Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well it depends

I just got home from hospital, menunggu in the car plang saja tu haha XD For the 1st time ever my dad was my passenger O_o what was worst that tadi atu pakai chery and it is autooo!!!! I have a bit problem with autos. 1) sangal 2) paksa meliat lagi dmana position R and D which makes me macam org nada pandai drive saja :D 3) confirm teruk haha especially after stopping XD pasal auto ani macam sensitive bah, baru sikit tarus zoom, belait tia~ apakan haha

So at 1st no comment kesana. Menunggu arah parking, then pindah ke parking near the lift yg dapan-dapan. Yg jalannya macam U ah, ada dua U~ Eeeeh you'll get me :p So i parked arah small U atu, then dad pergi ke toilet kali. Not long after that, i saw a lady in white with an old woman and an old guy. My visions ani nada jua seberapa plus it was malam and after raining eatah. I thought it was mom and nini bini buuut siapa old guy atu?

The lady in white atu lagi melia at me, so as dad got in the car i reversed and went nearer and turns out it wasn't my mom, oooooshit~ my mom wore black jua apakan haha~ So jalan saja buat-buat macam inda bedusa. I was afraid that dad would ask behapa aku jalan, but he didn't and if he did i would answer saja round-round haha XD Buang kes banar =D i was going for the parking area which was just straight but then dad wanted me to take right, skalinya there was mom standing by the side of the road, huahuahua kaluk eyh~ or should i say GREAT TIMING ;p

Otw balik, i thought macam abis tah ni, kana suruh kekadai tia dulu. There again, menunggu saja while them both shopping. They finished me reversed, kana suruh straight saja. Shit~ from that point sudah i'm knew mistakes will datang menghantui O_o I planned to go up the hill but dad insisted to take the highway saja, manadapat~ kerajaan punya bah tu wawawawa XD So i reversed half for the hill and half dad's idea = nada menjadi haha XD Paksa kedapan atu pun nada lagi belurus -_-'

Arrived home safely and the result was...............

Dad : Teruk kau ani eyh

Just as i expected ;p i don't mind pasal every parents would say that to their children pasal they don't want their children to be a better driver than them hahaha :p

Yesterday was saturday and i and the people yg sleepover arah nafi awal bangun :D Macam wow~ awal jua kami bangun, at 7 wah haha. Jon and nafi saja yg tidur ;p We planned to go to school awal but nada menjadi pasal bapa si nafi menghasut utk stay and he succeed by membawa kami makan hahaha ;p Played chess against bapanya, 2 kalah and 1 seri, yg dua atu warming up tu haha :p

Arrived at school around 3, main footie then balik sent everyone home including nafi

That was just the summary, bnyak actually but malas huahuahau XD bye ;p

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