Sunday, December 20, 2009


Just some quick and short update......hopefully ;)

Mom and dad came tadi pagi, eyah~ apakan?? Macam lain plang bunyinya haha. They came for a visit, makin tia lain haha~ So yeah, minta money from mom and straightly went to indoor stadium with azmi

It was around mmm ntah~ 1+ kali or 2?? hoho ramai orang ler kali ani, maybe pasal lst day atu kali, last kah? :D and ada police O.o heeee~ so suruh azmi wait in the car saja while i went inside and bought meself a headset that i've been dying to buy since.... errr??? 5 months ago? haha buntu =D Well nada plang seberapa, but to me ok lah ;D I saw khadz i think, with lelaki lain O.0 haha nada wah pil~ sama si zirah kali?? ntah i forgot pasal i was in a rush jua, kesian jua valet kerita tu haha =)

I am currently downloading an application to edit something, mudahan saja berjaya anndd rajin ;) BYE!

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