik, ambil joules's punya brg at sg. hanching and katok then nunu's brg. Around 1AM kali we arrived at syarif's

There played DotA saja, till around 4AM. Haha lalah~ Around 9 we went to nunu's before school. My barang tinggal again there, sama jua macam masa monday -_-' . DotA nada ramai tadi, idk why. Ramai lalah kali but still it was fun. Sent ayyub balik then went to kiulap to ambil mom. Suruh mom drove saja tadi cause i was tired. Eatah tidur saja all the way haha. BYE

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